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Grouping of program services as interleaved data packets for broadcast over a network or modulated multiplexed medium.
The program services are split out at the receiving end.


  1. - Smotrim - Public TV.
  2. - Russia - 24 - The news.
  3. - Russia-K - Art.
  4. - Channel One - Public TV.
  5. - NTV - Public TV.
  6. - Match! TV - Sport TV.
  7. - Channel Five - Public TV.
  8. - Carousel - To children.
  9. - OTR - Public TV.
  10. - TV center - Public TV.


  1. - RenTV - Entertainment TV.
  2. - SPAS - Orthodox TV.
  3. - STS - Entertainment TV.
  4. - Domashny - For women.
  5. - TV-3 - Mystical TV.
  6. - Friday! - Entertaining TV.
  7. - Zvezda - TV channel of the Army of Russia.
  8. - TNT - Entertaining TV.
  9. - MIR - News.
  10. - MuzTV - Musical TV.
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The official website that helps to connect to free television in Russia.

Choose a region and first of all get information about connection options.
We are helped to choose the necessary equipment or we learn that for our TV does not require it.

We can also find out a little more about what will be available, contact our support team.

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