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Online TV

Project on the development of peer-to-peer TV.
The project is based on the idea of ​​peer-to-peer networks and as a result of the implementation it will be suitable for broadcast broadcasting of television programs. The project is being developed With the support of the European Union.
Delft University of Technology and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam based on BitTorrent have already developed a client program for P2P-Next - SwarmPlayer.
A full-fledged project launch is planned for 2012.

Web TV
(Online TV or Internet TV)
Based on the modern principle of combining two dynamically developing technologies: the Internet and television. Internet TV provides all its users a unique opportunity to watch a wide range of television channels from around the world on the Internet.

Television of the Internet Protocol
A system using a two-way digital broadcast signal that is sent through a switched telephone or cable network through a broadband connection. It is based on decoding video IP and converting it into standard television signals.

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV
Standard transmission from the Internet to the TV, supports JavaScript, CSS and DOM. This is actually the site on the TV.
It allows the television to become interactive, for example by clicking a button to buy something or vote for something.

Internet TV is not only the transmission of TV signals via Internet channels:

  1. Managing each user's subscription package
  2. Protect TV content at any level
  3. Broadcast channels in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 format
  4. Introducing television programs
  5. Television recording function
  6. Search past television shows for viewing
  7. Pause function for TV channel in real time
  8. Individual TV channel package for each user
  1. - Veoh - Watch the series online.
  2. - Intrupo - Watch the missed episodes of the series.
  3. - HULU - You can even catch up with the whole lot of episodes from the start on the most happening soaps on TV by simply logging in to this site.
  4. - World Wide Internet TV - User-generated streaming TV.

TV shows

  1. - ALLSP - ALL Streaming Programs.
  2. - - A simple site for watching TV shows. A collection of medium size.
  3. - Stansdad  - Spreading of South Park over the whole globe, episodes are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.
  4. - TVduck - Here we can watch serial episodes you have missed online.


Owner: CBS, reliable site.

Here we may watch streaming TV, TV shows on demand, find out more about your favorite shows, read episode reviews, keep up with breaking news, and join growing Communities with other fans.

logo CoolStreaming


A huge base of online streaming TV.


logo Streema


Global base of TV and radio streams.
There is no Russian interface.

TV of Russia
Radio in Russian

You can select by group or by tag. Usually and conveniently.
You can create an account or log in using your Facebook account.

iTunes Android

logo Livestream


tel.: +1 (646) 646-16-79


An easy way to start your channel.

Easy registration.
Broadcasting through the

  1. webcam,
  2. professional camera,
  3. multiple cameras, with the ability to manage streams through the site.

Why Livestream?

  1. First of all, a decent solid site and the same stylish player, not something artisanal.
  2. You have a player, which means that you do not have to guess what kind of player people can watch, see everything on every operating system and on any browser.
  3. The player can be placed on its website, also visitors can easily take the code and install on their website, blog, thereby spreading your broadcast network.
  4. The site has a huge number of TV channels, and you will be registered here, which is great for promotion.
  5. You can see how many people are watching your TV channel at the moment and how many people were watching all the time.
  6. The player has the function On Demand, which means that the viewer can watch the broadcast that he missed or wanted to watch again.
  7. The player has a chat button, where viewers can communicate with you or with each other. If you have a live broadcast via a banal webcam, then you can ask questions or answer questions.

Free and paid version

Free is limited to 50 viewers at a time.
You can start from this, if there is more, you can pay, but then you can connect advertising from Google AdSense and earn.

Start your channel

iTunes Android


Owner: RBC, reliable site.


RBC TV channel

The leading Russian TV channel business subjects.

logo Videomore


The social television network of the media company "STS Media."
Provides free access to the content of 3 Russian TV channels belonging to the holding - STS, Domashniy and DTV.

In addition to viewing and commenting, users will be able to chat and create video citations with Function of further exports to social networks, blogs and other resources. After load testing VideoMore will offer the opportunity to create own playlists and collectively view thematic channels with parallel discussion via chat - at this stage of text, and in the future - video.

At the time of launch, the CTC Media network library will have more than 2,000 hours of content, Produced for the Russian channels of the holding. It is planned that in 2011 this figure will exceed 10,000 hours. In the future, it is planned to expand the library by attracting the content of Russian companies and world TV majors.

iTunes Android

logo Yandex.TV programm


Owner: Yandex, reliable site.

Yandex.TV programm

Advantage - a large base of TV channels, customizability.

TV program

You can pick up your collection, organize it.
We specify the region and the program is proposed for you (where different broadcasts are going on).

There is a filter: movies, serials, sports, children.

Click on the telecast and get a description.


A couple of central TV channels can be immediately watched (click on the right of the TV online on the right). It's important to register on Yandex and log into your account, then your settings are saved. This collection can be viewed eg. From the smartphone, logging in there to your account.

logo SPB TV

English - Russian

Owner: Yandex, reliable site.

tel.: +7 (800) 700-95-88


The best TV player in Russian in the browser and on the mobile.
Yandex bought the best TV player, and then, using the technology, made its own and developed.

Free registration is required.


  1. a good base of popular TV channels - more than 200, there are paid packages, I completely manage the free version;
  2. high quality pictures, you can choose yourself or leave automatic;
  3. the player works smoothly and stably on the smartphone and browser;
  4. a simple stylish interface that allows you to quickly intuitively master the player;
  5. TV program,
  6. filters by genre, favorites,
  7. sane support service.


The player also performs the role of an online movie theater, you can in high resolution to watch a movie or a TV show.

The movies are good, but the base is still insignificant, but growing.

iTunes Android

English - Russian

Owner: Yandex, reliable site.

tel.: +7 (800) 700-95-88


Free online TV, with the ability to watch TV in the recording.
There is a large selection of TV channels, there are some that I found on other similar services.

Popular - the most rated TV shows - the leaders of views for the day and the results of the week.
Theme of the day - short videos of the latest events and news, thematic collections.
Personal archive - we register and store the liked releases till a month.
In order to just watch online and in the record, you do not need to register.

iTunes Android Blackberry Samsung

logo Peers.TV

English - Russian

Strange text for social networks VK, Twitter, Facebook.
A simple form, enter text in one field, get the result in another.
That it will be crossed out everywhere.

iTunes Android

logo OVGuide


The site indexes over 3,600 video sources, including TV shows, movies, sports videos. Then it offers over 4 million tracked events in over 400 brands and channels, which allows tracking up to 300,000 monitored events per week.

logo SideReel


Platform that lets TV fans find, track, rate, review, and watch shows online. With more than 22 million monthly unique visitors and over 9 million registered users, SideReel’s community includes fans of popular network and cable TV shows, anime, original web series, and mor

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