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Site design

Meet on clothes, see off in the mind.
Site is visited due to design, remain due to content.
Not exactly, but it's not far from the truth.

For example, I do not even watch some sites because of a terrible, uncomfortable design, I immediately leave. Not all sites with bad design I ignore, but if something is very uncomfortable, especially if there has been some failure, I'm just sorry to waste time where I hardly find anything useful.
Understand that this attitude is not the result of a well-considered decision. It's at the subconscious level. Just looking back, I see myself behaving like this.

Order a website design in a decent web studios. It is not necessary to order the whole site, one design will be cheaper.
Meet on clothes, if clumsy design, and attitude, as a slovenly teenager, you are seriously not perceived and will not want to deal with.
For example, I met web studios and hosting companies, with a template design.

If the design is consistent, stylish, then the ratio will be appropriate.

So, you have decided on the name and logo, if not, decide.

Download speed

It should not be overloaded with graphics

That is, the site must be loaded quickly. If you have a very colorful site, each page will be like a work of art, no one will wait until it loads. For this, the graph must be correctly processed (the optimal combination of weight and quality).

No more than 3 colors

Design should not be slippery, but stylish. There is a rule - we use a maximum of 3 colors, halftones can be any number. Sometimes I like to walk away from the rules and make a website with all the colors of the rainbow. But it should be to the place, for example so I did sites to orphanages, a magician.

- a great site with a seasoned style, everything in its place ...

And visit the site
- a typical example of teenage design, all kinds of formatting are used. It seems that everyone wanted to single out everything at once. One is blue, the other is green, the third is bold. As a result - porridge, that is, nothing is allocated, but only a terrible design, lack of taste and style. And this is the best option from what you can meet.

example of bad taste Visibility

  1. Design can help you navigate to the site,
  2. interfere with the orientation,
  3. Or no.
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