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logo Roskachestvo



Explores the market by segments, identifies substandard producers, informs about the results through the site.

Conducts fan studies and evaluates the quality of goods and services. Let's say whether soy, palm oil, horse meat or anything that is present in a given sausage or other product are not present in the product.

Education of Russian citizens for the selection of quality goods and services.
The site can find lists of manufacturers that stand technology or violate.

The best is awarded to the Quality Mark.

Product Categories

  1. A product with a Quality Mark.
  2. A high-quality product.
  3. Quality goods.
  4. Goods with irregularities.
High quality goods - only the goods themselves are examined.
A product with a quality mark - the manufacturer voluntarily allowed Roskachestvo to carry out a production cycle check and does not meet the requirements.

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Portal of public data of the official site of the State Duma



state site.

API official site of the State Duma

The open data portal of the official website of the State Duma offers convenient tools for website owners and blogs.
With the help of it, you can apply data on the activities of the State Duma in your projects.
Make your projects interactive and constantly updated.
Detailed documentation and examples of use will help you without much effort to embed data on the activities of the State Duma on your website or blog.

logo Townhall


official site.


Site of politicians, about politics ... podcasts, blogs, videos ...

logo Federal Migration International same



Owner: FMS,state site.

Federal Migration International same

Checking the validity of a Russian citizen's passport

Federal Migration Service.

Here you can find out the order and download forms for obtaining passports.
Gradually, more and more functions will be transferred to the site and go to the passport office only to receive it. Passport is no longer needed///HERE AND NOW

logo Bigovernment



state site.

tel.: +7 (495) 989-57-82


A big government.
Everyone can become a part.

How it works

  1. We register, activation is not required.
  2. We write a sentence that is verified.
  3. Then those who wish vote for your proposal, as you vote for others.
  4. If enough people voted for your proposal, then the people like it, then the real government can consider it. If it is realistic at all, and not "raise wages to all."
In fact, this is an opportunity to reach the authorities.

logo OnlinePetition



tel.: +7 (495) 646-25-25


The site on its own principle is very similar to the site above, only the appeal is not to the government, but you can define any address: to the president of Russia, the prime minister of Ukraine, the head of the First Channel .... This is like a civilized demonstration. A huge number of people express their opinion, and let the addressee decide whether to react or not. At least he will know the opinion of the people and it will have its influence in any way.

By the way, there are real petitions that had a real result -

There are similar initiatives that run in parallel here and on the site above ( Thus, we can trace how honestly the state resource works.

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