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logo OZON Cars and Motor Vehicles

OZON Cars and Motor Vehicles

OZON started selling new and used cars and motor vehicles.
So far I haven't figured out what the catch is, because the new ones are priced below the market.
The selection is still small.
Good filters, you can pick up what you need.
True, there is no information about the previous owner(s).
All you can find out is the mileage (for the new 0 km), year, equipment and features.

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logo OZON Real Estate

OZON Real Estate

Selling real estate online.
This segment of the market has just begun to sell through OZON.
While builders are starting to sell new housing.
OZON is an intermediary in this case, which adds credibility.
However, I would wait for now. The first pancake is always a pain in the ass. Let them set up the process.

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This is the 3rd official and 100% reliable ticket sales service.
Its distinctive feature is a wider choice of means of payment and comprehensive service.

That is, you want to go abroad and use the travel agency, because there Everything is so complicated:

  1. you have to buy tickets for train or plane,
  2. order hotel,
  3. issue visa.
You can do all this on the Ozon website without leaving home.
Visa processing services are provided only in conjunction with the hotel booking.

Payment methods

Receiving a ticket

When buying a ticket for trains from 001 to 899 numbering, It takes. It is enough to produce a passport, because the place is bought in your name. Thus, there is no need to queue at the cash register.

In other cases, when buying a ticket, information can be printed out, or you can rewrite the 20-digit ticket number. Then you need to transfer it to the cashier and get a ticket.
You can call and find out beforehand whether it can be done at your railway station.


For this you need to contact the railway cashier (not via Internet). The money will be returned to the plastic card.
The fee for the operation when returning to the ticket office of JSC Russian Railways is an unused travel document (ticket), ordered and paid for on the site, is 99 rubles. 30 kop. From each place regardless of the date of the ticket.

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logo Sitilink


An online store for electronics and home appliances.
It has a network of stores of the same name, as well as a network of delivery points, of which there are many more than stores.

If you want to buy something from these products, be sure to see what this store has to offer.
Delivery is free (in the case of self-delivery from the delivery point).

You can pay for your order upon receipt. We get it, check the performance and if everything is satisfactory, pay in cash or by card.
In this respect, the delivery point is more similar to the purchase of goods in the store.

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logo Lamoda


Marketplace - clothing, shoes and accessories.

Try on first, then buy - that's their slogan.


  • Delivery points with a fitting room, but they are still few and mostly in the largest cities.
  • partners - Svyaznoy,
  • Boxberry pickup points.
Delivery in any case for free.

100% original goods

Lamoda works only with official suppliers of brands: the authenticity of products is guaranteed by certificates.


You may return all or part of your order at a Lamoda store, by post or via checkout within 14 calendar days excluding the day of purchase.


On site or upon receipt.

Stylist Consultations

Book a personal consultation with your stylist to find out what suits you best and create a personalized selection of clothing and accessories.

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