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More than 200 foreign-language dictionaries online.
There are also a number of dictionaries of the Russian language: a dictionary of synonyms, spelling, Dictionary of Dahl, Ushakov, Fasmer ....

Enter the word in the form field and get the result in the required dictionary and the sentences from the others.
There are prompts in the form field.
You can choose the initial letter of the alphabet and the page will offer the entire list of words in the dictionary for the selected letter. You can click and read the interpretation.

Shtamler, Dictionary Russian-Hebrew Russian letters


A large enough dictionary is placed on the page. The dictionary is made for those who do not know the Hebrew alphabet, the Hebrew words are given in the Russian spelling. Accents are big letters.
For example:


Uses: Twitter.


Twitter dictionary in English.

logo Microsoft Translator

Russian - English

Owner: Microsoft,reliable site.

Microsoft Translator

A very decent interpreter from Microsoft.
We enter text or a link, define the language, or leave the autodetection.

During the text translation occurs, you can immediately see and correct your text if you make a mistake.
The proposed translation can be assessed: like - do not like it.

Dozens of translation languages ​​in both directions.

Neuronal translation

Microsoft is working on creating a neural translator that Can translate no worse than a person. By the way, it is stated that today the system for translating voice into text works more correctly than a person.
Microsoft decided to develop this kind of success and is working on an interpreter. They created a site where we can set the translation and see how the standard translator translates and how it's neural.

I tried and can Assert that it translates in different ways and with varying success. Let's see it while the experiment.

iTunes Android Kindlefire

Online Etymology Dictionary


Etymological dictionary online.
The main sources are Wickley's Etymological Dictionary of Modern English, Klein's Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of English, Oxford English Dictionary (second edition), Barnhart's Dictionary of Etymology Holthausen ... There are dozens of dictionaries.


Dictionary, set the search and get the dictionary entry. Rather, the article. The more specific the request, the more specific the issue. In my opinion, not overloaded, everything is basic.

iTunes Android

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