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logo Yelp, Inc.


Yelp, Inc.

Socially-networked collective reviews of everything in the world. But mostly all the institutions of North America.

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Bis GiD

Materials on the activities at any stage of business.

The organization of any new business can be compared with a campaign for treasure in uncharted spaces.
On this difficult path of the entrepreneur, especially a beginner, lies in wait for many dangers.
In addition, it is very easy to go astray.
But as a result, you can receive not only substantial material remuneration, but also moral satisfaction.

Start a business - information that is absolutely necessary for any new entrepreneur.

Business ideas - ideas, both for starting a new business, and for developing and diversifying an already running business.

Business Management - materials for newcomers and experienced entrepreneurs.

Ready-made business - an announcement of a business for sale, or place an ad for the sale of a business.

Documents - it's not easy to keep track of the release of new contracts and other documents, on amending current legislation.

logo Business idea



Business idea

The best business ideas - all ideas that most start-up entrepreneurs are interested in can be found on the pages of our site.

The site is aimed at visitors who are interested in ideas for small and medium businesses.

Experience shows that the majority of business projects in Russia, and indeed in the entire post-Soviet space, are business projects that “migrated” from the West.
Full imitation of the Americans in Russia will not bring much success - we are not the people, the mentality is not that, the legislation is not that, the ways of implementing the idea are not the same.
But there are many times more golden hands and bright heads in our country.
Therefore, the site offers not only the very idea of ​​business, but also suggests how to implement it in Russia: what difficulties you may encounter, how to solve them, what you need to know to implement the chosen strategy and many more useful trifles.

logo BuhOnline




Professional electronic publication for bookkeepers, chief bookkeepers and financial directors of Russian enterprises, auditors, small business representatives, lawyers specializing in tax legislation.




Many ideas or projects that can be successfully implemented in life and in a short time to get a positive financial result.

Small business starts with an idea.
But the idea may not always give the expected financial result, and therefore when introducing the selected project into reality, a plan or methodology should be developed.

If there are no business ideas yet, but you really want to try something, you can use ready-made ideas.

Business offers - Tenders



Commercial offers and business announcements from all Russia and foreign countries, free accommodation online. Supply and demand of products and services, search for business partners, customers and suppliers in all sectors of the economy.

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