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logo Kinopoisk



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.


Search for movies, since 1890.
News, reviews, the poster of cinemas of large cities. You can buy a ticket.
Wallpapers, photos, posters, trailers. Box office and much more. The site provides information about movies, television series, as well as about all the personalities involved in making films: actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, operators, etc.

Also on the site Posters, covers, teaser-trailers for films are placed, and KinoSearch itself translates some trailers into Russian. The site has a media base, which includes: photos of stars, frames and posters from films, soundtracks, trailers, wallpapers.
In addition, the site publishes reviews of the film critic Sergei Kudryavtsev from his book "3500 film reviews".

Mobile version -


  • Movie news
  • interviews with the stars
  • photo reports
  • schedule of sessions
  • schedule of future film premieres and DVD releases
  • TV program
  • games and contests for film fans
  • movie ratings
  • Fees in the Russian Federation, USA and the world
  • DVD and Blu-ray catalogs
  • archive of awards and awards.

Social Network Features

The site features broad social networking opportunities, a community of website users is formed. Users have the opportunity to write reviews of films, put ratings, participate in surveys, create their lists of films and stars, receive personal recommendations, book movie tickets, exchange messages, add each other to Friends, read a tape of friends, subscribe to updates To the movies.
The site also has a forum. Based on user ratings to films, a rating of "250 best films" is formed.

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logo Kino1TV



official site.



Series and movies in high quality.

The First Channel produces documentaries, serials and movies.
It also broadcasts popular films.
On this site you may see most of this without advertising for a fairly low fee or you can pay a subscription for a month - only 1 ruble per day. Pay for a subscription will be cheaper than paying for one movie, so it's better to try.

If anyone watches the First Channel through the Internet, he knows that there are films and programs that are banned from broadcasting over the Internet. The reason is that it's so easy to make a quality copy and upload to pirated sites.
So not all the films that First shows, you can see here.
Also once the right to broadcast ends.

As for the films made by the First or by order, with the participation of the First one, you can always find it here.

You can pay for subscriptions and watch movies on your computer, mobile, TV, when it's more convenient.

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logo MovieLens


MovieLens is a research site run by GroupLens Research at the University of Minnesota. MovieLens uses "collaborative filtering" technology to make recommendations of movies that you might enjoy, and to help you avoid the ones that you won't. Based on your movie ratings, MovieLens generates personalized predictions for movies you haven't seen yet.




Base series, by genre, years, TV channels, countries and ..., so you can control your views, celebrate the series, take into account the time spent and track the output of the series.

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logo Can I Stream It?


Can I Stream It?

A free service that allows you to search across the most popular streaming, rental, and purchase services to find where a movie is available. If the movie you're looking for is not available, just sign-up and set a reminder.

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A Good Movie To Watch

Do not know what to see?
This site will help you find the best movies that you have not seen in popular streaming services.
Can offer a random film, when you have a mixed-type company and it's all the same what to inspect.

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