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Earthcam -
Webcams in the world.

Catalog of references to web-cameras of the world.

  1. Rubritsirovannyy catalog of live cameras: business (offices, restaurants, laboratories, etc.), education (institutes, schools), sports; Animals, landscapes; Personal webcams, parties, video chats, etc.
  2. Search by category, keywords and region.
  3. The ability to open your channel.
Translated into Russian, you can participate.

New York with a resolution of 120,000 megapixels.

Intellectual resource directory Internet
Trying to organize the contents of Internet.
Open data hub
Catalog and data storage for all Russian-speaking users. The hub was created and maintained by the Information Culture NGO.
United Background
United Background of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Sochi and Izhevsk.

United Background of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Sochi and Izhevsk.

Convenient search by activity.
Address search by map.

Verified information on companies: addresses, phone numbers, descriptions and directions.
The nearest metro station and distance to it.
Poster for every day.

Fan Page List -
Services for Facebook.

Catalog of official fan pages of Facebook.
If you want to find a fan club of some star, television channel or another company, then you here. Classification by brands, celebrities, teams,
You can search by ratings.

State Network
Orienting on the official site.

The project "State Network" was created in order to systematize and monitor the publicity of the state in Internet.

The catalog of official websites of state bodies and websites developed by their order is collected, and the database of state authorities and state structures is collected as having a web- Sites and without them, and regulatory documents that establish a requirement for official sites.

At the first stage, all known state websites related to the federal authority and part of the Websites related to regional authorities.
Further it is planned to include all known regional and municipal state web resources. And also the sites of commercial organizations subordinate to government bodies - such as unitary and state enterprises and an OJSC with a significant share of state ownership.

State Public Scientific and Technical Library of Russia.

State Public Scientific and Technical Library of Russia.

Electronic Catalog GPNTB.

Search by keyword - phrase in natural language.
Keywords are formed from almost all fields of bibliographic description.
The phrase is broken down into individual words (numbers are not counted!), Which morphologically normalize (only for Russian words!).
When searching by keywords, the algorithm for ranking the found documents is used: the list of search results is sorted in descending order of the document's rank.

The more words are found in the found document from the query, the closer these words are to each other and the greater their total weight is, the higher is the place of the document as a result of the search.

The "Find Similar" link, which is shown in the bibliographic description of the records found, generates a request for a ranked search that includes all the keywords of the record.

Having received the search result, you will be able to "refine" your query in the same way (search in the found one).

Catalogues of the best sites for children.

Directory of the best sites for children.
The goal, not to collect the maximum number of sites, rather the smallest, but only the best.

And of course all proposed sites must be clean and positive.
Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation has a constant interest in the project.

In addition to the usual catalog by subject, you can look only at new sites, op of the week or a random site.

Addresses and phone numbers of companies in Moscow
British prints
Archives Museum.

British engraving.
The State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin.
Reproductions of hundreds of paintings of the museum. The basis of the catalog is the legacy of two hundred and fifty masters of engraving, including such famous ones as William Hogarth, John Raphael Smith, William Ward, Thomas Rowlandson and James Whistler.
Along with individual sheets, the catalog includes popular satirical and landscape series, compositions dedicated to sports and hunting.
The electronic edition differs a variety and complexity of the structure.
In addition to the famous, often exhibited at the exhibitions of works in it, many remarkable monuments are concentrated, which are published for the first time.
First of all, these are unique albums of engravings of "Antiquities Great Britain", "Cries of London" and "Alphabet". It should also be noted the animalistic compositions of Thomas Landseer, John Frederick Lewis and George Townley Stubbs. The catalog reflects quite fully and consistently the main stages of the development of the British print.
The first half of the 18th century is represented by the works of outstanding British portraitists John Smith I and Isaac Beckett, the moral and moral series of William Hogarth; The second half of the century - engravings of various genres and directions that arose at this time and fell in love with the inhabitants of Great Britain.
William Woollett's landscapes, Valentine Green's portraits, compositions on mythological and religious subjects Francesco Bartolozzi, urban views of Thomas Malthon the Younger - a model of technical and artistic perfection. In these works, traditions and innovative solutions, effective decorativeness and strict classical forms were intertwined.

Information about legal entities, individual entrepreneurs registered in the territory of the Russian Federation, open to any user.

Information about legal entities, individual entrepreneurs registered in the territory of the Russian Federation, open to any user.

Information about registration and founders, types of activities, financial condition of the company and other official information obtained from such sources as the Federal Tax Service, Rosstat, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Arbitration Courts and others.

Here you can check the counterparty by TIN, OGRN, full name of an individual or address for the accuracy of the information. The check is carried out both on legal and on individuals. All information about the company (PJSC, JSC (JSC), LLC or IP) - registration information, information about managers and founders, activities and financial statements are provided in an easy-to-analyze form, which can significantly reduce the time to conduct counterparty audits.

Person RF
Reference and information retrieval resource.

Reference and information retrieval resource.

This is an online archive with a biography and career of businessmen and entrepreneurs, directors of companies, officials and politicians, public figures and important people of the Russian Federation.

  1. extensive, constantly updated information
  2. available subscription plans,
  3. Advanced site search, under various headings and tags,
  4. unique ratings, articles, a selection of news and more,
  5. technical and consulting support.
Free search for details of organizations in Russia.

Free search for details of organizations in Russia.

Information about companies is collected from open sources and is constantly updated with new companies.

Regular update.

The following information is available for each organization: the full name of the company, its legal address and telephone number, TIN, OGRN, OKATO codes, OKPO, as well as the date of registration of the company and the name of the registering authority that assigned the organization all of the above details. -
The law firms rating

The law firms rating goal is to increase the transparency of the Russian legal services market.

The rating is actively used by corporate lawyers and representatives of the tender departments of corporations to search and select contractors.

The international auditing company Deloitte is the auditor of the rating for the fifth year in a row.

The rating methodology is based on the assessment of the project experience of law firms, as well as on customer feedback regarding the quality, level of service and the ratio of cost and quality of legal services.

To improve the rating mechanisms, an independent Expert Council has been created, consisting of the heads of legal departments of large Russian and international corporations.

Guide RF
Guide to Russia.
Telegram Messenger channels
The main channel catalog of the popular messenger.

The main channel catalog of the popular messenger.

An independent portal that provides information about companies and organizations operating in Russia and the CIS countries.

An independent portal that provides information about companies and organizations operating in Russia and the CIS countries.

The goal is to present objective, independent, comprehensive and relevant information in a simple and convenient way.

Up-to-date and complete information on more than 2,300,000 organizations in Russia and the CIS in the form of a convenient rubricator for areas of business and a geographical directory of organizations.

The materials on the site are presented for reference purposes only and are obtained from public sources or from representatives of relevant organizations.

Detailed map of the city, directory of organizations with addresses and phone numbers.

Detailed map of the city, directory of organizations with addresses and phone numbers.
Reference books and maps of 94 cities of Montenegro and Russia are available in GIS 4geo.

A modern portal containing news, posters, ads, real estate, as well as many other interesting and useful information about your city.

Global reference system for Russian legal entities and entrepreneurs.

Global reference system for Russian legal entities and entrepreneurs.
The project covers all regions of Russia and combines information on more than 10,000,000 legal entities and 13,000,000 individual entrepreneurs.

The goal is to collect all available information about Russian legal entities in one place and to provide completely free access to it for all interested parties. The priorities of our work is to provide the most relevant data, as well as convenient and simple means for their analysis.

Here you can find any operating (and, in some cases, liquidated) organizations in the territory of the Russian Federation and check its current status, familiarize yourself with the financial statements, analyze the financial condition and relations with other legal entities. All data presented on the portal are updated daily from official sources (more about the sources).

At the moment, the portal contains detailed up-to-date information about more than 10 million Russian legal entities and 12 million individual entrepreneurs.

Basic information about the organization on the basis of information from the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and Rosstat, including:

  1. name, address, status of the UL,
  2. main requisites (OGRN, INN, KPP, OKPO and others),
  3. management and founders of the organization,
  4. information about licenses issued,
  5. branches and representative offices
  6. activities
  7. Management company, AO registry holder and much more.
Engraving in Russia
Archives Museum.

The electronic catalog "Engraving in Russia XVIII - the first half of the XIX century."
State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin.
Reproductions of hundreds of paintings of the museum.

The catalog is the first attempt of electronic systematization of the collection.
It is planned to make about six hundred works of printed graphics created by famous Russian and foreign artists in Russia for a century and a half made in various techniques.
The basis of the catalog is engraved portraits of famous figures of their time and members of imperial families. The catalog is provided with reference books and a convenient search, sections of the catalog contain biographical information about the authors of engravings and persons depicted in portraits, a description of performance techniques, styles of art, genres.

The electronic catalog is designed for a wide range of users interested in the history of Russia of the New Time, its culture, fine art in general and the art of printed graph ki in particular.

Rating TOP 10
Here are the most interesting ratings and tops.

Here are the most interesting ratings and tops.

Ratings mainly relate to cinema, the gaming industry, football, music, cars and, of course, cats.

Directory of organizations in Russia and the CIS
Modern and functional directory of organizations located in Russia and the CIS.

Modern and functional directory of organizations located in Russia and the CIS. It was created to provide maximum convenience for users when searching for contact information about any commercial or non-commercial institution.

Any visitor to the site can add a review about a particular company, as well as offer a video or photo directly related to it.

If you are a business owner and your company is not in this directory, you can apply for inclusion of your organization in our information catalog and we will be happy to execute it.

Reference organizations of Russia.

Directory of companies in Russia. All information about the organizations of Russia: addresses, phone numbers, websites, mode of operation, reviews.

Information on more than 2,000,000 companies from 290 cities of Russia, from all branches of activity: from selling felt boots in retail to metal-roll wholesale. The information contains a description of activities, contacts. You can add comments and update information for free.

Addresses Phones
The handbook contains comprehensive information on enterprises and organizations of cities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The world's largest system of contextual advertising, with powerful tools for planning advertising campaigns.

Advertisers are not yet actively using Google AdWords, because the prices for advertising are much lower than on the already widely used, and

You can give your advertising or earn advertising by placing it on your website, as it is done here.


The main thing is to give the right answer to Specific user request.

  1. In the header of the text block, let the user know that he found exactly what he was looking for. The first words of the text is best to show your basic sentence, the best option - when the first words of the text coincide with the query. If the user asked "Refrigerators repair", it is better to immediately let him know that you are offering this particular service.
  2. You conduct an advertising campaign for several keywords or phrases. Starting from the first rule, we are sure that the creation of separate advertising texts for each group of similar requests will significantly increase the effectiveness of the campaign as a whole.
  3. Often, advertisers are tempted to mention in the promotional material the name of their company, and even put it on The most prominent place. It is important to understand that the users who see your advertising on the search, first and foremost, are important that they found the desired product, and not exactly where it is sold. Therefore, to spend the best parts of your ad units for information that is secondary to the user is not entirely rational.
You can pay for advertising:
  1. using a Visa Mastercard,
  2. Bank transfer,
  3. of the payment system WebMoney,
  4. of the payment system ЮMoney, technically payments go through the system Assist. At the same time, money is credited instantly, and no commission is charged.
Catalog of programs for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac.

Information portal about computer technologies and software.
Catalog of programs for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac.

Daily updated programs, news, articles.

On the site, you can pick up the program and download.

Free catalog of organizations in Russia.

Free catalog of organizations in Russia.

Platform for posting information about your business! You are invited to register your company in a catalog, publish products and services, share company news and, if you wish, even create a free website using a simple designer and effortlessly, which will allow you to increase your “presence” on the Internet.

Company Owners

  1. Add your company to the directory.
  2. Create a business card company.
  3. Offer your products and services in Russia.
  4. Attract customers and partners.
  5. Manage your company vacancies.
  6. Publish your company news.


  1. Find out the addresses, phone numbers of stores and other useful information about Russian companies.
  2. Find products at competitive prices.
  3. Sell any goods.
  4. Chat with company representatives.
  5. Find a good job in Russia.
  6. Get feedback from consumers, share opinions.
High technology news, articles and reviews.

High-tech news, articles and reviews.

A high-tech portal.
The site's community is open to all - many authors from around the world write news, articles and reviews.
The site's editorial staff and moderator team is made up of active community members.

A catalog of programs and games for popular platforms added by users is one of the best in Runet, with antivirus scanning and update tracking.

The site is built on its own engine.
In October 2015, the site's traffic exceeded 5 million people per month.

Project of business aviation.
Minsk City Directory
Information and reference portal.
Sites of educational institutions in Moscow
Catalog of private companies and state institutions in the field of education of the city of Moscow.
Big Reference Book
All companies and organizations of your city.

All companies and organizations of your city.

Information about the organizations of your city in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

If you are a representative of a company or budget organization, add free information about your business, address, website and phone numbers so that your customers can find you.

If the information is already in our catalog, it can be easily edited without registering on the organization’s page.

Detailed map of Russia.

Detailed map of Russia, all existing settlements of Russia. Under the satellite map of the Russian Federation, the administrative division of Russia according to federal districts and subjects of the Federation of the Russian Federation is presented.

Administrative division of Russia.

On the map of Russia, you can change the active layer of the map to the map of the Russian Federation from the satellite, measure distances between cities of Russia, lay a route on the map of the Russian Federation, setting the starting and ending points of your movement.

Interactive satellite map of the Russian Federation. On the Google map of Russia, you can see the virtual panoramas of cities and streets.

For you
Christian resources.

Christian portal.
Bible with a search.
Christian news, gallery of sacred places.
Christian forum, chat, postcards, addresses of churches.

Information hunger
Catalog of world media and correspondent sites.

Catalog of world media and correspondent sites.

The catalog is not updated very much, there are many inappropriate sites. but you can find what you need.

Network of directories of organizations in major cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Network of directories of organizations in major cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Here you can find information you are interested in about a particular company, for example, its address, telephone number and work schedule.
Site about what franchising is and how it works.

Site about what franchising is and how it works.

Big franchise catalog.

  • 700 franchises in Russia and the world,
  • Feedback on franchises, News and novelties of franchising,
  • Direct access to franchisees.
Franchise is a purchase of a ready-made business, and its opening is easier and faster than starting a business from scratch.
For all franchises the official cost of the franchise and the amount of payments is indicated. Many franchises with reviews.

The catalogue is basically a franchise shop.
Look for the best franchise, a profitable franchise, request business plans franchise, compare, choose a successful business.

Ramble/top 100
Thematic directory sites Runet.

Old famous site rating. Choose topics and see what is most popular according to their version.

Registry phone
Polyclinics, hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, medical centers of Russia.
Christian directories.

The largest portal of Christian resources.
The only catalog of the submitted ones, which are seriously and regularly dealt with.
There are 60 sections, thousands of links to active Christian sites, forums, chat, humor, postcards, work, games, Dating, conference, shop, library ...

Abbreviations -
The largest and most complete catalogue and search engine in the world by Internet acronyms, abbreviations and initializations.

The world's largest and most comprehensive directory and search engine for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms on the Internet. holds hundreds of thousands of entries organized by a large variety of categories from computing and the

Sports schools and sections, news, announcements and discussions.

Catalog of Sports Organizations.

Sports schools and sections, news, announcements and discussions.More than 10,000 organizations, more than 35,000 sections.

Reference information about sports organizations, sports sections, schools and clubs, children's sections and sports schools, addresses and tel., Reviews.

  1. Handbook of sports;
  2. News of sports and sports organizations;
  3. Thematic materials, articles and reviews;
  4. Work (jobs of sports organizations, resumes of sports specialists);
  5. Announcements.
Dating sites rating
The site will help you navigate through the dating sites and choose where to register.

The site will help you navigate through the dating sites and choose where to register:

  • Paid dating sites.
  • Apps for dating.
  • Dating Clubs.
  • Type of sites.
  • Dating who is over 30.
  • Dating over 40.
  • Sites for dating over 50.
  • Top of dating sites.
The site also offers you useful tips to find a life partner.
Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library
The archives of libraries in the world.


To view, you need to install the plugin Microsoft Silverlight.
Silverlight has versions for browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.OS: Windows or Mac OS X.
3D view of documents only in Internet Explorer.

Library Content

Archive of public documents relating to the history and current state of Russian statehood, the memorial personal archive of the President of the Russian Federation.

Sources of Goods Receipt

  • Russian State Historical Archive,
  • Russian State Library,
  • Russian National Library,
  • Tyumen Regional Scientific Library named after. DI. Mendeleyev,
  • State Archives of the Russian Federation
  • and others.
At present, the funds of the Presidential Library contain more than 38 thousand items of storage. In the electronic repository of the Presidential Library there are more than 43 million image files. Additionally, in the online store, more than 2.5 million files are processed.

Download the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in

Russian production
Online exhibit.

Internet exhibition of Russian manufacturers and Russian-made products.


Represent all Russian manufacturers in a single trading platform and provide them with orders from around the world.


  1. We do not place imports and intermediaries;
  2. up-to-date and high-quality information;
  3. free accommodation;
  4. open contacts.
Presented more than 13 800 Russian manufacturers.
Over 50,000 product items.


Catalog officially sold cars.

The best catalog of officially sold cars with all variants of engines, gearboxes and complete sets available for the Russian market. The site monitors the price updates from manufacturers and dealers and knows how much each option costs in the car.

The real value of the car

  • Information on the cost of car maintenance, which includes: maintenance costs, transport tax, OSAGO, fuel costs and other costs.
  • The cost of owning a car.
  • Quick and easy comparison of cars.
  • Exam SDA Online on will help prepare for the exam in the traffic police.


The leading portal of the Murmansk region.
The leading portal of the Murmansk region.


Catalog of references.

Yellow pages on the CIS.
Catalog Yellow Pages.
Ukrainian reference book. This requires registration.
Ukrainian reference book. This requires registration.


Is the same, only cheaper.


St. Petersburg with no problems
A good collection of vector clipart. It's hard to say about the number, there's just a search and a lot of clipart. But it's nice to work with him.
Our Peter -
Directory of references, online directory of the city.


PMEG - Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko -
PMEG celas ordinarajn Esperantistojn, kiuj volas studi la gramatikon, vortfaradon, skribon kaj elparolon de la Internacia Lingvo. Ĝi estas unuavice praktika lernilo, ne teoria verko por lingvistoj. Wennergren
CHM (962,9 Kb)
Lingvaj Respondoj -
Plena kolekto de lingvaj respondoj, aperintaj en 'La Esperantisto' (1889-1893), 'La Revuo' (1906-1908), 'La Oficiala Gazeto' (1911-1912) kaj aliaj gazetoj. Author: LLZamenhof
CHM (53,3 Kb)


Clean Internet.
For you
Catalog of Christian sites.
Search the online catalog of Christian churches and associations.

A searchable online catalog of Christian churches and associations.
Here is a detailed catalog (more than 4,000 churches), but the amount of information on churches depends on how much they have contributed.

The catalog is conveniently structured, according to confessions or geographically. There is a search. So find that we need not be difficult. If only the required church was in this directory.

If your church is not here, you can always Add a church

Russian Christian directory sites, search the catalog, prayer room, dating page, bulletin board, chat, questions and answers, Bible software.
Leading Christian portal.
Christian directories.

The Christian Portal "Gospel", articles on spiritual topics, news and other materials, the registered user can share with all Christian books, images, photos, forum.

Maranatha -
Christian directories.

Christian forum, chat, Bible, biblical dictionary, Christian literature, scenes ...
Bible with a search.
Christian news, gallery of holy places.
Christian forum, chat, postcards, addresses of churches.

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