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Unexpected impressions

logo Cosmopit


Online store of space food.

Do you want to try what astronauts eat?
This store allows us to fulfill the dream.
You can buy both something specific and ready-made kits.

You can buy both for yourself or as a gift for someone.

Our astronauts spend many months in space and therefore a large number of dishes are adapted.


Free self-delivery (bring your ID) from the office at: Moscow Varshavskoe shosse 129 korp. 2, p. 2.
Courier delivery cost in Moscow - 450 rubles.

For the Moscow region - 650 rubles.

Delivery is carried out all over the world, in each case it is necessary to clarify the options.


Cash on delivery or by card online.

logo Smile-smile


Unusual gifts that you can design (but you can use and ready).

  1. Choose a box.
  2. We add gifts-impressions (diving, pokatushki in zorb, paragliding, aerotrub, ethnics drumming, head and face massage with Thai herbal pouches).
  3. We get assorted by March 8 for 3950 rubles, from which the girl will be able to choose something to her taste.
For the immodest, there are shopping sets for 35 000 rubles.
For friends - all sorts of entertainment for ten people for 19 000.
Free pleasures are available in the Free Smi) club.
Becoming His member, you can experience one impression, but in return you need to write an interesting story in the LJ community of the club.


logo Evoi


These are not material objects, but real adventures, a new experience, the joy of knowing, the opportunity to find oneself. These are events that remain in memory for many years. The purpose of the store is to give joy to surrounding people, to fill life with happy emotions, in other words - to bring a holiday. To help make real, what was a dream.

In the assortment:

  • Master-class from the chef - 5990 rub.
  • Skydiving and instructor - 7400 rub.
  • Record an album of six songs in the recording studio - 29 900 rubles.
  • Ride the tank - 59 900 rubles.
  • Universal female set - 2490 rub. (2 types of massage, visit to beauty salon, henna tattoo, several suntan sessions, dance lesson and Taijiquan, tea ceremony - to choose from).
Do not know the answer? For you, there is a wealth of information on the site that will help you.

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