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TV shows online

If we liked the transfer and we would like to see it again, or if we wanted to see it, but could not. Then we need an archive of telecasts.

There are several options

  1. Official websites of TV channels or TV shows (if any). They are created for this. Decent TV channels upload video in good quality.

  2. YouTube or Rutube can have an account for these TV channels or TV shows, where we officially and in good quality can watch the TV show.

A small digression. I always try to direct people to support service, we have no one reading the instructions and for some reason do not contact the support service, which is exactly for that and created, To help us. People prefer to ask a neighbor, to go to a forum, to get worn out in a group.

Also, and here people are looking for archives of telecasts anywhere, except official websites. But only the official have access to the original source of the video and their video will be of the best quality.
If he certainly is.

But if the site does not have an archive or just the one, then we are looking for where it can be.

  1. Sites with TV program archives are easier to find, they are structured.

  2. YouTube, Yandex. Video ... here users once download the archives of good programs.
  3. Torrent - something you can find on the torrent tracker, ex. You watched the New Year's flame, and then you want to see the New Year show on the first, then you can find a good record.

Official websites - archive

You can watch TV shows when it's convenient to record on many official websites of TV channels or TV shows.
Moreover, many people allow this to be done in high resolution.
For example:
  1. - VK Video Transfer - Service for quickly transferring videos from YouTube.

TV Shows

  1. - What? Where? When?
  2. - KVN
  3. - Voice
  4. - TNT
  5. - Posner
  6. - NTV
logo Netflix


International online cinema and Internet television.
This is the world's leading media provider, which is rapidly growing by taking its audience away from TV channels.

~4000 films.
Netflix produces its movies, soap operas and TV shows.


The first month is free. This is not a tester, but a bonus. That is, you will still need to register your card or PayPal.
  • Basic - 8 € per month - on one screen with SD quality,
  • standard - 10 € per month - on two screens in HD,
  • premium - 12 € per month - on four in Ultra HD, where available.

How it works

Registration in English
  • Click the red TRY 30 DAYS FREE button.
  • We will have to specify the card or Paypal.
  • Choose what we will be watching:
    • phone or tablet,
    • computer or laptop,
    • PlayStation,
    • Xbox,
    • Apple TV.
  • Enter our name, how to contact us.
  • Select 3 episodes to make the system understand your taste to build a grid of your preference.
  • Movies in Russian can be found at link.


View available
  • Through your browser online,
  • via iOS and Android apps,
  • on Smart TVs,
  • in Apple TV set-top boxes,
  • in game consoles.

iTunes Android

logo Facebook Watch

reliable site
English - English

Owner: Meta,

Uses: Facebook.

address: USA

Facebook Watch

Video-on-demand service.
Quite a small database of video clips from a number of TV companies and users.

logo Rutube


Video hosting. Initially, he was a competitor to YouTube, later changed his specifics.
No, you can still store your videos here.

Now it's more video hosting for TV channels archives. There are TV channel accounts:

TNT, Friday, Match TV, TV-3, 2x2, STS, Russia 1, Russia 24, REN TV, NTV +, Pepper, Home, STB, Red Media, Live!

You can watch TV shows, serials ...
That is, it's essentially a video archive of a number of TV channels in one place.

Video sharing limitations

You can download videos lasting up to 50 minutes (or 10Gb)
Supported formats:
Windows Media Video, Apple QuickTime, MPEG 1-3, DivX, XviD, 3gp, mp4, flv.

iTunes Android huawei

In Russian
logo VK Video

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: VK Group,

address: Russia, Moscow

VK Video

A platform that combines videos and broadcasts from all platforms of the VK ecosystem: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and others.

Millions of original videos for every taste.
Movies, series, cartoons, TV shows, videos from users and exclusive projects.
Free and in quality up to 4K, auto-upgrade.
Ability to transfer videos from YouTube.

Artificial intelligence recommendation system.
Online and for installation on Samsung, LG and Android TVs.

logo Viki


Viki - video (video) + wiki (wiki), that is video hosting for the archive of TV programs, which is collected by a team of volunteers.

It is clear that the base of the show is limited, only those shows agreed with the rights holders. However, the contracts are signed with very many: Warner Music, SEED Music Group, LOEN Entertainment, Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo!, MSN, NBC, A&E, TVB (Hong Kong), SBS (South Korea), Fuji TV (Japan) and Amedia Russia).

A company from Singapore, based in San Francisco.
In addition, the company has offices in Tokyo and Seoul.

Supported by Samsung.

iTunes Android Kindlefire

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