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Electronics online

First of all it is worth looking for purchases through Yandex.Market and Aport.

You can not buy a product that you do not know or rely solely on advertising and a well-known brand.
Let's say I bought a Sony Experia Z3 smartphone. A well-known company that knows how to make telephones, cameras, players, TVs.
That is, they can technologically make the best phone. In addition, you can remove water under the water.
In addition, not a budget model, but a flagship. Here and bought. Very soon it turned out that they had a disease - a weak glass. In the pocket of trousers you will not put. You can not swerve, you can not bend. About protection from water - what protection. If the glass is cracked.
By the way, there is no guarantee for damage from getting water, you will be at fault immediately.
And I could easily learn all this simply by reading reviews and would never have bought it.
Later it turned out that the battery that holds the charge for a long time - flies quickly, and the replacement of the road - the body is sealed.

On the Yandex.Market you can read reviews about products and stores. By the way, on the Internet there are companies for smearing goods and shops of a competitor. Yandex reveals this, like and obviously advertising reviews.
On these sites you can find the product at the best price (on which you should not buy without good reviews).

Chinese electronics are gaining popularity. Why?

The Chinese have started to release Nokia for 2 sim cards much earlier than Nokia.
Tablets are popular today, because their cost is greatly overestimated. Chinese can be bought at a reasonable price.
Well and iPhone and so on.  

Chinese lower quality

Everyone knows this, but why do experts prefer Chinese more?
  1. No one needs a mobile or laptop that will last 20 years. According to statistics, the devices change on average every 3 years.
  2. Chinese electronics will work fine at least 1-2 years, and then you can buy a newer model. For such money is not a pity. It will be cheaper than buying a western one.
  3. By the way, the Chinese quality is constantly growing.

Do you want to try an iPad tablet or something like that?

Today, many people want to try what tablets are, but prices bite.
Chinese can be bought for 4,000-3,000 rub.

Where to Buy

Here everything was not so simple. No big well-known online store. And the Chinese are focused on their market. They have a very large one.

Department Stores

  1. - Xcom-Shop - Department stores.


  1. - Re:Store - Electronics and technology.
  2. - Notik - Electronics and technology.
  3. - M.Video - Electronics and technology.
  4. - Eldorado - Electronics and technology.
  5. - DNS - Electronics and technology.
  6. - Sotmarket - Electronics and technology.
  7. - Oldi - Electronics and technology.
  8. - MegaFon - Electronics and technology.
  9. - - Electronics and technology.
  10. - MTS - Electronics and technology.
  11. - - Electronics and technology.
  12. - NIX - Electronics and technology.
  13. - Vstroyka-solo - Electronics and technology.
  14. - RBT - Real Brand Technics - Electronics and technology.
  15. - Regard - Electronics and technology.
  16. - - Electronics and technology.
  17. - - Electronics, accessories for iPhone, iPad and PC, video games, watches and much more. Free worldwide shipping.
  18. - Technopark - Electronics and technology.
  19. - Technopoint - Electronics and technology.
  20. - Techport - Electronics and technology.
  21. - - Electronics and technology.
  22. - Just - Electronics and technology.
  23. - Chip & Dip - Electronics and technology.
  24. - - Electronics and technology.
  25. - - Electronics and technology.
  26. - - Electronics and technology.
  27. - - Electronics and technology.
logo Partsdirect

reliable site

phone.: +7 812 643-42-72
address: Russia


Spare parts for laptops and smartphones of all the world's leading sellers. I somehow wanted to buy some little things and offers of this site I was interested. But usually the most profitable offers on scammers, because I wanted to find out what the site was.

I made a request for "PartsDirect reviews" and clicked the first link to the issue, the more so it was Yandex.Market.
The reviews were good and I used his services.
I quickly received a call, refined the order and delivered it. Everything was good, convenient, inexpensive. I was pleased, therefore I recommend.

In Russian
logo messenger


Internet-shop Messenger.
Better value for money.

The network of cellular shops has an online store. Here and there are advantages.
The stores sell cell phones, tablets, netbooks, cameras and so on. And this is all in a limited assortment, the stores are small.

The site has a wider range of products. I bought a monitor, friends laptop. And inexpensive. It was here that I found something that I need and much cheaper than in other places.
I ordered it in a week or two to bring it to the Svyaznoy store, which you indicate (I pointed it out from the house, because we have several in the city).
When the goods were delivered, they called me. We come, we check, if we are satisfied, then we pay and take back.

So, it's convenient for them and you.

By the way, somehow I went to the store and there was not a camera I needed. I made an order in the store, a couple of days later I saw such a camera in another city, also in Svyaznoy. He called, asked if it was possible to refuse the goods, because he was already going to them. They answered me - no problem. They will sell it anyway, but I bought them all in their network.

iTunes Android

logo Splav


Uniforms, special, camouflage clothing, shoes, equipment and related products for security, military and police (now police) structures. When developing new models, the design department of the company relies on the professional experience of special forces, takes into account the needs and specifics of various services and types of troops.

Special equipment was repeatedly tested in combat conditions in different climatic zones.

The company is the official representative in Russia of such recognized world brands as Trek'n Eat®, Alpha Industries®, 5.11 Tactical Series®, BLACKHAWK®, PROPPER®, Lowa®, Mechanix Wear®, Cove®, EXPLORER Cases®, MAXPEDITION®, CARINTHIA®, Hatch®, HAZARD 4® / Civilian Lab, ATWOODROPE®, Swiss + tech®, etc.

logo ComputerUniverse


Electronics and components for computer from Germany.
Prices are very different from ours, they may vary significantly.
But do not forget about the shipment. So, the more we take, the more cost-effective the shipment.
Unfortunately, today should be taken into account and restrictions on duty-free purchases. Expensive items are subject to duty.


logo CHIP


Tests, ratings, news from the world of IT (computers, smartphones, tablets, photographic equipment, computers, software, the Internet, modern technologies, telecommunications, games ...).

At this level of the site, only high-quality and fresh analytics, news, comparative ratings ...

Say, I was planning a purchase of one smartphone, I looked at the review and there is indicated among the shortcomings - very low battery power. Of course, I began to consider other options.

logo Aliexpress


Leading Chinese online store.
There is a Russian interface, it seems that no longer machine translation, and quality, which is nice.

You can find good things on the site at a low price.
From the shortcomings:

  • can not be tried, unlike our Wildberries,
  • long delivery.
As for the quality, today everything is all the same in China, and the Chinese quality has greatly risen. So the quality is not worse than in our stores. But cheaper, and even much cheaper, which is nice.

Say I bought a smartphone, it was cheaper almost twice than we have. Nicely. In addition, we are still trying to impose something: a cover, a protective film ...
I also came with a smartphone with a neatly pasted protective film, nothing above paid.

The site requires registration, which is understandable: Somewhere you need to watch your purchases, specify the delivery address and do not do it every time. In addition, they have a social site, where you can brag about your purchases and see what others are buying. Text is small, a lot of photos. It's easy and nice to watch.


Cash on the Mail of Russia, as well as in one of the salons of Svyaznoy or Euroset
Specify the mobile number where the payment code with a validity period of 2 days will arrive.

iTunes Android

In Russian
logo The Mac Index



The Mac Index

Where to buy Apple products?

The Mac Index indexes Apple website and compare prices of Apple products in different countries.

View all prices in any currency, and see how much tax rates and price after refund when you buy overseas.

logo GearBest


The second Chinese online store after Aliexpress - cheap electronics, free shipping.

You can register by email or using accounts on Facebook or Google.

The item can be tracked if the amount exceeds $40. If the order is cheaper, you will not be able to track it or pay $2.


iTunes Android

logo Product Chart

Product Chart

We go to the site, choose smart phones, laptops, tablets, monitors, cameras ...
We get a visual table with products.
You can filter online and the extra will be lost.
What's left is small, but you can point the mouse and get more information from the photo.
We click and get to the page with the description of this model and the price. There are several options with the price on Amazon, click and you can buy if it's suitable.

logo JoyBuy


The main competitor of Aliexpress in the electronics segment.

A large choise of Chinese electronics, a good translation of the site.


iTunes Android

In Russian
logo BangGood


A site like Aliexpress, a huge choise of goods, you can find much cheaper than on Aliexpress - competition.
However Aliexpress has a biiger choice of goods.

The site looks lighter and easier to work with.

Ways of payment

iTunes Android


Online store audio and video equipment.

More than 13 thousand positions - audio and video equipment.


  1. free professional advice;
  2. competitive prices;
  3. various forms of payment;
  4. flexible discount system and discount cards;
  5. bonuses and only useful gifts;
  6. brand warranty.
Actual information that facilitates the process of choosing a home theater and accessories for it. Buyers have the opportunity to sign up for listening to technology in a cozy, specially equipped room for listening equipment.

You can order a consultation, leave your number in the message and they will call you back.

Delivery of equipment to all regions of Russia, in Moscow - for free.

logo Umka Mall

Umka Mall

Russian online store with goods from China.

Convenient is that our store. If anything, before the Chinese is far away, but from ours one can ask something.

The design of the site is more modern and clear, not overloaded, like Chinese, about and goods are much smaller, so that a full replacement will not.

iTunes Android

logo Kimovil Smartphone Comparison

Kimovil Smartphone Comparison

Comparación de características y precios de los teléfonos inteligentes y tabletas.

Un sitio web independiente con información útil y objetiva.
El objetivo es ayudarle a encontrar el teléfono móvil que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades al mejor precio del mercado.

El sitio explora cientos de sitios de teléfonos móviles chinos e internacionales (marcas líderes) en los que la información suele ser incompleta, incorrecta o simplemente inexistente.
Recoge los datos, los compara, los procesa y los forma los propios que le da.


logo DealExtreme


It is one of the three most popular Chinese stores.

Goods are generally cheaper than on Aliexpress, but shipping is expensive. Therefore, it is better to compare the final price. By the way, goods can be even more expensive.

In competition with Ali, quality suffers, there are unscrupulous sellers.


iTunes Android

In Russian
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