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Satelite TV

logo NTV Plus

NTV Plus

The operator of digital and satellite television.
Because coverage broadcast throughout Russia.

NTV is the first new television and in my opinion looks preferable to the Tricolor.
For example, here you can watch TV on your mobile outside your home network.

In addition to satellite, you can use online TV, if you have internet.

There is an interesting package for sports fans.
The opportunity to try for free, which is suitable for mobile applications and broadcasting over the Internet.
With satellite, you still need to buy and install a dish.


You can connect to the high-speed unlimited Internet via a dish.
This is suitable where the fiber is not held, otherwise it turns out a little expensive.

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logo MTS satellite television.

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: MTS,

address: Russia

MTS satellite television.

MTS is trying to occupy this niche.

It may be interesting to those who use this operator on the phone.
You can find interesting prices, but in addition to the convenience of the MTS is still inferior to the Tricolor and NTV-plus.

logo Tricolor

reliable site
English - Russian

phone.:8 800 500-01-23 (Russian Customers toll-free)
address: Russia, St. Petersburg, 197022, а/я 170


Leading satellite TV operator.

Tricolor provides the entire complex - from the installation of plates and settings.
It is clear that, unlike cable and conventional television, it is worthwhile to tune in for long use, it will be a little expensive to try.
Because you should immediately find out whether you are in the coverage area?

Well, for the same reason it is better to consider the prices for the year, anyway, taking a dish for a shorter period is profitable, and it will be much cheaper.

Manage Live

With it, you can pause and record the broadcast.
Timer Recording - if you know that you do not have time to start your favorite show or show, and then your receiver will start recording the program at a specified time so that you can watch it at a convenient time.


A free service that allows you to connect your smartphone and TV through your home network.

In the service there are two modes - mirror and independent.

Mirror mode - the mobile device shows the same as on TV.

Independent mode - on the mobile and on the TV channels are selected independently.

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logo Telekarta

reliable site
English - Russian

phone.:8 800 100-104-7 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 (495) 781-41-03
address: Russia


The youngest satellite TV operator.
Because you can find cheaper rates.

However, no one is watching either 100 or 200 channels. You need to compare the average price, and the presence of those channels that are important for you.


Allows you to connect an additional device. Multiroom is not available on all packages.

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