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Site about what franchising is and how it works.

Big franchise catalog.

  • 700 franchises in Russia and the world,
  • Feedback on franchises, News and novelties of franchising,
  • Direct access to franchisees.
Franchise is a purchase of a ready-made business, and its opening is easier and faster than starting a business from scratch.
For all franchises the official cost of the franchise and the amount of payments is indicated. Many franchises with reviews.

The catalogue is basically a franchise shop.
Look for the best franchise, a profitable franchise, request business plans franchise, compare, choose a successful business.

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The best catalog of officially sold cars with all variants of engines, gearboxes and complete sets available for the Russian market. The site monitors the price updates from manufacturers and dealers and knows how much each option costs in the car.

The real value of the car

  • Information on the cost of car maintenance, which includes: maintenance costs, transport tax, OSAGO, fuel costs and other costs.
  • The cost of owning a car.
  • Quick and easy comparison of cars.
  • Exam SDA Online on will help prepare for the exam in the traffic police.

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logo Big Reference Book



Big Reference Book

All companies and organizations of your city.

Information about the organizations of your city in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

If you are a representative of a company or budget organization, add free information about your business, address, website and phone numbers so that your customers can find you.

If the information is already in our catalog, it can be easily edited without registering on the organization’s page.




Network of directories of organizations in major cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Here you can find information you are interested in about a particular company, for example, its address, telephone number and work schedule.

logo Catalog of modules fot the BibleQuote



Catalog of modules fot the BibleQuote

The site looks simple and on NAROD.RU, but the main thing is there is content and is regularly maintained.
This site not only collects and uploads modules, the author is one of the active creators of the modules.
In addition, the site has Information to help those who wish to create modules.

logo Bravica

Russian - English


A good catalog of sites by category.
You can build sites for authority, attendance or transitions.
In my opinion the best catalog in its simplicity, clarity and content.


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