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Fakena -
A single profile.

This site is simpler, will fit when you do not care which legend to choose.

Click and get the name, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number, unique username and password.
And even a temporary email, it will be a link, click and we are in our mailbox.

We used it for a site that requires such detailed information, and then throw it away without leaving any marks on the network.

Online signature generator
Create a signature online for free.

Create a signature online for free. We enter last name, first name, middle name (optional).
We get the option, or rather several options, choose what you like.

Yandex.Pass -
Registration is required in ..

A leading and unique Russian Internet portal.
In order to effectively use all its advantages, you still need registration.
When registering, you immediately start the mail.

What we get

  • You can easily get a purse in the best payment system runet - ЮMoney (details).
  • Best photo hosting - Yandex.Fotki, stores the original photo, binding to the map and other Yandex services, unlimited space and free of charge (more details).
  • TV program, the poster, transport schedules with the possibility to buy a ticket, linked to your calendar and reminder via email or SMS ...
  • Yandex.Job.
  • Other useful services.
Yandex.Webmaster -
We add a site in Yandex search engine for indexing pages.

We add a site in Yandex search engine for indexing pages, and at the same time add to your account on Yandex.Webmaster, if we confirm the rights. If he already knows the search engine Yandex, we can just add to your account.

Organizations on Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Spravochnik

Registration and search for organizations on the map.
Organizations on the map. Just make a request for "Name of organization" or "Church" and get the desired.

It is very simple, you can choose another one, choose a category and organizations on the map.

  • May set the request to the address,
  • name of the organization,
  • add an organization.
Organizations can add and edit their contact information and other reference information, which is placed in the search results of Yandex, as well as on Yandex.Maps.

Beside the description of the organization's website there is its address and phone number, and additional information - on the company's card in "Yandex.

Now any organization - bank, laundry or ministry - can add or change information about itself completely free of charge with the help of the service Yandex.Webmaster. For this purpose it is enough to register the site, and then:
Advanced information

  • Region of the site
  • Addresses and organizations.
Google My Business -
Organizations on Google Maps.

Google provides the ability to add data to search and display on the map, when asked for your kind of organization in your city.

How to add an organization?

First of all, you need to create an account on Google, if you do not already have it, especially since it will be needed more than once.

We go to the site and add, following simple instructions.
But you need to be ready for this.

You need to know the exact address of the organization, phone, email, working time.

Then on this mail address will come the letter with the code, on the SMS phone with the code on Email the letter with the code. So we can confirm the correctness of these data, without which they will not be added.

Not everyone adds their organization, say I'm a webmaster and I'm asked to add someone's organization. So we do not have access to their mail, we may not know the time of work ...
I must clarify that they need to forward all the codes for confirmation.

And it will take time to receive the code by mail, tell it to the customer, otherwise he will ask every day why the data is not yet available.

Check Usernames -
Availability behalf of the social networks.

Availability of the name in social networks.
Surely you have encountered when a certain site has accounts in Facebook, VK, Twitter, YouTube, Instagramm, Pinterest, etc.
But there is a different login everywhere, so it's hard to know whether the official account is or not.
Other sites have the same login for everything.

This service allows you to check for the use of a particular login.
Actually, I recommend doing this before buying a domain name. Then it will be very beautiful.
One more detail, say you can check the name and it will be everywhere freely. You run to register the domain, but it turns out that for example on Twitter this name is not occupied, but it is inadmissible. So first we register everywhere and if passed successfully, we register.

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