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logo Pets



Owner:,reliable site.


Portal for lovers of cats and dogs.
There are news, stories, tips, videos, games ...

Free consultations of a specialist (veterinarian, cynologist ...) around the clock, although the answer will have to wait, it will take several hours .

logo TheQuestion



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.



Smart answers to your brilliant questions.

The questions of our users are answered by actors, scientists, researchers, designers, teachers, doctors, psychologists, lawyers.

TheQuestion connects those who can ask an interesting question with those who are ready to give an answer and help to understand.
It creates an open community of people who are willing to critically reflect on the surrounding reality, help each other, share different views, challenge their own beliefs, learn new things and change for the better.

Any participant asks a question, and they are looking for those who will give the best answer. Looking for people who inspire.
The goal is for everyone to get acquainted with the one who inspires, causes curiosity for life and opens up new opportunities for development.


logo Bankiros



Profitable loans or deposits, financial news of Russia.A financial service with structured up-to-date information on most banks and their products throughout Russia, which allows you to make an informed choice to our multi-million users.

logo Sbankami




Councils for work with the products and the services of banks.Introductory information to the consumer of banking products and services.Before making any decisions on the use of products and services of any bank, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information on the official website of the bank or by calling the toll-free hotline.Today, almost everyone uses the services of banks. Many people have chosen Sberbank as their partner for managing personal finances and for business. The number of products, services, services of Sberbank is constantly increasing and changing.The site will help you get relevant, understandable instructions for working with bank services, as well as talk about financial products so that you do not miss out on profitable applications and understand all the conditions correctly.Sbank will help you choose the most suitable credit or credit card in Sberbank from a variety of offers.If you do not know how to profitably manage your free funds, use the tips on our website and select the most profitable deposit, savings certificates, and you might be interested in metal accounts.How to use a mobile bank, make transfers via SMS, pay for cellular services, make utility bills, pay loans in other banks - read all of this in our articles.

logo Avtozam



Assistant in the repair and maintenance of cars.

The site is beautifully structured.
Choose the country of your car manufacturer, brand, model.
And only then choose the area of the car, which we want to do now.

logo Avtoelektrik-Info



Information on the repair and maintenance of electricians of all the most popular models of cars and motorcycles.

The goal is not only to publish on the website documentation, a directory of brands and companies, original instructions and photographs for the repair and maintenance of electricians of all the most popular car and motorcycle models, but also to create a platform for communication between vehicle owners.

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