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  1. - OpenPisteMap - Ski Card from OpenStreetMap.

Official sites

  1. - Federation of skiing and snowboarding Russia (FGSSR) - Fresh information about ski shops, exhibitions, tests and competitions.
  2. - Virtual Association of Ski Instructors (Vaga) - Information about ski schools of the new season, conducted by its specialists.
  3. - Top sites about skiing
  4. - First Ski Patrol Russia - Rules of conduct on the slope, including the situation, if an accident occurred and you became his witness.
  5. - Russian Alpine Ski Club - Russian Alpine Ski Club.
  6. - Union instructors skiing and snowboarding - A web site of another well-known instructors' union, 'sputtered' from VAGI.
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The ski resort is located in the center of the Murmansk region, in the city of Kirovsk in the Khibiny Mountains. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, winter is mostly mild.
Kirovsk City has its own airport. The neighboring city of Apatity has a railway station.

The site has a webcam that broadcasts in real time. So you will know what the weather is at the moment in the Khibiny.

  • Gondola-chair, chair, belt and towing lifts with a capacity of 8,000 people per hour,
  • daily preparation of routes,
  • FIS certified routes,
  • 30 km. wide routes,
  • 15 lighted routes,
  • routes from the “green” to the “black”,
  • season to the middle of May,
  • the highest point of 1060 meters,
  • elevation difference of 600 meters,
  • instructor service,
  • single ski area,
  • 2 modern rentals,
  • ski-service wintersteiger,
  • children's room,
  • mother and child rooms,
  • 2 training slopes,
  • a slope in the city,
  • spacious parking,
  • cozy cafes,
  • picturesque Khibiny,
  • Northern Lights,
  • spring mountain tan.

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All about cyclical sports: skiing, biathlon, downhill skiing, running, cycling, roller skating, orienteering, multisport.

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