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Reviews of some users about all the places of their own and any other city, and other users to get acquainted with them and use these reviews for their own purposes, i.e. The site helps everyone to find good places in the city and not stumble upon bad ones.

In order to add your feedback and photos, vote and use other site features you must register. The site is under construction. In the future, on the main page will be posted a video, how to work on it.

And in principle, it's very easy to work on it. You must select a city if it is on the main page. If the city is not on the list, then after registration you will have the opportunity to write about it.

For your feedback, you can get a prize: the first 50 users who will write 50 reviews will receive a T-shirt; The first 20, who write 100 reviews, will receive a flash drive 8 Gb; The first 10 who will write 300 reviews will receive on iPod shuffle - 2Gb;

In addition to the text description and photo of a particular place, its location is clearly shown on the map, and its email and email address is also published. With the person who left the review, you can get acquainted and chat.

Those same users who want to read published reviews must click on the page of the selected city, select another category of the place from the sixteen categories represented on the page, or specify this place in the search box.

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logo Worse than not




Worse than not

Very convenient and functional complaints service.
Flexible and social.

Registration is not required.

logo Angry citizen


Angry citizen

The independent online resource was created with the aim to improve the quality of our life and reduce the distance between citizens and the state, customers and organizations. Do not like noisy neighbors and a dirty entrance? Overdue products and rudeness of personnel? Pits on the roads and inaction of officials? Thanks to our service - these problems can be solved very simply, it is enough to follow step by step instructions on the site.

The main task of the project is to give every citizen of our country the necessary opportunities to solve problems.

Specialists of the Angry Citizen project provide legal support and Give practical advice on how to act in different situations.

How it works?

By going to the project site, you can file a complaint about poor-quality goods and services to the responsible authorities and organizations. It's simple: you need to create a problem and choose one of the suggested instructions. In those cases where there are no algorithms or work with them has not brought results, project lawyers personally advise users. In addition, we promote the attraction of public attention through the media and social networks, thereby amplifying the voice of every citizen.

Users of the site have access to resources and services: one can request the help of a personal lawyer and connect an expert or deputy .

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logo Russian public initiative



phone.:8 800 200-61-62 (Russian Customers toll-free)

Russian public initiative

Russian public initiative.
Official website for submitting proposals to the government.
There is your initiative for a certain period will gain a certain number of votes, it must be accepted.

Municipal Initiative

Voting for the initiative within 1 year.
It is necessary to collect at least 5% of the population registered in the territory of the respective municipality.

Regional Initiative

Voting for the initiative within 1 year.
It is necessary to collect at least 5% of the population registered in the territory of the relevant subject of the Russian Federation (for subjects of the Russian Federation with a population of more than 2 million Citizens - who have received the support of at least 100 thousand citizens).

Federal Initiative

Voting for the initiative within 1 year.
It is necessary to collect at least 100 thousand votes of citizens.

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logo Roskachestvo



Explores the market by segments, identifies substandard producers, informs about the results through the site.

Conducts fan studies and evaluates the quality of goods and services. Let's say whether soy, palm oil, horse meat or anything that is present in a given sausage or other product are not present in the product.

Education of Russian citizens for the selection of quality goods and services.
The site can find lists of manufacturers that stand technology or violate.

The best is awarded to the Quality Mark.

Product Categories

  1. A product with a Quality Mark.
  2. A high-quality product.
  3. Quality goods.
  4. Goods with irregularities.
High quality goods - only the goods themselves are examined.
A product with a quality mark - the manufacturer voluntarily allowed Roskachestvo to carry out a production cycle check and does not meet the requirements.

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logo Thonet




View, learn ratings, reviews about products, companies, people. Leave an opinion about the quality of services, shortcomings, dignity of a person.
All copyrights are reserved for their rightholders.

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