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  1. - X-Fit - The leader of the fitness industry.
logo Men

Men's Health

The world's largest men's magazine about health, career, adventures, tasty food, cars ...

It is read in 35 countries, and the Russian edition has been addressing men for more than 20 years for whom physical, professional, mental and emotional health is important.

The magazine talks about how to make the life of a modern man better, covering topics from health and nutrition to fashion and technology.

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logo Fitnessera


Everything for fitness: workouts, exercises, equipment and tips on nutrition.

logo Fitness House

Fitness House

Federal network of sports clubs. The leader of the fitness industry in the Russian Federation.

logo FitSeven


address: Russia


Site about fitness, health, diet and proper nutrition.

All about how to gain muscle, lose weight, improve body tone and improve your health with workouts and nutrition.

logo Sport-At-Home


Overview of popular sports equipment.

The most current information on this topic.

Easy navigation inside articles.

The site is focused on ordinary people and specialists in various fields.

logo GlavSport


Uses: Yandex.Maps.

address: Russia


Fitness clubs and centers.
Do you want to go in for sports or give a child to a sports school or find him a good coach? - This is what you need.

Search by map. I do not know how complete the base is. Perhaps that is not the case in nature. But what's nice, there are a lot of clubs, not only Moscow. Although, it may be someone who needs Moscow. Where else can you find them without leaving your house?

Convenient and intuitive search.
Search by subject, on the map or simply by a search query.

logo Алекс Фитнес

Алекс Фитнес

The leader among fitness operators in Russia.

In clubs, the choice of training in various popular areas of fitness

  1. power (super sculpt, abs, pump, bums) suitable for intensive loads,
  2. functional (functional training, total condition),
  3. cardio programs (step, aerobics),
  4. body & mind - yoga, Pilates and stretching - for those who like less dynamic workouts,
  5. dance styles (latina, strip, fusion, pole dance, etc.),
  6. martial arts (classic and Thai boxing, kickboxing, karate, cross fight, judo, MMA).
In clubs you can undergo fitness testing and bio-impedancemetry. These studies will determine which loads will be optimally effective for you, and from which, on the contrary, it is worth refraining to avoid injuries.
  1. rental of towels, safe boxes and cabinets,
  2. tanning salons and saunas are located right in the changing rooms,
  3. A fitness bar where you can relax and rejuvenate.

logo sportwiki


Scientific bodybuilding and fitness.

Daily scientific news bodybuilding, fitness, healthy lifestyle and medicine.

Goal: to create a scientific encyclopedia about self-development by the efforts of the entire Russian sports community.

logo BuilderBody


address: Russia


All About bodybuilding.

  1. Training,
  2. training programs,
  3. home training,
  4. professional advice
  5. newbies
  6. inventory
  7. interesting,
  8. video,
  9. story
  10. sport,
  11. sports supplements,
  12. calorie tables,
  13. proper nutrition
  14. female fitness,
  15. training programs,
  16. bodybuilders.


Overview of sports nutrition, training programs, tips for beginners in building a beautiful muscular body.

Exercises, motivation, calculators.

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