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Video Hosting. It was originally competitor YouTube, later replaced by the specifics.

Video hosting. Initially, he was a competitor to YouTube, later changed his specifics.
No, you can still store your videos here.

Now it's more video hosting for TV channels archives. There are TV channel accounts:

TNT, Friday, Match TV, TV-3, 2x2, STS, Russia 1, Russia 24, REN TV, NTV +, Pepper, Home, STB, Red Media, Live!

You can watch TV shows, serials ...
That is, it's essentially a video archive of a number of TV channels in one place.

Video sharing limitations

You can download videos lasting up to 50 minutes (or 10Gb)
Supported formats:
Windows Media Video, Apple QuickTime, MPEG 1-3, DivX, XviD, 3gp, mp4, flv.

Show business of Russia on the portal Rustars.

Portal about cinema and theater.

Portal about cinema and theater.
A huge base about movies, TV shows and theater, as well as actors, directors, screenwriters ...

Site more than 10 years, attendance - more than 15 million per month.

The base is well structured and integrated. Very easy to navigate.
You can not only read the description, but also leave your review, which is especially nice.

There are news, ratings, trailers, history, forum.


The base film, rating, ratings, reviews, a base of favorite movies.

Search for movies, since 1890.
News, reviews, the poster of cinemas of large cities. You can buy a ticket.
Wallpapers, photos, posters, trailers. Box office and much more. The site provides information about movies, television series, as well as about all the personalities involved in making films: actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, operators, etc.

Also on the site Posters, covers, teaser-trailers for films are placed, and KinoSearch itself translates some trailers into Russian. The site has a media base, which includes: photos of stars, frames and posters from films, soundtracks, trailers, wallpapers.
In addition, the site publishes reviews of the film critic Sergei Kudryavtsev from his book "3500 film reviews".

Mobile version -


  • Movie news
  • interviews with the stars
  • photo reports
  • schedule of sessions
  • schedule of future film premieres and DVD releases
  • TV program
  • games and contests for film fans
  • movie ratings
  • Fees in the Russian Federation, USA and the world
  • DVD and Blu-ray catalogs
  • archive of awards and awards.

Social Network Features

The site features broad social networking opportunities, a community of website users is formed. Users have the opportunity to write reviews of films, put ratings, participate in surveys, create their lists of films and stars, receive personal recommendations, book movie tickets, exchange messages, add each other to Friends, read a tape of friends, subscribe to updates To the movies.
The site also has a forum. Based on user ratings to films, a rating of "250 best films" is formed.

Filmow -
Movies and TV shows.


Billboard-TV Shows
The draft broadcasting around the clock on the home page

The project of round-the-clock broadcasting on the main page of the site

Kinoafisha Moscow and movie news, TV program, the actors.

Initially, there was a poster for everything, theater, cinema ... But decided to limit themselves to only the movie and only Moscow, but to do it as much as possible informatively. In fact, here we will find all the information on this topic.

Say, we wanted to go to the movies, there is a poster in Moscow. You can see what and where it goes, read the review, watch the trailer, the producer's country, the year, the length of the film, the genre, the rating, evaluate yourself ... and buy a ticket.

Click on the chosen one and the film and get more detailed information, like Film Search. Description movies, actors, you can click on the actor and get to know his creativity more closely.

In addition, the site can find information about the television series, the show, the actors, watch the TV program.


Ororo -
Learn English through movies.

The best Russian-language resource, where there are all serials and films with subtitles and the possibility of online translation.


The main TV premieres before being aired on TV.

The main TV premieres before being aired on TV.
Exclusive TV series that will never be shown on TV.
Collections of shows, programs and movies without advertising.
Online broadcasts of popular TV channels in high quality.
You can take the series or show with you by downloading it to your phone or tablet.

Subscription - 129 rub./mes.
Online aggregator of TV channels and cinema.

Online aggregator of TV channels and cinema.
Here you can watch TV, there is a free, paid and subscription.
It'll be free with a commercial.

Free TV channels

  • First
  • Russia 1
  • Culture
  • Russia 24
  • Ren TV
  • STS
  • Domashny
  • CTC Love
  • What!
  • Izvestia
About 40 more by subscription.

Cinema, TV series, show

You can watch movies, TV shows, TV shows, there is a special section for children.
Good player, high quality.

Russion serials
Enjoying free online Russian TV shows in HD quality.

Enjoying free online Russian TV shows in HD quality.

The site is simple, nothing superfluous. YouTube player.

Registration is not required.

Mosfilm -
Online Movies.

Online cinema.


  1. Windows XP and above,
  2. Intel Pentium III 550 Mhz and above,
  3. Internet Explorer 7.0 and above,
  4. SilverLight plug-in for Internet Explorer,
  5. Windows compatible sound card,
  6. Internet channel not below 1 megabit.
Free of charge more than 500 classic movies. Among the available films will be both novelties and classics, for example, the works of Sergei Eisenstein, Ivan Pyriev, Gregory Alexandrov.

In addition to the films, the portal will also be available television series: 'Eternal Call', 'Adjutant of His Excellency', Change and others. The site will be made in Russian and English, all films will also have subtitles in both languages.


  1. through one of two virtual cinemas, on which films will be displayed according to the schedule. At the initial stage, this way of viewing will be free for the consumer, and the display will be accompanied by advertising.
  2. Viewing for 25 rubles - in this case, the user will be able to view it at any convenient time, the functions of rewinding and pause will be available.
  3. Download for $65 and then watch it on your computer an unlimited number of times.
Movies will be set at a bit rate of 1-1.5Mbps, high-definition video (HDTV) and video for mobile phones. In this case, the files will be protected from copying by DRM technology.


TV series and movies in Full HD.

Series and movies in high quality.

The First Channel produces documentaries, serials and movies.
It also broadcasts popular films.
On this site you may see most of this without advertising for a fairly low fee or you can pay a subscription for a month - only 1 ruble per day. Pay for a subscription will be cheaper than paying for one movie, so it's better to try.

If anyone watches the First Channel through the Internet, he knows that there are films and programs that are banned from broadcasting over the Internet. The reason is that it's so easy to make a quality copy and upload to pirated sites.
So not all the films that First shows, you can see here.
Also once the right to broadcast ends.

As for the films made by the First or by order, with the participation of the First one, you can always find it here.

You can pay for subscriptions and watch movies on your computer, mobile, TV, when it's more convenient.

Tvigle -
Online Movies.

One of the largest in the runet libraries licensed cinema in partnership with the well-known producer company Star Media. Within the framework of Tvigle cooperation, 60 full-length telefilms and 20 serials with a total duration of more than 1000 hours are offered free of charge. The first series of 9 serials and 10 full-length telefilms have already been published. Among them - rating projects 'Sisters by Blood', 'Hot Ice', 'Urban Romance', 'Hold Me Harder', as well as telefilms 'Shiroka River', 'Psychopath', 'Loved for hire', ' Etc. New series will appear daily.


  1. on LG Samsung Philips Toshiba Panasonic and Sony TVs with Smart TV technology;
  2. on the computer through the browser;
  3. On mobile devices through the app.

Tvigle Turbo

more than 10000 of the most interesting films and serials

Tvigle Humor

More than 2000 funny videos: movies cartoons shows anecdotes;"

Social cinemas.

Classmates legalized the video.
Now you can officially not leave the network where we are already.
At first you could watch only serials, now full-length films.
Official films usually become higher in quality, which is important today. Everyone has more monitors and faster Internet speed. A good picture is required.

Once there is a technical possibility to broadcast the video stream, online broadcasting appears.


Directory and search engine for the largest Russian-language torrent trackers.

Catalog and search engine for the largest Russian-language torrent trackers.
Looking for, go to the site, register and then swing.
The database of the search engine includes links to the distribution of only full-length films and cartoons. All links are grouped by movies and quality categories, which allows you to quickly find a suitable copy for you.

In the search there is a tip even with a thumbnail, as seen below.
Quite often the same copy of the film, appearing on one tracker, after a certain period of time falls on the other, because all the distribution on the pages of the films are grouped by repeats, as seen below.
Very simply and clearly, It's easy to choose what to rock.

Registration is optional, but desirable.

Registered users have the opportunity to monitor the appearance of new movies with the participation of their favorite actors and directors, as well as new distributions from monitored films. When there are new distributions, an alert will be sent to a special section on the site or via email.

There is an opportunity to subscribe to a lot of RSS-feeds in order to be aware of all the changes on the site: the appearance of a new movie with your favorite actor, a new distribution from the movie you are interested in Changes in the Updates Ribbon and the list of reviews, etc.


You can even catch up with the whole lot of episodes from the start on the most happening soaps on TV by simply logging in to this site.

Veoh -
Watch the series online.

TVduck -
Here we can watch serial episodes you have missed online.

Stansdad  -
Spreading of South Park over the whole globe, episodes are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.


SideReel -
Platform that lets TV fans find, track, rate, review, and watch shows online.

Platform that lets TV fans find, track, rate, review, and watch shows online. With more than 22 million monthly unique visitors and over 9 million registered users, SideReel’s community includes fans of popular network and cable TV shows, anime, original web series, and mor


Base series, by genre, years, TV channels, countries and …

Base series, by genre, years, TV channels, countries and ..., so you can control your views, celebrate the series, take into account the time spent and track the output of the series.


Tracker, specializing in serials. Premieres are published daily. High quality, incl. HDTV.

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