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GetSocial is a store application for all your social networking needs that helps marketers and website owners increase their traffic, and gives an understanding of how social media go their business.




reliable site.

tel.: +7 (800) 555-67-55#225

Free legal advice.

Legal portal on laws for ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation, complex legal issues in simple language.

The goal is to make the interaction of an individual with the state easier and more efficient.

The key function is to inform the population of the country about their capabilities:

  1. Proper and economical payment of taxes;
  2. Benefits, which many do not even know;
  3. Helping people who are in a difficult life situation.

Main sections

Car law.
Military law.
Citizenship and Migration.
Debts and loans.
Housing law.
Benefits and subsidies.
Medical law.
Taxes of individuals.
Consumer rights.
Family Law.
Labor Law.
Criminal law.



reliable site.

Actual and materials relating to doing business in Russia and the CIS countries.

The site is aimed at a novice and small entrepreneur who has a stable average income and a desire to start a business or expand an existing one.

Fresh materials are published daily from a review of fresh business ideas to the intricacies of Russian taxation.

Free online legal advice.

logo Moneymaker Factory



reliable site.

Moneymaker Factory

Business plans, ideas for business, business from scratch, instructions for opening specific types of business from practitioners.

A very useful resource especially for those in the tank.

There are interesting sections, such as franchises or equipment. We specify the scope of our business, for example, Fast Food, then choose Sandwiches, Ice Cream, Popcorn ... and we are offered equipment for this. We ask the price, we look at the dimensions, you can add, that is, pick up a collection of equipment.

Business ideas, business plans ...

Maybe not everything you need, but you will surely find something useful that you can learn from home by sitting at a computer and for free.

logo SmartСмартБизнес



reliable site.


The site for those who want to start a business, but can not decide on the idea.

Here are analytical articles about marketing, management and business psychology.

Sections: business ideas, self-development, sales, internet marketing, loans, taxes ...

And also

  1. Step-by-step instructions for self-registration of IP.
  2. Step-by-step instructions for closing IP with debts and without.
  3. The complete guide to registration Ltd.
  4. Self-liquidation LLC without problems.
  5. What is the difference between IP and LLC, and what is better?
  6. Obtaining a subsidy of 58,800 rubles for starting a business.

logo Cataloxy



reliable site.


Free catalog of organizations in Russia.

Platform for posting information about your business! You are invited to register your company in a catalog, publish products and services, share company news and, if you wish, even create a free website using a simple designer and effortlessly, which will allow you to increase your “presence” on the Internet.

Company Owners

  1. Add your company to the directory.
  2. Create a business card company.
  3. Offer your products and services in Russia.
  4. Attract customers and partners.
  5. Manage your company vacancies.
  6. Publish your company news.


  1. Find out the addresses, phone numbers of stores and other useful information about Russian companies.
  2. Find products at competitive prices.
  3. Sell any goods.
  4. Chat with company representatives.
  5. Find a good job in Russia.
  6. Get feedback from consumers, share opinions.

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