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1&1 Website Checker -
The servise analyzes your website to see how well equipped it is for online success, and gives you tips on how you can improve it.

The servise analyzes your website to see how well equipped it is for online success, and gives you tips on how you can improve it. You can implement many of these tips immediately yourself, and 1&1 offers additional products to help you take advantage of the full range of advice.

Webcammictest -
Check the webcam or microphone
Check webcam
Check microphone
GTMetrics -
We test the site for performance. We'll have to wait until the process passes. The result can be downloaded in PDF format.
Checking the driver's license and traffic fines.

The official website of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate allows not only checking the debt, but also the rights and the vehicle (useful when buying).

  1. Check for unpaid fines based on vehicle data
  2. Checking the driver's license
  3. Vehicle check (suddenly wanted)
Paper Rater -
This site checks an essay that you paste in for plagiarism, grammar, sentence structure, and more. It also assigns a grade.

This site checks an essay that you paste in for plagiarism, grammar, sentence structure, and more. It also assigns a grade.

CA App Synthetic Monitor -
Determines the download speed of your site in different parts of the world.
ЮMoney, online payment of traffic fines
Payment of traffic fines online.

Payment of fines.
Yandex offers instantly, without a queue and at any time convenient to you to pay a fine for violation of traffic rules.
You do not need to notify GIBDD about the payment of a fine: the information on the payment is instantly transferred by the LEADER system to the Unified Information Technology Base GIBDD The GUVD Moscow.

With a Visa or Mastercard, from a purse in ЮMoney, in cash.
Commission: 1%, but not less than 30 rubles. Attention: the service is available to citizens who received driving licenses in Moscow, and only if the decision to impose a fine is also written in Moscow.

How to do this?

Gently fill out all the fields of the form shown on the

All data, including the alphabetic part of the number of the resolution and driving license, must be entered in the Russian (Cyrillic) keyboard layout.

Please note: in case of incorrect entry Of the data, the return of an erroneously credited payment can take 2 to 3 months.

Hotline "International Money Transfers LEADER": +7 (495) 777 8585

Fines of the traffic police via SMS

  1. Subscribe to SMS notifications of incoming fines;

  2. We learn about the SMS penalty from the number 1960 with the offer to pay (if you decide to pay within the first 20 days, an automatic discount of 50% is taken into account);

  3. We answer with a 4-digit code - everything is paid, we pay more attention.
You can manage SMS notifications in purse settings: the same SMS can be configured with a reminder to pay loan or housing and utility services.
ЮMoney, the traffic police fines
Checking the driver's license and traffic fines.

Checking the debts and paying fines traffic police online.
And ... what's important - checking the debt (after payment wait a day).
That is, we learn about the penalty, pay and make sure that the money reached the addressee and We do not have debt

Check Usernames -
Availability behalf of the social networks.

Availability of the name in social networks.
Surely you have encountered when a certain site has accounts in Facebook, VK, Twitter, YouTube, Instagramm, Pinterest, etc.
But there is a different login everywhere, so it's hard to know whether the official account is or not.
Other sites have the same login for everything.

This service allows you to check for the use of a particular login.
Actually, I recommend doing this before buying a domain name. Then it will be very beautiful.
One more detail, say you can check the name and it will be everywhere freely. You run to register the domain, but it turns out that for example on Twitter this name is not occupied, but it is inadmissible. So first we register everywhere and if passed successfully, we register.

WriteCheck -
Spellcheck and plagiarism.

Checking the grammar and plagiarism.

Audiocheck -
Checking headphones, speakers, etc.

One of the few websites that allow you to test your headphones, earphones and more. I have tested my earphones with this site and the results were great. But don’t forget to turn your volume at a low level.


Google Webmasters -
Google Pagespeed Insights -
They check the performance of your website.


Nibbler -
Test any website.


Quick Sprout -
A thorough analysis of the website.
Mailtrack -
Tracking the opening of letters.


Broken Links -
Search for broken links, redirects, etc.


Quizful -
The project is on-line testing specialists in the field of information technology.


Hubsport Marketing Grader -
Evaluation from the point of view of marketing.

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