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How to use social bookmarks to promote the site?


  • Profiles have been registered on several social bookmarking services
  • Profiles were not exposed anywhere, only I and the bookmarking services knew about them
  • 5 tabs for various AlexPro Blog entries were added to each profile
  • On all services, the headings, descriptions, and bookmark tags were the same.
  • At AlexPro Blog the statistics were set LII and Google Analitycs.
    Experiment tasks:   
  • Find out which social bookmarking service will bring more traffic to the blog.
  • Where exactly (from which pages) will visitors come.
  • How to most effectively use the social bookmarking profiles that have not been scanned anywhere to extract the maximum number of targeted visitors
 List of subjects:   
  1. Social bookmarking service (world)
  3. Social bookmarking service (en)
  5. Social bookmarking service (en)
  7. Social bookmarking service (en)
* Service refused to work with the Russian language, looked like one big technical malfunction (it was hard to register and could not add either One bookmark).  Result of the experiment (in 2 weeks):   
  • - 6 visitors
  • - 6 visitors
  • - 6 visitors
  • - 1 visitor
Total 27 visitors with 8 services social bookmarks 2 weeks.

The traffic does not disappear, it continues to act relatively stably, though in a smaller amount, somewhere 1/3 of the initial (and mainly with 2 services: and

IMHO, quite a good result, at least for a new resource is a good source of target audience, which at least should not be ignored.

Let's look at a few statistics questions …

1) From where exactly, from which pages of the services are the traffic?

Most users go to the site, thanks to tags (tags), by which they find bookmarks (choose a tag in the cloud and the alga). A little less (in different services in different ways) visitors come from the main pages of services and pages of listing (1,2,3), where new bookmarks are announced. Well, and in third place the profiles of other users who copied your bookmark.

2) Why not/little traffic from the most popular international bookmarking services?

Since the audience of these services is huge and new bookmarks are received every minute by huge packets, your bookmarks on the main page of the service and on the first 1-3 pages of the announcement of new bookmarks are delayed by minutes passed … Example the same situation with the search by tags.

Therefore, 2 main sources traffic from the new social bookmarking profiles can be immediately excluded … In similar services, such as and, will bring traffic only to the untwisted profiles of users whose bookmarks are quoted and copied by other users and whose profiles are shining on many sites.

3) Why was there absolutely no traffic from

I suppose that because of the rather small audience users. However, I would not ignore this service at all, because its usability plays very much even in favor of new users and their bookmarks;). In addition, the service is not devoid of originality and its community will clearly grow.

4) Why traffic continues to come only from and

Since these services traffic began to go more with 2 «major» Places (cm. above), but also from my profiles and profiles of other participants, the conclusion is obvious: only these two Russian-language social bookmarks have a real, live community users. Therefore, long-term traffic contains a high-quality target audience.

The source of the largest number of visitors I could not figure out, unfortunately … Because as for evil, 4 bookmark services the results turned out to be the same :). However, traffic went everywhere from different places and, based on this, you can draw certain conclusions … and is best used as persistent traffic sources, to be an active member of the community of users of these services and thereby receive an additional number of target audience on their sites (at the expense of promotion And popularize your profile.) and will be needed primarily for one-time getting visitors from the announcements of new bookmarks on these services. In addition, in there is the possibility of automatically cross-posting your bookmarks in, which is very useful.

As part of our experiment, it remains to clarify only one point …

Key points of bookmarking: correct tags (tags), tenacious title and an intriguing description. It is these 3 parameters that determine whether you get a visitor to your site or not.

As for the tenacious titles and intriguing descriptions, this is from the copywriting area. The network has a lot of interesting information on this issue. Both paid and free. The one that the grandmother, of course, more effective. But there is a good free infa.

It will not be superfluous also to go to Dmitry Borisov. He has on this topic huge bins free information of different authors: both bourgeois and domestic.

Well, and Google to help you! ;) Tear him and clave to exhaustion. Result will not take long to wait, it's stopudovo. Learn how to stamp path-based headlines with descriptions and traffic from social bookmarking to your sites will increase by n-times.

Finally, as far as selecting tags for bookmarks, there are several tricks

The most important rule is to select tags in accordance with the site theme and the specific bookmark. You are dealing with the community, not with the search engine. There's no blunt technology trickery, there are live people on the other side of the screen, yeah. ;)

If many people cope with the first rule, then the other two somehow ignore …

Specify as many tags as possible. Try to cover all the topics that somehow relate to your bookmark. The more correctly selected tags you added to the bookmark, the more visitors it will bring to you.

How to choose the «proper» Tags?

Of course, you need to look at the tag popularity. The bigger and fatter in the cloud, the more popular. Your bookmark must have popular tags. They will bring the greatest flow of visitors.

However, on some fat tags you will not get out. Do not disdain and the small ones that relate to the topic of your bookmark. Add your options, according to which you think your bookmark will be searched by users. In general, your bookmark should have at least 10-15 tags.

In addition, before adding tags related to a specific bookmark, add a few tags that cover the site theme that the bookmark is placed on, and then list tags related to the specific «pledged» Page of this site.

Reading and analyzing the above statistics, you can make and your own conclusions, and already from them to formulate rules for themselves. It is not at all necessary that they coincide with my recommendations.

Several times looking at the same figures, you can see new ways and methods of solving the problem. Dare;) It will be very interesting to read the opinions of other bloggers on this issue …

P.S. All developers of the above social bookmarking services have a large Respect and uvazhuha. Special thanks to Ilya for the idea behind the experiment;) And of course, thanks to my parents for what they gave to the world Me :))) Everything.

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