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With the help of demo version 2010 exam, you can understand how these tests will look at the actual exam.

With the help of the demo version of the CSE 2010, you can understand how the real tests on the real exam will look - to get an idea of ​​the wording of the tasks and their level of complexity.

Demonstration options are different from the real ones. In addition, there will be more assignments in the exam.

Demonstration variants of the USE 2010 were developed specifically for Yandex in the Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education (MCCME) in accordance with the current requirements of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Portal for small and large, children and adults, schoolchildren and teachers.
Online School.

Educational Internet resource for schoolchildren, teachers and parents.

Yaklass helps the teacher to conduct testing of students' knowledge, assign homework in electronic form. For the student this is the base of electronic workbooks and an endless simulator for the school curriculum. Dynamic ratings of class leaders and schools add learning elements of the game that stimulate both schoolchildren and teachers. The resource is based on the technology of generating a huge number of options for each job Genexis - thus, the problem of cheating is solved once and for all.

Yaklass is an accelerator graduate FREES, the resident of the programs "Skolkovo and Microsoft.

Mathematics, physics, Russian language.
Tests class
Question and answer service for students.

Question and answer service for students.

Not infrequently, on classical sites, questions and answers are asked to solve homework, well, just decide instead of you.
Few people like this and therefore students do not receive help.
And help is needed and adequate, not stupid in writing the answer, but it is not clear to explain.

This question and answer site is entirely dedicated to students.
Questions are structured into school subjects.
So if someone has difficulties with some subject, you can just go over the questions already asked, you can find useful.
Educational portal.

More than 50 thousand schools from all over the country are present on the site, and their number is constantly growing.

School website is easy and free

Creating your school website has never been easier! As on your computer, you create folders (for example, "School Photos", "Schedule", "Teachers", "Articles of teachers") and put the necessary files in them. Done!

Place materials

On the page of your school (as well as on your personal page) you can post any materials for free - photos and videos, documents and timetables, diary entries and official letters ...

Meet, chat, share files

You can get acquainted with the authors of interesting materials, teachers and students of schools of interest to you - and just with good people. A convenient system of communication with the functions of sharing news and files will help you to be aware of all interesting events.
Ready Homework 5-11 class and much more!
Site for those who are interested in school olympiads.

Site for those who are interested in school olympiads.
Regular news, events and calendars, publications and links to Olympiad sites will help keep up to date on current events.
There is an archive of tasks to help prepare for the Olympics.

Russian education
Federal portal.

Federal portal.

Created in 2002, and from the very beginning managed to establish itself as a reliable assistant to schoolchildren and students.

The audience has over a million unique visitors every month. The portal has one of the highest thematic citation indexes among the media in the category “Education” according to the version of Yandex.

Current news, announcements of events, and informational materials are published daily for a wide range of readers: students and their parents, applicants, students and teachers.

Weekly on the portal are placed exclusive materials, interviews with leading experts - teachers, psychologists, scientists, reports and analytical articles.

Our readers get access to the legal framework of the field of education, they can use a variety of useful services, such as online testing, surveys on current topics, etc.

Primary school - for children, parents, teachers.
Website for children on the portal Cyril and Methodius
School portals.

Portal for children, schoolchildren and their parents from Cyril and Methodius.
Virtual country, whose life goes according to its own special laws. Here you can learn and play, entertain and fix the material of the school program. The training section contains entertaining lessons with vivid examples, colorful illustrations. In the entertainment part of many fun contests, colorful and dynamic games, most loved by children. The site is based on the best training and development programs developed by the company "Cyril and Methodius."

As you know, knowledge acquired in the process of active activity, is assimilated much more productive than with simple memorization. For children aged 3-12 years, such activities are primarily a game, which is why the basis of the children's training site is "Elementary School. Lessons of Cyril and Methodius "is the principle - Learning through play and entertainment!

All lessons and games are designed taking into account the psychological characteristics of children of primary school age with the participation of leading teachers, practitioners, methodologists and psychologists.

All sections have an extremely simple navigation, which allows the child to do on his own or with minimal participation of an adult. Games and assignments almost do not contain text and are represented by video images and interactive simulators.

Blog online, parents can keep an eye on the child's academic performance.

Diary online.
Parents will be able to monitor the progress of the child: for his schedule of classes, homework, grades, and communicate online with teachers and school administrators.
Electronic diaries and magazines are much like ordinary, just watching They are now possible from anywhere in the world in which there is Internet. This resource unites in itself a network of general education and specialized schools from different parts of the Russian Federation and the CIS, in which teachers and parents care about the fate of students.


  • advanced testing system for students and their parents;
  • publish a schedule for each class;
  • the ability to specify your own name and class description;
  • publication of information about the school;
  • keeping a student's diary;
  • rating;
  • recording homework;
  • accounting truancy and remarks;
  • SMS-notification of parents;
  • email notification to parents.
The offered services are paid. You can pay for electronic diary services by SMS or in the indicated payment terminals.
Official information portal of the unified state exam.

The official information portal of the Unified State Exam.
The site has well-structured information, useful links, a forum.

  • basic information about the USE
  • rules and procedure for the USE
  • schedule for the USE
  • scaling of the results
  • demonstration materials
  • normative legal documents
  • question-answer

    Black list

    Many want to earn cheating schoolchildren.
    Want to buy materials on the USE? - they will be sold to you.
    Will these materials really be about the USE? - unlikely.
    And maybe there will not be anything.

    By the way, make a request to Yandex "USE" and most of the sites will be from the blacklist.

  • GDZ.RU
    Answers to tasks for schoolchildren.
    Homework perfectly.

    Homework perfectly.

    So that the students do not have the stress of heavy loads, the fear of getting a bad grade, but there was still time for a full sleep, extra classes, sports, communication with peers, you should do your homework with GDZ. Ready hom

    GDZ from Putin Ru
    Ready homework.
    University of Bible Fellowship
    The goal is to spread the gospel among university students all over the world, for this purpose individual Bible studies, group Bible studies, biblical schools and conferences are conducted.

    The goal is to spread the gospel among university students all over the world, for this purpose individual Bible studies, group Bible studies, biblical schools and conferences are conducted. Also, missionary activities, the spread of the Gospel in other cities and countries.

    Statement of Faith

    • We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible and immutable Word of God.
    • We believe in the One God of the Creator, who eternally exists in three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    • We believe in the divine essence of our Lord Jesus Christ, His immaculate conception, His sinless life, His miracles, His redeeming Sacrifice on the cross, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to heaven, where He sits at the right hand of the Father, and His Second Coming in Flesh on earth in power and glory.
    • We believe that the salvation of sinners, their rebirth by the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary.
    • We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in believers and gives them power for a righteous life.
    • We believe in the bodily resurrection of the paired and unpaired: for the believers - for life, for the unbelievers - for condemnation.
    • We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
    • MROECE The "University Bible Fellowship" works closely with the international movement University Bible Fellowship, the University Bible Fellowship (abbreviated UBF), an international Christian evangelical student organization founded in 1961. Currently, the UBF preaches the Gospel in more More than 80 countries around the world, including in the CIS countries.In the territory of Russia, the University Biblical Commonwealth Movement has been operating since 1990.
    Preparing for the exam
    Preparing for the exam, GPE and EPT in all subjects.

    Preparing for the EGE, OGE, VPR and KDR in all subjects with the possibility of passing online.
    More than 100 options and thousands of tasks with solutions.
    Video tutorials.
    There are no real options for the Unified State Examination, either before the exam or at the time of its holding on the site, there have not been and will not be.

    Quizizz -
    Free tests for self-study, assessment and participation - in the classroom and at home.

    Free tests for self-study, assessment and participation - in the classroom and at home.

    Choose from millions of free quizzes created by teachers, or quickly create your own.

    Play the live game together or use the homework mode. Students use any device and progress independently.

    Students have an explosion, we conduct certification, and you see what they know now and where you will take them further.
    Save time using your favorite tools.

    Sign in to Google, share tests with your students and instantly get results in the Google Classroom.

    Plickers -
    Service for polls.

    Service for surveys, in which only the teacher will have a telephone.

    Register with Plickers, create a poll (with options for answers or in the “right-wrong” format) and download it for yourself.

    Preparing for the exam and OGE.
    Preparing for the CDF, USE, OGE
    Options demo.
    Love GDZ
    Reshebnik and workbooks.

    Universal educational portal, created specifically for students of all ages.

    If you are a megabot, decide for yourself! Here you will always find the most up-to-date ready-made homework in all subjects, using which you can complete any task, even the most difficult.
    In order for everyone to easily find the necessary example, we have developed a convenient navigation that allows you to search in a few seconds. It is enough to choose the desired subject and class, to determine the author of the school textbook - this is quite enough to find the answer to the right question.

    The site will be equally useful to both students and their parents, because GDZ collections for grades 1-11 are an excellent source of educational and practical information. Working with ready-made detailed answers you can disassemble the missed topic, quickly prepare for the control, and even for the exam.
    The presented database of reshebnik is constantly updated, because school textbooks also come out regularly. That is why we can safely assert that our site contains the newest textbooks in mathematics, Russian, algebra, geometry, physics, English, chemistry and other subjects.

    For those who need to constantly have the answers at hand, we have provided the opportunity to download GDZ during viewing. This will allow you to be always fully prepared and receive only high points in the classroom.

    Check your homework!

    Someone was born a mathematical genius, but literature and Russian are worse for him - a techie man.

    And someone on the contrary, writes poetry, but to solve a math problem - the greatest difficulty! About these usually say humanities.

    Good for those who have an older brother or sister who will help and prompt. And besides, they will explain how and what to do in order to click on such tasks as nuts in the future. And if there is no one to help? After all, it happens, right? Then Reshebnik is a magic wand, which will prompt the way to solve the problem and help out if you really urgently need to hand over the finished work, and you cannot solve it yourself.

    And yet, before you find and write off a ready-made solution, ask again the question, are you really not able to do this particular task? Or maybe you still try once more to solve it yourself, and use the problem book for self-testing?

    The Federal Institute for Education Measurement.

    Federal Institute of Pedagogical Measurements.
    Open bank of tasks of the Unified State Exam.
    On the site it is possible to study and prepare for the Unified State Examination. But there are no tickets that will be on the exam, but examples for pre

    Brainly -
    Expert Homework Help.

    Homework help site by type of question and answer sites.

    Here you can ask a question or answer questions yourself. And it is always more pleasant to answer, especially when you know something.

    So the site stimulates homework. Who knows - fixes. Who does not know - does not receive an answer, but a step-by-step decision, and it becomes unclear to him before.

    If there was a question on homework, we ask and receive a response from other participants.

    If there was a question on homework, we ask and receive a response from other participants. Questions are structured around school subjects.
    What we know, we share and help. What we do not know is asking.
    We help others more, get more points.
    So everyone here is more interested in answering than asking. So the desire for knowledge grows.

    There are rules on the site that I have not read and will never read, like almost all the participants.
    The rules are probably longer than the military statute.
    Well, in general, the site is very good and megapopular.

    Moe obrazovanie
    Help portal.

    Internet portal for high school students, applicants, students.

    The goal is to find information about the university or college, future profession and specialty for you as convenient and simple as possible.

    Weather Diary.

    A leading weather site in Russia presents a Weather Diary for schoolchildren.
    Just choose a country, city and month.
    I choose City and country did not have to, the site itself defined me.

    Well, we'll get the "Get a diary."

    Then you can print a choice: a color or black and white printer.
    I was given a color gray tone, I prefer simply black, so it is more accurate.
    In the printer settings (I use Google Chrome) I had to remove the headers and put the margins on the Minimum. Only so everything got into the page.

    GDZ to textbooks and workbooks.

    • The textbook helps to solve various types of exercises. The student will be able to check himself and correct mistakes. Independent work on the errors will be executed.
    • Reshebnik helps to avoid mistakes before submitting work. So the workbook during use will not see the remarks with the teacher’s red pen.
    • A problem book as a simulator is a kind of practice. There is an opportunity to test your knowledge of the material. Control or final certification will not be so difficult.
    1. Reshebnik contains the solution of complex tasks. Such numbers are set if the child studies in the lyceum, in the gymnasium, where the basic, in-depth, core level of study of the subject (algebra, biology).
    2. GDZ consists of many parts, but despite this, the child will be able to complete the task that was given to him. He will be able to easily find the desired subject (Russian, mathematics, geometry, physics) from 1 to 11 class and choose the exercise on numbering.
    3. The textbook contains text translations in English and German throughout the school course.
    Federal Testing Center
    Federal state budgetary institution.

    Organizational and technological support of the state final certification.
    Collection of data on the participants of the unified state exam.

    Formation of a distribution plan for examination materials by subjects of the Russian Federation.
    Replication, acquisition and delivery of examination materials to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and Russian educational organizations located outside the territory of the Russian Federation.

    Direction of the results of the unified state exam in the subjects of the Russian Federation
    Processing appeals of participants of the unified state exam.
    The organization of providing connection to a secure data transmission network of regional information processing centers, educational institutions of secondary vocational and higher education.

    EGE, OGE, VPR and the final essay.

    EGE, OGE, WPR and the final essay.

    The site allows you to prepare for the exam and OGE fully independently without tutors and the acquisition of any courses.

    The community publishes information about updates to the site, as well as useful materials.

    Sports schools and clubs.

    Fitness clubs and centers.
    Do you want to go in for sports or give a child to a sports school or find him a good coach? - This is what you need.

    Search by map. I do not know how complete the base is. Perhaps that is not the case in nature. But what's nice, there are a lot of clubs, not only Moscow. Although, it may be someone who needs Moscow. Where else can you find them without leaving your house?

    Convenient and intuitive search.
    Search by subject, on the map or simply by a search query.

    Educational project about the most important works of Russian literature.

    Educational project about the most important works of Russian literature.

    Here are the 108 most important Russian books that have left a mark on history, expanded the possibilities of literature, influenced the development of language, thought and society, reported something new about the world and man - and entered the Russian literary canon.

    These books were selected through surveys of authoritative writers, literary critics, publishers, critics, teachers, who could name any number of the most important, in their opinion, literary works (without discussing the criteria of importance). Each book from the lists of our experts received one point for each mention. The main list of "Shelves" includes 108 works that received a total of 9 or more points. The first place in the voting was taken by the “Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Lermontov. The final list, compiled by a vote, can be seen in the "Books" section by clicking on the sort button "by rating".

    How are the shelves arranged?

    As a sequence of questions and answers. The service tried to answer questions about books that could arise from our readers, and even to those that did not occur to them.

    Lists section

    The history of literature is a history of discoveries: each epoch opens new themes, invents genres, changes language. For each discovery stretches the line of works that use it and develop. In the "Lists" section you will find such discoveries: here are collections of books, united by a common theme, genre, form, or style. The lists are arranged in chronological order, they can be used as tips for additional reading, and you can follow them as Russian literature has developed.
    Materials on school subjects.
    LearningApps -
    Create exercises for self-test students.

    Create exercises for self-test students.

    In addition to the usual questionnaires, a number of useful tools are available to us, for example, to fill in the text with gaps, crosswords ...

    Service quick questions and answers.

    Service quick questions and answers.

    VPR and EGE information- news, options, preparation.
    EGE and OGE
    Exam preparation.
    Control, independent, workers.
    Diary online.

    What to do when you need a schedule of lessons, and it's not at hand?
    The solution to this question is the phone, and the schedule is not so long and complicated that it can not be displayed on its screen, even if the phone is not new ...

    Schoodle's work is very simple: one person, one enters the class schedule on the Schoodle website and everyone gets:

    • Online timetable is available to everyone without any usernames/passwords and registrations
    • Mobile version of the schedule - easy to scan Qr-code and get the schedule in the phone
    • Widget for setting the schedule on your Blog or school site
    • A printed poster of the schedule of its own layout with its favorite heroes or groups or just with its photo
    What is most important in this: everything works absolutely for free, any visitor can create timetables and use.

    The next time you have a question: what is my schedule of lessons - just go to the Schoodle website on your computer or phone, find your school/gymnasium/lyceum and schedule of your class there. And if it's not there yet, enter it yourself - it's done very quickly.

    Online school for pupils of grades 3-11, teachers and parents.

    Online school for pupils of grades 3-11, teachers and parents.

    On online courses and individual lessons with a tutor, students prepare for the exam, OGE, olympiads, study school subjects. Classes are taught by the Moscow State University, MIPT, the Higher School of Economics and other leading universities of the country. For teachers, refresher courses and professional refresher courses are conducted, and for parents - open classes on the upbringing and development of children. The project is part of the "Netology-groups" and is a resident of Skolkovo.

    Triventy -
    Quizzes for the class.

    Quizzes for the class.

    You can use the suggested ones or create your own quiz for a class in three steps.

    1. Write your questions, or set up any quiz from our library. You can mark the quiz as a public quiz and invite others to add questions.
    2. In Class, present your quiz on the big screen - just like a presentation. Your students will see a very short link (for example, '') on the screen. Using this link, they can enter the quiz using any Internet-compatible device.
    3. Start the quiz!
      It's all! After the students have joined, you start the quiz.
    The game is synchronized between the main screen and students' smartphones. Everyone sees the results of the quiz on the big screen and on the smartphone.
    Got questions -
    A site where you can ask a question on the Bible or read answers to already asked questions.

    A site where you can ask a question on the Bible or read the answers to already asked questions.
    Perfect site. At once everything is clear, simple and yet stylish and neat.


    • Good news
    • The most important questions
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Questions about God
    • Questions about Jesus Christ
    • Questions about the Holy Spirit
    • Questions about salvation
    • Questions about the Bible
    • Questions about the Church
    • Questions about the end of the world
    • Questions about angels and demons
    • Questions about humanity
    • Questions about theology
    • Questions about the Christian life
    • Questions about prayer
    • Questions about sin
    • Questions about Heaven and Hell
    • Questions about marriage
    • Questions about relationships
    • Questions about family and raising children
    • Questions about creating
    • Questions about the crop ah and religion
    • Questions about false beliefs
    • Questions about the vital decisions
    • The key biblical issues
    • Other Bible questions
    Sdam GIA
    Educational portal.


    Sports School Atlant
    Sports School Dmitrov
    Children's Sports School
    Lokomotiv Children's Sports School-2004
    Sports School Marino
    Sports School Olimpiets
    Sports School Penguins
    Sports School Constellation
    Sports Center
    Sports School #9 Pennant
    Sports School #7 Hawks
    Sports School V. Bobrova
    Sports School #85 Blue Bird
    Sports School Dynamo them. A.I. Chernysheva
    Sports School Lokomotiv
    Sports School Rus
    Sports School Sharks
    Sports School of the Wings of the Soviets
    Sports School SKA
    St. Petersburg.
    Sports School #10 Orbit
    Sports School Meteor
    Sports School #1 White Bears
    Sports School Knight
    Sports School Snow leopards
    Sports School Knight
    CSKA hockey school
    Sports School #2 Northern Star
    Sports School Spartak

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