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Second-highest ice hockey league in Finland.
IIHF Statistics -
Official statistics IIHF.

We go to the address and get a simple textual statistics of the hockey tournament that is taking place at the moment.
If no tournament passes, we get the statistics of the last tournament.

The text on the site is clickable, so you can, in addition to simple general statistics, get a lot of detailed information.

All statistics for the competition has its unique address, it can be copied and logged in at another time or year.

Stats SweHockey -
Metal Ligaen
Premier league in Danish ice hockey.
NL- National League
Professional ice hockey league in Switzerland.
Southern Professional Hockey League.
East Coast Hockey League.
Deutsche Eishockey Liga.
Quant Hockey -
Estonian Ice Hockey Association
Russian Hockey
Asia League Ice Hockey.
Kazakhstan Hockey Championship
CapFriendly -
NHL Salary Caps.

NHL Salary Caps.
The NHL has salary ceilings per player and per club.

Here you can find all the information on clubs and players.
How much each club spends on players' salaries and how much money they have left unspent.

The same is true for how much players receive each year.
Player transfers.
A list of newly signed players.
And some other information.

The base has been in operation since 2015.
There is a forum where you can share or ask what.

Russian Ice-Hockey Federation -

The open international hockey league in Eurasia, created in 2008 to host the Gagarin Cup championship (KHL Championship).
Represents the interests of Russian hockey in the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Ukrainian Hockey League.
Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine.
All Hockey
Information site about the KHL, VHL, the MHL, NHL, AHL, CHL, European leagues.

Information site about KHL, VHL, MHL, NHL, AHL, CHL, European leagues. World Championships and Olympics.

Hockey WildIce
Official site of the Kontinental Hockey League championship and the Open Russian hockey.

Continental Hockey League.
Official site of the Continental Hockey League and Open Championship Russia for hockey.
Full information about the matches, the whole Statistics on players and clubs.

Logos of the KHL clubs in the vector

Youth Hockey League, group A
Higher Hockey League
Elite Ice Hockey League.
Elite Prospects -
Future Goals -
National Hockey League - Official Site.

The National Hockey League is the official website.

This is more than just a good site, it's a well-organized group of sites with a single base. Here every club has its own website, which has a subdomain from the main site.

Among other things, the site has a Russian version. Probably because many Russians play with them and we have good hockey players. True Russian and English versions may differ, because the site is updated (page style, design, principle) from the English version. So you can try and Russian and English, which will be more interesting.

The very navigation of the site is quite understandable and familiar.

Google has entered into an agreement with the official NHL website about placing information about matches in the search engine.

Enter the request - for example. NHL or Toronto Maple Leafs - the search engine will show the schedule of the games, the tournament tables, the score in the matches with the mentioned team and other data from the website.

Will be updated in real time. The NHL block will be placed under the search line.

In the Russian version of the search engine block NHL is not yet displayed, but the Russians are available to their own sports block Google. By entering the name of the team in the search engine, you can find out the score in the previous match with her participation and the date of the next match. about NHL in Russian.
Logos of NHL clubs in the vector

NHL Alumni Association -
NHL Officials Association -
Hockey in Belarus
Pointstreak -
Stats Suomen -
Aussie Hockey -
International Ice Hockey Federation.
Heavenly Hockey League
A community of believers who have combined their efforts to develop hockey and help each other on ice and off ice.
Stars from the East
Statistics primarily NHL, which is interesting to the Russians.

Statistics primarily NHL, which is interesting to the Russians.

However, here are presented all sorts of statistics on the NHL in general and not only on the NHL, but as for hockey.

In addition to statistics, there are articles and even videos.

For example: videos of Russian heads in overtime regular season NHL 2016-17.

The site itself is very old. So before all the sites looked.

Why is he tenacious? Because the main thing is content.

The whole world enthusiasts collect a large base.

NHL Uniform Database -
Form of NHL clubs by years.
National Ice Hockey Federation of the Republic of Moldova
Swedish Hockey League.
Global Sports Consulting
Austrian Hockey League.
Hockey Hall of Fame
Stats, standings.

News, table, schedule of games, statistics ... current information, operational update.

Personally, I prefer to look here, conveniently and not overloaded. And not to me alone, this is the most visited sports resource.

On the site you can find the latest information on the main sports, football, hockey, tennis, auto racing, boxing, volleyball, basketball.
Here it is convenient to see how the tournament of a certain sport is held, as one team played, a calendar. That's the composition of the teams will not be able to see.

That is, here is operational, not complete information.

Hockey Archives
Lithuania Hockey League


NHL/WHA Playoffs -
Detailed information on the players.
World of Hockey
Open championship of Belarus in ice hockey
Georgian Ice Hockey League
Hockey on the Kulichki
Norwegian Hockey League.
Hockey Database -
Synerglace Ligue Magnus
Top men's division of the French ice hockey.
Serie A
A Series of ice hockey, Italia.
Hockey Country
Hockey Review
Slovak Tipsport Liga
Czech Extraliga
Drop Your Gloves -
Hockey battles, statistics, reviews.

Discard your gloves - this is the name of the site. Hockey is played with gloves, and when emotions overwhelm, they drop gloves and fight.
Site about hockey fights, statistics, reviews.

The site itself does not look like it looked clumsy sites of affairs 15 ago.
But a very decent and regularly updated database.

Statistics for all hockey leagues, by seasons. Choose a league, season, club, etc.

Latvian Hockey Higher League
European Hockey -
News, tournament tables, leading leagues (NHL, KHL, VHL, MHL, AHL), major international tournaments, hockey players' transitions.

News, tournament tables, leading leagues (NHL, KHL, VHL, MHL, AHL), major international tournaments, hockey players' transitions.

Good informational site about hockey.
You want to know when the season ends, when the playoff begins, who went where this season, when what tournaments.

Information on leagues, clubs of these leagues (game schedule, recaps ...), players.

Children's, youth and amateur hockey of Russia.

Children's, youth and amateur hockey of Russia.
Kyrgyzstan Championship
TV channel Sport
Stats, standings.

The news, the table, the schedule of games, the statistics ... the current information, the operational update.

For some reason, there is no separate statistics on the scored washers, which is inconvenient.

But there is a separate statistics for our

NHL Video -
Video of the best goals of the last matches.

On the official NHL website you can watch videos of the best goals of the last matches.
The clips are in high quality. Mostly try to lay out the successful play of Russian hockey players.

Also periodically posted video interviews of the most successful Russian hockey players of the season in the NHL.

SKA Petersburg matches.

The channel regularly broadcasts matches of the local club SKA, which has many fans, but all have access to the KHL TV channel.

Match! TV

Match! TV allows you to watch games of major international ice hockey tournaments live through the site.
The games may not be on Match! TV's broadcast schedule, but they will be on the website.

If you're late to the start, that's okay, turn on the player first, pause it while watching.

Canadian Hockey League.
Finnish Elite League.
American Hockey League.
Australian Ice Hockey League.
Hockey in Kazakhstan
United States Hockey League.
FlashScore -
Stats, standings.

The score of games in real time, video of the scored goals of some matches.
In real time, the standings, a table of bombers. That is, the team wins on the move and the table indicates the place it will take if it wins. The player scored the year and in the statistics he was immediately added.

The reason for such speed - the site was created for bets. I do not make bets, I just use it.

The best database on the main sports is perfectly organized.
Just go to the site, choose the sport, all current matches will be provided to us. Some allow you to see how goals were scored. There are a lot of leagues, as well as international tournaments.
If we follow a team, especially during the playoffs, we immediately after the result of the game want to know how the situation in the standings changed. With a single click we can see the required table.

Need more information? Please, here are the teams, detailed information on the players. In short, an excellent database, most importantly - updated in real time.

I use the mobile application, it is very convenient.


Sports School Dmitrov
Children's Sports School
Lokomotiv Children's Sports School-2004
Sports School Marino
Sports School Olimpiets
Sports School Penguins
Sports School Constellation
Sports Center
Sports School #9 Pennant
Sports School V. Bobrova
Sports School #85 Blue Bird
Sports School Dynamo them. A.I. Chernysheva
Sports School of the Wings of the Soviets
Sports School Lokomotiv
Sports School Rus
Sports School #10 Orbit
Sports School SKA
St. Petersburg.
Sports School #1 White Bears
Sports School Knight
Sports School Snow leopards
Sports School Meteor
Sports School Knight
Sports School #2 Northern Star
Sports School Spartak
CSKA hockey school
Sports School Atlant
Sports School #7 Hawks
Sports School Sharks


Yandex.Sport NHL
Free broadcast of all NHL games.

Free broadcast of all NHL games.
You can watch the live broadcast, you can watch it later.
And then there is the archive, you can see reviews of the games, individual moments. But without comments.

Games on Saturdays are played during the daytime, we have it 20:00 or 22:00, which makes watching the live broadcast convenient.

Tags allow you to filter the games and archive with a certain team, with Russian players ...
Subscription, notification.

Russian and English languages are offered.

Advertising at the start of the video, then no more often than usual.


Sport online edition
Reports from all significant sporting events, interviews with famous athletes, comments of specialists.
Match! TV
National Sports TV Channel.

National Sports TV Channel

  1. We go to the TV/Broadcast match
  2. get the schedule for today's broadcasts from all the channels of the Match TV,
  3. choose the right match, the channel will be indicated there (Match GAME, Match ARENA ...),
  4. click and get the player, if the game has not started yet, the time will be specified before the broadcast starts,
  5. if your game is on the main channel (just a TV match), I recommend watching SPB TV, there will be HD broadcasting, the picture is spectacular.
There can also be in the text format interviews, news. Which is convenient. If there is a world championship or an olympiad, then all this information may be of interest to us.

If the game is key, most likely it will show First Channel. You can watch it there, the picture will be high resolution via Internet.

Sport Express
The most popular daily sports newspaper.
SportPlus -
Live sports video broadcasts.

Live online video broadcasts of sports matches:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Water polo
  • darts
  • Cricket
  • snooker
Watch your favorite LIVE matches for free.
Unfortunately, only live broadcasting, no archive and not all broadcasting will be available from your country.
Channel One
The channel broadcasts the main international ice hockey tournaments through its website.

The channel broadcasts the main international ice hockey tournaments through its website.
That is, only the key matches will be on Channel One's program.
And through the website, you can watch all the games of the Russian national team.
You can pause the games, watch a replay or watch a match report.

There is an archive, but in my opinion not very handy. It is very inferior to YouTube.
World Championships, World Youth Championships, stages of the Euro Hockey Tour...


Society for International Hockey Research -
Free limited information.

Dead hockey players by months.
The site also has other information on hockey players.

Freely limited information.
Not from every country available.

Stanley Cup winning players -
Triple Gold Club -
Hockey 'triad', the players who won: Gold of the Winter Olympic Games, Gold of the World Cup and the Stanley Cup.
The teams of the World Cup Hockey
List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters -
List of Russian NHL hockey players
List of hockey players who won the Stanley Cup.
Continental Hockey League Awards List
2019 Ice Hockey World Championship
Ice Hockey World Championship 2019 (compositions)
Ice Hockey at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games -
NHL Players -
KHL Players -
List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters -
National ice hockey team rosters -
List of Olympic men's ice hockey players for Russia -
Ice Hockey Archive -
Ice Hockey Database -
Ice Hockey Database -
Stanley Cup winning players -
2019 IIHF World Championship rosters -
List of Canadian national ice hockey team rosters -
List of United States national ice hockey team rosters -
National ice hockey team rosters -
History and compositions of the leaders of Russia and the USSR
List of Olympic men's ice hockey players for Russia -
KHL Stats -


The KHL Players' Trade Union

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