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Stepik -
address: 2 Seaport Lane, suite 8C, c/o JetBrains Inc, MA 02210
Educational platform and designer of online courses and lessons.

The Big Picture -
Stories and news in pictures.


Stories and news in pictures. -
The minimum package includes 5Gb, you can only fumble data between system members.

Boston University -

Boston College -

GetHuman -
address: 800 Boylston Street Ste #300, MA 02199
Hate waiting on hold? Hate speaking to a machine? GetHuman has got your back, they give you the numbers and the prompts to bypass the machines.


Hate waiting on hold? Hate speaking to a machine? GetHuman has got your back, they give you the numbers and the prompts to bypass the machines.

Smarter Travel -
address: 1 Washington Mall #1150, MA 02108
tel.: +1 (781) 247-5573
Expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories.


Expert travel tips, inspiring destination stories, and timely travel news to feed your passion for seeing the world before, during, and after your trip.

University of Massachusetts -

FilterGrade -
address: 745 Atlantic Ave Fl 2, Office 217, MA 02111-2735
Quite a neat site that provides photographers with Photoshop and other post-processing tools.


Quite a neat site that provides photographers with Photoshop and other post-processing tools.
There is also a lot of interesting tutorials, free downloads and simple tips for editing photos on your blog. -


Music for jogging on the site.
The goal of music is to set the tempo, so music with a certain tempo will suit us.
Only nowhere else they write about it.
If you do not know the pace you want, specify how much you are running a kilometer and get the result.
At least this can be started, and then corrected.

Next Green Car -
address: Unit 62, Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road, BS1 6UX
tel.: +44 117 117-88-55
Charge stations on the map.


Items for recharging electric vehicles in the UK.

LastPass -
address: 320 Summer St, MA 02210
Managers online passwords.


Online password manager and form filler.
Good integration with browsers and mobile phones, which simplifies the process of entering passwords, requires the installation of a plug-in.

LastPass -
address: 320 Summer St, MA 02210
Online password generator.


Online password generator.
Beautiful, large, intuitive password generator.

  1. Set the password length,
  2. choose uppercase, lowercase, numbers, characters,
  3. choose complexity: easy to pronounce, easy to read, all the characters.
Visually select. -
Automatic online backup with file version management.

Northeastern University - -
tel.: +1 (066) 834-78-32
News from marketing professionals.

InfoTracer -
address: PO Box 990043, MA 02199
tel.: +1 (800) 791-14-27
People Search.


Search for Americans by name, phone, address or email.
Search on social networks, databases on offenses, looking for relatives (also marital status with details) and partners of the one we are looking for.
Full confidentiality.

BookingBuddy -
address: Smarter Travel Media LLC, 226 Causeway Street, Third Floor, MA 02114
tel.: +1 (617) 886-5555
Search for favorable prices for everything that is offered to tourists: plane, hotel, car rental ....

SongBPM -
Base of songs. Feature - the songs are classified by tempo, which is suitable only for joggers. -
address: 320 Summer St, MA 02210
tel.: +61 2 8199-89-29
Online service for organizing fast online meetings.


Audio and video conferences by phone or via the Internet (VoIP).
Share your screen with participants, while using audio and video.
You can zoom in and see the details of each discussion - even on the phone.

You can join a meeting, call or video conference instantly from anywhere in the world. Just enter the meeting code and you will be on the same page, even if you are hundreds of miles away.


  1. Chatting with all participants simultaneously or individually
  2. Increase and decrease the overall screen,
  3. See who visits
  4. Meeting lock for added security
  5. Meeting schedule right from the app.

Abilene Ada Albany Albuquerque Alexandria American Fork Ames Amherst Anaheim Anchorage Arlington Asheville Astoria Athens Atlanta Auburn Auckland Augusta Austin Avondale Baltimore Baton Rouge Bellevue Bellingham Berkeley Berrien Springs Bethlehem Big Rapids Binghamton Blacksburg Bloomington Bloomsburg Boca Raton Boise Boone Boulder Bowling Green Bozeman Brentwood Brest Bridgewater Brooks Brown Brunswick Bucharest Buffalo Burlington Caldwell Camarillo Camas Cambridge Camden Campbell Carlisle Carrollton Casselberry Caulfield North Cedar Rapids Cedarville Chandler Chapel Hill Charleston Charlotte Charlottesville Cheney Chesterbrook Chicago Chico Chula Vista Cincinnati Claremont Claymont Clemson Cleveland Clifton Park Clinton College Park College Station Colorado Springs Columbia Columbus Conway Corvallis Costa Mesa Cox Crete Cupertino Dallas Dartmouth Davie Davis Daytona Beach Dearborn DeLand Delaware City Denton Denver Des Moines Durham Eagan East Lansing Edgewater Edmond El Segundo Elko Ellensburg Escondido Evanston Evansville Everett Excelsior Fairfax Falls Church Fargo Fayetteville Flagstaff Flint Fort Collins Fort Worth Foster City Fremont Fresno Fullerton Gainesville Galloway Gaylord Georgetown Gettysburg Glassport Glen Rock Golden Goshen Grand Rapids Granville Great Barrington Greensboro Greenville Greenwood Village Hackettstown Hamden Hamilton Hamline Hampshire Harleysville Harrisburg Harrisonburg Hartford Hattiesburg Hayward Helena Hempstead Henderson Hingham Hoboken Honolulu Houghton Houston Humboldt Huntington Huntsville Indiana Iowa City Ipswich Irvine Irving Ithaca Jacksonville Jeffersonville Jenks Jersey City Johnson City Kalamazoo Kansas City Keene La Jolla Lafayette Laie Lancaster Lansing Laramie Las Cruces Las Vegas Lawrence Lehi Lehigh Lewisburg Lewiston Lexington Lincoln Little Rock Logan Long Beach Los Angeles Los Gatos Louisville Lowell Lubbock Madison Manchester Manhattan Mankato Mansfield Marathon Marina Del Rey Marquette McFarland Medford Melbourne Memphis Menlo Park Miami Michigan City Middlebury Middletown Mill Valley Milwaukee Minneapolis Monroe Montclair Monticello Montverde Morgantown Morristown Moscow Mountain View Mt. Vernon Muncie Nampa Nashville Needham New Haven New Jersey New Orleans New York Newark Newbury Park Newport News Newton Norfolk Normal Norman Northern Havre Northfield Northridge Norwalk Novi Oakland Oberlin Odessa Old Orchard Beach Omaha Oneonta Orlando Orono Oshkosh Overland Park Oxford Palo Alto Paoli Paradise Pasadena Peoria Philadelphia Phoenix Pipersville Pittsburgh Plano Pleasanton Plymouth Pocatello Pomona Ponca City Ponte Vedra Beach Portland Post Falls Potsdam Prairie View Price Princeton Provo Pullman Radnor Township Raleigh Rapid City Redmond Redwood City Reed Reno Reston Rhode Island Rice Richardson Richmond Riverside Rochester Rogers Rohnert Park Rolla Roseville Round Rock Russell Ruston Sacramento Salem Salt Lake City San Antonio San Bruno San Clemente San Diego San Francisco San Jose San Luis Obispo San Marcos San Mateo San Ramo Santa Ana Santa Barbara Santa Clara Santa Cruz Santa Monica Santa Rosa Santee Schenectady Scottsdale Seattle Sebastopol Seton Hall Sewanee Silver Spring Socorro Somerville Southfield Spokane Springfield St. George St. Joseph St. Loius St. Paul Stanford Stanislaus Starkville State College Sterling Stillwater Stony Brook Storrs Stratham Sunnyvale Swannanoa Swarthmore Syracuse Tallahassee Tampa Tempe Tennessee Thibodaux Thunder Bay Toledo Towson Troy Tucson Tulane Tulsa Tuscaloosa Tustin University Park Upper Saddle River Urbana-Champaign Valdosta Vanderbilt Venice Ventura Vermont Virginia Beach Waco Wall Walnut Waltham Washington Waterville Watford City Wellesley West Frankfort West Lafayette West Linn West Point Weston Wharton Wheaton Wichita Willamette Williamsburg Wilmington Wilton Winona Winona Lake Winston-Salem Winthrop Woburn Woodland Hills Woodlands Yale Youngstown

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