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Official sites

  1. - Federation of skiing and snowboarding Russia (FGSSR) - Fresh information about ski shops, exhibitions, tests and competitions.
  2. - Virtual Association of Ski Instructors (Vaga) - Not an official organization, it employs a narrow circle of licensed FGSSR professionals.
    Information about ski schools of the new season, conducted by its specialists;
    information on classes of instructors, polemic notes by Yevgeny Strizhov on the technique of unloading skis and materials of the report by Ludwig Remizov On how to teach different categories of beginner skiers.
  3. - Union instructors skiing and snowboarding - A web site of another well-known instructors' union, 'sputtered' from VAGI. Many of its members go on probation abroad; Snowpro visiting cards are two-week master classes in the 'big mountains': no external studies are recognized here.
    The quality control system functions by the poll, which gives an opportunity to control the work of schools and the level of riding of each graduate.
  4. - First Ski Patrol Russia - Rules of conduct on the slope, including the situation, if an accident occurred and you became his witness.
  5. - Russian Alpine Ski Club - Russian Alpine Ski Club.
  6. - Top sites about skiing



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All about cyclical sports: skiing, biathlon, downhill skiing, running, cycling, roller skating, orienteering, multisport.

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