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Content of the site

Meet on clothes, see off in the mind.
Site is visited due to design, remain due to content.
Not exactly, but it's not far from the truth.

I myself am a designer and I love the stylish design, originality and ... But nevertheless, I prefer sites with plain design, but good content to sites with good design, but without content.

Design - label, wrapper. But the main thing that we need is content.
You hardly come to us to enjoy our design. He may like you, maybe you are even enthusiastic about him, and maybe and did not pay attention to him at all. You need to learn something new and practical about website promotion, do not you.

What do you want to offer the visitor something he will not find elsewhere?

For example, on our website some people linger less than 30 seconds, and some more hours The first were mistaken and immediately went away, perhaps they quickly found what was needed, but rather the first. That is, the visitor to the visitor is different. It's not enough to attract a visitor to the site, you have to hold it.

Visit several sites and be sure to stumble upon ones that you will not visit again. Would you guarantee to promote such sites? If people and will get to such sites, they will also soon leave.

For example, I made a simple website, only 1 page (the catalog of all sites of Christians in the Murmansk region, I do not remember registering anywhere.) And in 2 months, if you typed a "Murmansk website" on Google, then this site was on the first place Just this site was with new content and was in demand, but you will not see the web studios website at the top because the web studios of thousands and first places have long been occupied.

My principle of creating sites is if I need something, but I can not find it. In other words, do what is not, that's and will be the first.

So, number 1 is content. No content, meaningless and USEFUL optimize.

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