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logo Daily Burn


Daily Burn

A popular service in the west.
The purpose of the site is to stimulate the weight off through physical exercises.
There is a calendar, a graphical graph, photos of progress, their winners.
The service is social, then there is a forum, integration with Twitter And Facebook.

You can create your own training program from an extensive exercise library or choose a ready-made option from 14 categories. Each of them is accompanied by an instruction, a photograph or a video clip, as well as a rating and an indication of the number of users who made it. In addition to the selected lesson program, this section displays a small informer with the current statistics: the amount of calories burned, the kilograms lifted and kilometers covered plus the records of specific exercises (maximum repetitions and mass). You can buy a WiFi- or GSM-scale that In automatic mode will record your weight on the site. There is also special software (gadget for iGoogle and application for iPhone), allowing on the fly to make all necessary data (diet, training, body parameters) on your profile. As a result, the drawbacks of this resource can be considered only the expected absence of the Russian-language interface, as well as the fact that the most advanced functions are available only on a fee basis.

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logo WodCat





Simple service for with training programs. We calculate the required load and get the program.

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Site for fans of running, for experienced and beginners, for amateurs and pros. Here you can find useful articles, news, recommendations on nutrition from specialists, learn about international races and take part, communicate with like-minded people.

logo Workout



Street subculture, combining a unique approach to training, the desire for a diversified development of personality and social activity.

Classes on the street (on sports grounds or any suitable structures) give excellent results in terms of health, strength and beauty of the body without any financial costs, and the variety of exercises with its own weight allows you to pick up the load for any level of preparation.

Physical development is only the first step. The idea is to turn the power found on the street into confidence and use it in a variety of ways.

Team site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, tracks news from the world of the vorouth, publishing the most interesting.

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Free 8 levels of training program.
You can study at home or in the hall.
You can build muscle or exercise.

First, the site will help you choose the program with the appropriate load and schedule of training.

We will have the opportunity to have a diary, posts, photos.
So you can not only do, but also communicate, share.

logo Exercise Lists for Every Muscle Group



Exercise Lists for Every Muscle Group

Have you ever wanted to strengthen a certain muscle but didn't know which exercises to do?
This site lets you click on any muscle and see a list of all exercises that involve that part of a body.

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