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The tactics of playing chess, teaching aids and puzzles.

logo Chesscademy



Free online lessons for those who want to learn how to play chess.

logo Chesspark

Russian - English


The social network is networked chess.
Several game modes.
With the "coach" - rather simple computer.
Playing with a live partner. You choose according to rating, you can play with grandmasters or a teapot.
And you can see how others play online. If you play, then you know who is watching.


  • Blitz - 5 min.
  • Other options: 15 and 30 min.
  • The minimum duration is 1 min.
In the sidebar, all the moves are recorded, which is convenient for analysis, you can take a break and go back to the party or view the record.

Chat, the ability to write someone as a friend, create a community or group. During the game, you can exchange replicas.

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You can play chess or watch the game of others, participate in the tournament, play a simultaneous game.

logo Chessfield



Uses: YouTube.


Matrix of chess game lovers! :)

Now available:

  • news,
  • online game,
  • hall of fame,
  • videos,
  • forum,
  • blogs,
  • tasks.
To leave comments, keep your chess blog, communicate with other participants, and, of course, be the first in the hall of fame, and maybe something else interesting - you need to become a member of the project.

Become a member very simple! We open the registration, enter the email, read the rules carefully, agree, get the letter, go to the cherished link - and now you are already a full participant!

So, the main page, learn the events of the chess world, portal news, play, solve problems. Finding the right solution to develop thinking!

Available chess in real time. You can join an existing game or create your own. Quickly and simply! The list of all participants by the number of points can be found in the Hall of Glory. For the first place the gold cup in the hall and the gold crown in the profile, for the second silver cup and the silver crown. Are you still in the first position? Play, train and everything will turn out! Your thoughts, feelings, words .. everything is here. Blogs can be seen by all users, or only you. Depends on the setting when creating a blog. Comments are welcome! At the forum we discuss the theory and practice of the chess game and all that is connected with it. We collect, watch, evaluate chess video (only with YouTube). Video is not on the chess topic will be deleted. If you are bored, you can chat online with those who are on the site like you are now chatting.

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