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logo Cyclowiki




The universal neutral wiki that you create.

logo WIKI2

Russian - English



Reprint Wikipedia.

How to reincarnate Wikipedia

There are three ways to start using WIKI 2. You can traditionally enter the address of in the address bar, or you can bookmark any converted page and use the search.

But there is a magic trick that is worth mentioning separately. If in any address of the original Wikipedia to replace a few characters on the number 2, as follows: →, the page will reincarnate.

logo Viki



Viki - video (video) + wiki (wiki), that is video hosting for the archive of TV programs, which is collected by a team of volunteers.

It is clear that the base of the show is limited, only those shows agreed with the rights holders. However, the contracts are signed with very many: Warner Music, SEED Music Group, LOEN Entertainment, Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo!, MSN, NBC, A&E, TVB (Hong Kong), SBS (South Korea), Fuji TV (Japan) and Amedia Russia).

A company from Singapore, based in San Francisco.
In addition, the company has offices in Tokyo and Seoul.

Supported by Samsung.

iTunes Android Kindlefire

logo Artworks by style

Russian - English

Artworks by style

Painting. WikiArt already has some 150,000 lots from 2,500 artists. These works are in museums, universities, mayoralties and other public buildings in more than 70 countries. Most of this art is not on public display. With your active participation, the site plans to cover the entire history of the art of the Earth - from rock paintings to modern private collections.


logo Wikibooks

Russian - English

Owner: Wikipedia


Any visitor can contribute to the writing of educational literature: Lessonbooks, guides, instructions, cookbooks and the like.
Powered by "wiki" technology and on the principles of freedom of information: everyone can create and change any page of any Wikibooks, and everyone can read, copy, publish and change his content for free.

Wikibooks was created on July 10, 2003 Year (Russian section, in fact - a year later), after the birth and heyday of Wikipedia, - an online encyclopedia that operates on similar principles.
In Wikipedia you can find encyclopedic information about herself, Wikibooks, and about the company that supports them - the Wikimedia Foundation, and much more.
You can help us by writing a tutorial or supplementing existing ones.

Russian - English

Owner: Wikipedia

Wikipedia Cookbook

A book about the art of cooking. Here, everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive story about cooking methods.
The book is about the art of cooking.
Here everyone can put a recipe for a dish or write an instructive tale about cooking methods. This is a world-wide Open Source Cookbook. That is, it's a cookbook that we write all over the world.

  • Recipes are all that's in the Culinary Book
  • Types of meals: First courses, second courses, drinks, snacks ...
  • Ingredients: main course meals
  • National cuisines
  • Recipes for Microwaves
  • References
Each dish has its own page.

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