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Online Education

Web programming

  1. - Learn jQuery
  2. - Learn C
  3. - Learn C++
  4. - Learn Go
  5. - Learn HTML&CSS
  6. - Learn JavaScript
  7. - Learn Perl
  8. - Learn PHP
  9. - Learn C#
  10. - Learn Java
  11. - Learn Ruby
  12. - Learn Shell
logo Oppia

reliable site

Owner: Google,


Free open educational site from Google.

The essence of training is in practice. There is not a course of lectures on video, but real assignments from the teacher.

logo Skillbox


Online university, one of the leaders of the Russian online education market.

I looked at this school when Group became a co-owner of this educational platform.

There are courses with job security. They are all paid. But this does not mean that you should not strain.
They will take you to work, but they can calmly say goodbye after the trial period.
The course is good, the teachers are good, it all depends on the student.

Course Directions

  1. Design,
  2. marketing,
  3. programming,
  4. management,
  5. business.

iTunes Android

In Russian
logo Yandex.Praktikum

reliable site

Owner: Яндекс,



School of data analysis, founded by Yandex.


  1. machine learning,
  2. computer vision,
  3. analysis of natural language texts
  4. other areas of modern computer science.
Undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates of Moscow State University, MIPT, HSE, ITMO, St. Petersburg State University, Ural Federal University, Novosibirsk State University and other leading universities enter the ShAD. For two years, students study subjects that are usually not included in university programs, although they are in great demand in science and various industries where high-tech information technologies are already used.

SAD gives a systematic education, combining theoretical studies with practice. Students attend lectures and attend seminars, working together on educational projects, the results of which often lead to scientific publications. Some ShAD students get an internship at Yandex, where they can apply the knowledge they have just received.

All teachers of the ShAD work in the IT industry or are engaged in modern science, regularly encountering current problems in their field. These problems and approaches to their solution are reflected in the curriculum and the content of the lectures. New courses appear all the time in the program, and, on the contrary, some subjects are excluded as outdated.

Graduates of the School work at Yandex and other large IT companies, designing and creating complex high-load services, are actively engaged in science. For example, in 2015, the BAS, together with the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, became a participant in one of the four main experiments of CERN at the Large Hadron Collider - Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment (LHCb). Scientists from MIT, Lausanne Polytechnic School, Oxford University, Imperial College London and many other institutions analyze its results. ShAD is the only project participant that does not specialize in physics. The School is developing new tools and services for processing LHCb data.

In Russian
logo Business incubator

Business incubator

The business incubator is a structural subdivision of the State University - Higher School of Economics, created within the framework of the Innovative Education Program. Its main goal is to help create successful businesses that are founded and developed by the students of the State University-Higher School of Economics.
Business incubators students can learn the most advanced methods of building a new business. They get access to the resources of the Business Incubator, they can take part in numerous entrepreneurial-oriented events, and also become a part of the social network of the Business Incubator.

The business incubator is open to all students, employees and friends of the HSE, who are interested in building businesses With great potential, the success of which will be associated with the Higher School of Economics.

One of the important tasks of the Business Incubator is the creation of a transparent and cost-effective mechanism for involving teachers her Higher School of Economics in the company, based students.

logo PatrickJMT



PatrickJMT offers the absolute best math lessons of any site on the web. He covers everything from basic Algebra and Trigonometry to advanced Calculus, Discrete Math, and Differential Equations, all available as free online videos.

logo Megacampus

English - Russian

phone.:8 800 100-93-43 (Russian Customers toll-free)


The author of the project is the Moscow Financial and Industrial Academy.
Interactive learning, learning in the game, interesting for all participants of the educational process.

How to start

  1. Register and become a part of the educational community,
  2. choose the appropriate role:
    • student - if you want to get an education via Internet in convenient mode and on a personal schedule;
    • author - if you plan to publish your programs on the portal.
    You can always change the role in your account.

Portal Features

  • E-Learning Technologies - you can study at any time and in any city in the world, only a computer with access in Internet.
  • Program Catalog - on the portal you can get secondary, higher or additional education in the most popular areas, improve your qualifications and pass professional retraining. In our catalog there are both paid and free authoring programs.
  • Language versions - training materials and programs can be downloaded to MegaCampus in different languages. Therefore, you can not just get new knowledge, but also improve the knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Testing and certificates - after the program is over, many authors offer users to pass the final testing and get a diploma or a certificate.
  • Program Evaluation - comments and rating system programs help authors improve their teaching materials, and also allows other users to understand whether to sign up for the program.
  • Social Network - on the portal you can communicate with other users via instant messaging, add friends, create groups of interests, upload photos, share comments.
  • Blogs - so you do not have to be distracted by LiveJournal and Twitter, we have developed a system of personal and public blogs.
  • Bookmarks - you can add user profiles, blogs, tutorials, photos and see all updates on the most interesting pages of MegaCampus.
  • Ratings - adding a person to friends, you can see his personal and professional ratings.

In Russian
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