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logo Agrosemfond


Online store seeds

Where to buy seeds?
How to grow a crop?
You can find answers to these and other questions here.

Descriptions of seeds, agricultural engineering, planting graphics.

logo Seeds by mail

Seeds by mail

Delivery of seeds throughout Russia.

More than 15,000 items in stock.
1800 points of issue in 395 cities and towns,
1100 cities of courier delivery, delivery to any corner of Russia by mail.

logo Seeds by mail

reliable site

phone.:8 800 500-09-43 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 495 374-77-29
address: Russia

Seeds by mail

Online store seeds by mail.

Seeds from leading companies in the segment of the agricultural companies “Poisk”, “Gavrish”, “Russian Garden”, “Mars”, “Aelita”. These are the largest Russian seed breeding companies operating in the market from 15 to 25 years. All products pass quality control and supplied with certificates of conformity.

Discount system when ordering more than 2000 rubles.

logo Russian Garden

Russian Garden

Products for garden and vegetable garden.

Seeds "Russian Garden" - the online store of the largest producer of the Russian Federation.

Delivery to any region by mail, courier, to the points of issue.
A huge catalog of seeds, bulbs, seedlings and cuttings - over 5000 species.

Always in the presence of a wide selection of fertilizers, sideratov, garden equipment and inventory.

logo Bekker


Online store of seeds, seedlings ...

More than 2000 names of onion and perennial flowers.
More than 2000 types of seeds of vegetables and flowers.
More than 1000 items of ornamental and fruit shrubs and trees.
More than 180 selected varieti

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