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number 1 Before talking about what is search engine optimization, let's talk about what it is not.

Why do people believe in free promotion? For most, the Internet is an incomprehensible structure, an inexplicable process. And all incomprehensible and inexplicable people tend to attribute miraculous properties. And these very properties should appear as if from nowhere, by themselves and on a freebie.

Some people believe that by making a number of "tricks", that is, by writing special keywords in the meta tags, repeating in H1, in alt, in text, etc., they will be at the top places in Yandex. The question arises, but why do others pay a lot of money for the first places in Yandex? If everything was so simple, why did not others take advantage of it? And if you took advantage, then you already have no chance of being the first because you are no longer first.

  • Optimize will raise your site regardless of its content - nonsense. Think about the dot-com crash.

  • "A place in the top 10 search engines. Guaranteed!" - no one will give such a guarantee, except the search engines themselves who sell these sites.

  • "Registration for 30,000 search engines" - firstly, there are not so many search engines, it's probably about registering through special programs that register on hundreds of bulletin boards and small directories, it's probably a few hundred, A maximum of a couple of thousands, half of which will refuse, some will require the placement of a link to them - these are small and unvisited directories that tend to raise attendance through the exchange of links.

  • A high price will not make good optimization. Optimize and there is optimization, pay for it $1000 or 100 rub .. There are shops with the same goods, only one on a simple street, and others in the center, richly and stylishly decorated. The goods are the same, but the prices are different. If someone wants to spend money, there will always be an opportunity to do it.

  • A friend of mine asked me to throw him to the site with a bunch of popular words to raise attendance, I added a list of the most requested words, in another place saw the list and added it. Six months later, his site was both unvisited, so he stayed.
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