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Professional electronic publication for bookkeepers, chief bookkeepers and financial directors of Russian enterprises, auditors, small business representatives, lawyers specializing in tax legislation.

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phone.:8 800 500-50-80 (Russian Customers toll-free)


Services for accounting and business.

  1. Reporting Accounting, salary and personnel.
  2. Electronic signature.
  3. Counterparty check.
  4. Electronic document flow Trade, online cash registers.
  5. Bidding and purchasing.
  6. Doing business.
  7. Work with GIS Training.
  8. Contour. Extern - Internet reporting system in the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund, the Federal State Statistics Service, the Federal Service for Military Development and the RPNR
  9. Ready-made solution for switching to an online cash desk.
  10. Contour.Click - online store for a couple of clicks, independently, quickly.

In Russian
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Business magazine.

High-quality, interesting and popular web resource for start-up entrepreneurs, active and developing people. Every day thousands of readers come to the pages of the magazine, wishing to start their own business and succeed in it.

The goal is to promote entrepreneurship as an alternative to employment, informational assistance to beginners in opening and developing their own small business.

Business, entrepreneurship, investment and earnings on the Internet - these topics are gaining popularity year after year, but sometimes it’s not so easy to figure them out.

How to open a business with minimal investment?
What business idea to choose to start a project?
Where to find successful business practitioners to learn from their knowledge and experience?
How to promote your business and increase sales?
How to create your website and successfully develop it?
How to make money online?
How to quickly make money to a newbie without knowledge and experience?
How to officially register a business?
Where to invest money to work?
Our team is working every day to improve the project, its audience is constantly growing, and hundreds of thousands of people every month find answers to questions on the organization of their business and the launch of profitable start-ups.

The project is regularly updated with live interviews of current entrepreneurs and business experts.

Directory of organizations in Russia and the CIS




Modern and functional directory of organizations located in Russia and the CIS. It was created to provide maximum convenience for users when searching for contact information about any commercial or non-commercial institution.

Any visitor to the site can add a review about a particular company, as well as offer a video or photo directly related to it.

If you are a business owner and your company is not in this directory, you can apply for inclusion of your organization in our information catalog and we will be happy to execute it.



Free legal advice.

Legal portal on laws for ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation, complex legal issues in simple language.

The goal is to make the interaction of an individual with the state easier and more efficient.

The key function is to inform the population of the country about their capabilities:

  1. Proper and economical payment of taxes;
  2. Benefits, which many do not even know;
  3. Helping people who are in a difficult life situation.

Main sections

Car law.
Military law.
Citizenship and Migration.
Debts and loans.
Housing law.
Benefits and subsidies.
Medical law.
Taxes of individuals.
Consumer rights.
Family Law.
Labor Law.
Criminal law.



reliable site.

Actual and materials relating to doing business in Russia and the CIS countries.

The site is aimed at a novice and small entrepreneur who has a stable average income and a desire to start a business or expand an existing one.

Fresh materials are published daily from a review of fresh business ideas to the intricacies of Russian taxation.

Free online legal advice.

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