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Offline methods

Best advertising is free.
So the leading expert, the president of the guild of British journalists Arnold Hudson, taught.

For him it was a surprise to see that the free posts are empty, the windows are not decorated, but rather carefully closed. But advertising in the media, on billboards, etc. is given. But we first exhaust all that does not cost us anything.

I made sites and wondered when those I did to did not mention my URL anywhere, waiting for a massive visitor.

What should we not forget?

  1. Business Cards - almost 100% of those to whom you give your business card, will visit your site (well, if it is listed there).
  2. Advertising in the media - when you submit advertising in the media, on billboards (if you submit), do not forget to specify the address.
  3. Add your URL to the document header, to the company envelope ...
  4. Signature to mail messages.
For example, in USA arriving in Charlotte, you are given a colorful mini-picture with a photograph of the city and the inscription "the only address you need to know" and the official URL Site of the city, and there all the detailed information.
That is, a person sees your advertisement, business card, receives a letter and at the same time receives some limited information about you. It is through such means that you can give only limited information. Site allows you to make the information as detailed as possible, intuitive and convenient for finding the desired section.

Only a small number of visitors come through the search engines (mainly through Yandex).
I could register on a rating site, go to another search engine (where I did not register), give a request and receive my link from the rating site.

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