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logo Velobike


bike rental locations in Moscow on Yandex.Maps

The project was created with the support and participation of the government of Moscow and the Bank of Moscow
Project ideology Create an alternative to a car and public transport, provide residents and tourists with affordable transport for short trips.

The project for the organization of a city bike rental service that allows you to rent a bicycle on an automated station, make a trip and return the bike to Any other automated station, on ervom stage includes the installation of 104 stations by 1000 Bicycle in Central and South-Western administrative districts, but in the future we plan to cover all the administrative districts of Moscow.

Become a bike rental user can any Muscovite or visitor of the capital. In order to use the services of bicycle rental, it is enough just to pass a preliminary registration on the site. Registration is carried out online, so you can register with any mobile device connected to Internet, directly at the rental office. In order to register in the system, you must have any VISA or MASTERCARD payment card with the connected 3DSecure option. When registering, the user is asked to choose a suitable tariff plan for subscription services and make an advance payment.

The presence of a positive balance allows you to use the services of an unlimited number of times (within the chosen tariff plan), the first 30 (thirty) minutes of using the bike are provided free of charge.

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logo Velorama




Portal for cyclists.

  • for those who want to purchase a bicycle, but do not have enough information to make a choice.
  • for those who ride a bike just for those who are engaged in cycling professionally.
  • for cyclists ready to talk about their route and share their experience of overcoming difficulties and preparing equipment for hard tests.
The goal is to collect as much information as possible on the subject - history, technical features, various nuances of management and repair.

The site has a
  • Library
  • Catalog
  • Stores
  • Events
  • Reviews
  • Entries
  • Announcements
  • Dictionary and library
  • Photo galleries and videos
  • Users blogs
  • News

  • Social network for cyclists




    Get your blog, find friends.
    You can find out all about bicycles from articles or through communication.
    You can buy a bicycle here, but I'm not sure that there is a ducky option, just advertising. In addition, it's a Ukrainian site, so not everyo

    logo Bikecamp



    Cool vyponen site. The main advantage of the card is that there is a choice through which card to look.
    The fact is that there are places that are better shown on Google maps, others on Yandex Maps, and some on Openmaps.
    Here You can jump from card to card, without having to search for the required place again, they are connected.
    A good search on the map.

    Well, there are separate routes on the site, etc. A decent site for cyclists.

    Russian - English


    Rent motorcycles, bicycles and scooters in any part of the world for the best prices.
    It is the intermediary who tries to collect all distributors in one place.
    Russia is represented by Moscow and Sochi.
    And no matter how I tried to order, everything is already taken from them.
    And here in other countries the choice of distributors with the prices is given.

    logo Wikiloc


    Routes of the world - mountain, hiking, cycling tracks.

    About 4 million participants, more than million tracks and more than 22 million photos.

    Discover millions of outdoor routes around the world. Choose between hiking, jogging, cycling, MTB, kayak, skiing and another 70 different types of activities.

    Record your own routes to the map, add waypoints, take photos along the course, and upload them from your phone to your Wikiloc account.

    Use free topographic maps offline from around the world for free, without the need for Internet coverage or mobile data. This is convenient when you are in the mountains or traveling without an Internet connection.

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