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Book of complaints and reviews

logo Reviews and ratings — Yandex

reliable site

Owner: Яндекс,

address: Russia

Reviews and ratings — Yandex

The new service from Yandex, while it is not completely clear how it will work even for Yandex.
We go into your account and we will be periodically asked to rate stores in our city, movies and games.Do have shops parking, payment by card.

We apprec

logo Setafi

reliable site

address: Russia


Site about home, life and everything around it.

Website in the style of blogs, each article has the ability to leave comments.

In the comments, you can both thank and express your disagreement with the author. The site will listen to your opinion. After all, the goal is to write the most balanced article.

What are the articles about?

Let's say you want to buy a slow cooker, but do not know what to do with it and whether it is worth the money to spend. How much of this kitchen appliances purchased and not used.

Here you can find an article, how to choose a slow cooker and how to use it.

And a lot of home tips. It will be useful to the housewife and homebody.

logo CHIP


Tests, ratings, news from the world of IT (computers, smartphones, tablets, photographic equipment, computers, software, the Internet, modern technologies, telecommunications, games ...).

At this level of the site, only high-quality and fresh analytics, news, comparative ratings ...

Say, I was planning a purchase of one smartphone, I looked at the review and there is indicated among the shortcomings - very low battery power. Of course, I began to consider other options.

logo Roskachestvo


Explores the market by segments, identifies substandard producers, informs about the results through the site.

Conducts fan studies and evaluates the quality of goods and services. Let's say whether soy, palm oil, horse meat or anything that is present in a given sausage or other product are not present in the product.

Education of Russian citizens for the selection of quality goods and services.
The site can find lists of manufacturers that stand technology or violate.

The best is awarded to the Quality Mark.

Product Categories

  1. A product with a Quality Mark.
  2. A high-quality product.
  3. Quality goods.
  4. Goods with irregularities.
High quality goods - only the goods themselves are examined.
A product with a quality mark - the manufacturer voluntarily allowed Roskachestvo to carry out a production cycle check and does not meet the requirements.

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In Russian

In Russian
logo Abyrvalg


address: Russia


Reviews of some users about all the places of their own and any other city, and other users to get acquainted with them and use these reviews for their own purposes, i.e. The site helps everyone to find good places in the city and not stumble upon bad ones.

In order to add your feedback and photos, vote and use other site features you must register. The site is under construction. In the future, on the main page will be posted a video, how to work on it.

And in principle, it's very easy to work on it. You must select a city if it is on the main page. If the city is not on the list, then after registration you will have the opportunity to write about it.

For your feedback, you can get a prize: the first 50 users who will write 50 reviews will receive a T-shirt; The first 20, who write 100 reviews, will receive a flash drive 8 Gb; The first 10 who will write 300 reviews will receive on iPod shuffle - 2Gb;

In addition to the text description and photo of a particular place, its location is clearly shown on the map, and its email and email address is also published. With the person who left the review, you can get acquainted and chat.

Those same users who want to read published reviews must click on the page of the selected city, select another category of the place from the sixteen categories represented on the page, or specify this place in the search box.

In Russian
logo I Recommend


address: Russia

I Recommend

Site of recommendations. Here you can find recommendations and feedback on different things that will help before buying or traveling:

  1. smartphone, TV, dishwasher,
  2. hotel, city or country,
  3. Movies,
  4. animals,
  5. ...
A lot of spheres where we can get feedback and then make a more conscious choice.

On the site you can not only find reviews, but also leave your own. Yes, and make money on this. However, it is more likely to earn money and even then ... Say, I tried and created a whole range of reviews on all sorts of topics: mobile phones, home appliances, hotels, car ... As a result, I earn a couple of rubles a day.

logo Worse than not

Worse than not

Very convenient and functional complaints service.
Flexible and social.

Registration is not required.

logo Thonet


address: Russia


View, learn ratings, reviews about products, companies, people. Leave an opinion about the quality of services, shortcomings, dignity of a person.
All copyrights are reserved for their rightholders.

logo Trustpilot


Online feedback community, which will help not to use the wrong one.

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