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| Windows2.87 Mb | download | download from us |


Detects bad-sector on CD/DVD, and can prevent the occurrence of bad sectors and recover files that can check any of your CD/DVD drive and show which files are damaged and others., Free registration required. No installation required.

Category: Discs and Files/Service CD

Tags: CD


| Windows770 Kb | home page | download |


Record CD and DVD, the creation of the Audio CD, can be upgraded free DeepRipper tool to extract music tracks from an audio CD, followed by compression to MP3 or OGG, stable operation, about possible problems with long names the program will warn in advance editor for creating autorun menus, thumbnails Editor album covers.

Category: Discs and Files/Record CD

Tags: CD DVD Record


| Windows3 Mb | home page | download from us |


A distinctive feature of the app is the ability to defragment individual folders or files, not the entire hard drive. After completing the disc content verification, you will see a full list of fragmented files and their arrangement on the disk map. You can also carry conventional full disk defragmentation. A recent version of the program has been modified to support file NTFS, introduced new commands for df.exe, little changed interface and expanded the list of notifications.


Easy GIF Animator

| Windowshome page | download |


Very simple, because the popular animator. It works simply and clearly. Collected pictures, set the time for each, if proposed by the interval did not come, and so on. D. I will ask the size of the effect ... of the results.

Category: Graphics/Animation

Tags: Graphics Animation


| Windows1.37 Mb | home page | download from us |


Builder crosswords, no installation needed, new versions are paid.

Category: Inforamtion/Leisure

Tags: Games

Hamster Free Video Converter

| Windows1.32 Mb | home page | download from us |


Convert any formats for iPod, iPhone, PS3, PSP, xBox, Zune, Apple TV, iRiver, etc.! More than 200+ devices

Converts 3GP, MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLV, HD, DVD, M2TS and others! Built-in video player!
Simple to use, allows you to drag files (Drag-n-Drop)!

it is Possible to convert multiple files!
Flexible configuration of codecs, AudioVideo bitrate, Frame Rate and ...

Category: Media/Converter

Tags: Coverters Audio Video


| Windows/Linux/Mac OS33.45 Mb | home page | download | download |


Best free vector graphics editor based on SVG format, the aim of the project is to achieve functionality similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, Visio, etc.

Analog of the paid CorelDraw


home page |



Creative photo editor, effects and filters. Your photo will look like a work of art, painting or mosaic ...



| Windows6.6 Mb | home page | download |

Non-Commercial Freeware

Convenient if you're used to working with Windows Explorer.

Analog of the paid CuteFTP
Category: Webmaster/FTP client

Tags: FTP

VFD Control Panel 2.0

| Windows138 Kb | download from us |


Virtual floppy drive (floppy), if the program require a floppy disk.

Category: Discs and Files/Virtual disk

Tags: Virtual Drive

WinScan2PDF (Portable)

| Windows24 Kb | home page | download from us |


Utility to scan documents and save them in PDF format.
does Not require a PDF printer driver or some other complex programs: run WinScan2PDF, in the window of the program select source (scanner), press the button 'Skank', then save the resulting PDF document in the right place.

Category: Work with text/PDF

Tags: PDF Scanning


| Anonym OShome page |

Open source

Operating system based on OpenBSD with strong encryption and anonymization tools.
The perpose is to provide secure, anonymous web browsing access to everyday users.

Category: System/OS

Tags: Anonymous Protection
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