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How to choose a TV?

When choosing a TV, you should pay attention to:


It is very important, then you will not be able to change.
  1. Yandex. TV is an add-on for Android TV with its own features, you get about 200 TV channels, a cinema, Yandex.Music streaming and something else for a small fee, when paying for a year we get a very big discount.
  2. Smart TV - only goes to Samsung, so Samsung is highly recommended.
  3. WebOS - goes only to LG, so LG is not highly recommended.
  4. Tizen is an open OS based on the Linux kernel.
  5. tvOS - you will need to buy an Apple TV set-top box.
  6. Android TV is a good option, can you put what you want.


  1. Sony - not only produces TVs, but also comes up with technologies for it, the country is Japan, therefore it is very expensive, it is better to watch something else,
  2. Samsung - is one of the two leaders in the creation of television technology with Sony, the price is more profitable, but still expensive,
  3. LG - the main competitor of Samsung, with the same quality it will be cheaper,
  4. Philips - European Union.
  5. Xiaomi - China.
  6. Hyundai - Korea.
There are many others, I recommend checking reviews for a specific model.
In fact, Samsung and Sony create TVs, the rest buy components and assemble.
It is important that the manufacturer has been on the market for some time and has positive feedback.


  1. Diagonal Size - go to the store and see what it looks like.
    The ideal option is to visit friends and see how their big-screen TV looks like, take your time, it's better to watch a movie or a match.
    A big screen for a small room would be a very bad option.
    If 40" is comfortable for you, but 45" is already too big. I recommend taking 45", that is, a little more. Get used to it quickly. But 65" in this case will be too much.
    Let's say I took a 32" monitor and it was too big, my eyes ran wide, I couldn't find the mouse on the screen. But I soon got used to it.
    For example, 40 inches should be viewed at a distance of 1.2-2.5 meters, and 65 inches at a distance of 2-4 meters.

  2. Resolution - the higher the resolution, the smaller the point will be and the higher the image quality.
    Now 4K is usually the resolution (the letter K is 1000). That is, 4K is 3,840 × 2,160 pixels. It's definitely not worth it to take less.
    8K will be noticeably more expensive.

  3. With noise reduction technology - HDR - a lot of footage will be noticeably below 4K quality and almost nothing 8K.
    Old movies, old shows, regular TV will simply be stretched to fit the screen. It will look smudged.
    Therefore, I recommend taking a model that pulls up the resolution to a higher one with noise reduction technology.
    By the way, it's also better to watch something low resolution. The store will offer you to see a high-resolution picture, because it looks spectacular. But it will not be clear what a movie or show of average quality will look like, and this is what we will watch in the coming years.
    Try to watch a movie resolution for example 720x304. Not worth it below. Too low a resolution, no big screen will straighten it.

  4. 3D - there are few films in 3D, and people don't want to watch with glasses, many people don't want to watch through glasses in cinemas, such TVs just didn't work.

  5. Curved screen - the effect is only for the viewer sitting in the center, therefore they are not in demand and did not go.


Any TV will sound weak. Built-in compact speakers will not pump anything.
If that sound suits you, then don't bother.
For maximum effect, you should buy a soundbar. See the manufacturer, reviews and power.
Weak power - we get a tweeter, and we need a deep sound.
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