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Psychologies -
A project about psychology, entertaining tests.

A project about psychology, entertaining tests.

An international media brand that combines a magazine, a website, and mobile applications Psychologies tests.

Choose a psychologist, take one of hundreds of fascinating tests, express your opinion and discuss what worries you on the forum.
Monthly audience - 5 million unique users.
Facebook group - more than 600,000 participants.

Quizful -
Online testing the knowledge of IT-specialists and assistance in obtaining knowledge.

Online testing of the level of knowledge of IT professionals and assistance in obtaining knowledge.

  • more than 140 tests
    1. programming (C++, Java, C #, 1C, PHP, Python, Ruby)
    2. on administration (Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOS)
    3. On databases (SQL, Oracle, MS SQL, MySql)
    4. on web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, jQuery)
    5. project management (extreme programming, Scrum)
    If you are preparing To interview, test yourself and fill in the blanks.
    After passing the tests, you can view the correct answers with explanations.

    EF Education First -
    Official certificate EF SET for 50 minutes.

    The official EF SET certificate is free for 50 minutes.
    There is a quick check, in 15 minutes, without a certificate.

    Nowadays, many learn English themselves, a little textbook, a little practice ...
    Also it would be desirable to know the level, and if it high enough, it would be desirable to have what-string a certificate.

    At the end of the test, you will also receive recommendations for improving the level of knowledge of English.

    GTMetrics -
    We test the site for performance. We'll have to wait until the process passes. The result can be downloaded in PDF format.

    ';-- -
    Pwned Passwords — test passwords for reliability.

    Pwned Passwords is a test of passwords for reliability.

    Troy Hunt from Microsoft has created a database of 306 million passwords that are guaranteed to be hacked. The database is based on existing and valid lists, like here and from those already abducted by hackers. So your password can be very complex, but it's known to hackers.

    On its site, you can test your passwords.
    We enter our password and find out the degree of its reliability or unreliability.

    Cambridge English
    Test to determine the level of English.

    Checking English is not an exam.
    A simple free online test that will determine the most suitable Cambridge English exam for you.

    Choose an adult test or test for students.
    The test consists of 25 questions with answer options.
    There is no time limit.

    Passwordmeter -
    Password test.

    The site is testing the password for the complexity.

    Just enter the password (if you uncheck c Hide:, the password we offer will be visible) and in the mode Real time we see the rating scale of the reliability of the proposed password.

    Password manager -
    Check passwords.

    Check passwords.
    Here you can see which passwords are stored in your Google account, as well as change or delete them.

    You do not need to enter anything. You are already in your Google Account, if you use it.
    Just go to this site and it provides you with a list of where you are registered, and you yourself decide where you are really registered and where not.

    Maybe it’s time for you to change your password.

    Audiocheck -
    Checking headphones, speakers, etc.

    One of the few websites that allow you to test your headphones, earphones and more. I have tested my earphones with this site and the results were great. But don’t forget to turn your volume at a low level.

    TestYourVocab -
    A 3-level vocabulary test of your vocabulary.

    Part of an independent U.S.-Brazilian research project to measure vocabulary size by age and education and, in particular, to compare mother tongue learning with classroom language learning.

    It functions with a quick three-part test:

    • a few words to determine the overall vocabulary level,
    • more words to determine the vocabulary level with greater accuracy,
    • a final (optional) survey to gather statistical information.
    The site provides It can calculate the dictionary size from less than 100 words to more than 40,000 words.

    Webcammictest -
    Check the webcam or microphone

    Check webcam

    How Secure Is My Password? -
    Password test.

    Very simple site, nothing superfluous, just a form for the password. Introducing and immediately, without reloading the site writes:

    1. One of the 500 most common passwords, It would be cracked almost instantly - One of the 500 most common passwords, it can be hacked almost instantly.
    2. Or the time it takes to crack your password, it can be seconds or years.

    Kolor -
    Game guess the color.

    The game guess the color.
    It starts with 4 colors, which are very different, but the colors are getting bigger and closer in tone.
    The time counter also works.
    You must quickly guess the tone of color.


    IQ-test in Russian.
    The IQ of intelligent people of the planet are given, and statistics are given on average what level of IQ in people of the planet in% and you can determine where we are.
    I do not think that you can seriously take this kind of Tests.
    However, try, not easy. It is not exact, but something will show.

    Tutoring online, tests online with answers.

    Teachers, tests, facts, educational institutions, a list of educational materials, universities, as well as a tender for finding a tutor.

    Tests, catalog of tutors, online coach, Russian universities and interesting facts.

    The project is designed so that pupils and students can find a tutor, test their knowledge with the help of interesting tests and read useful articles at their leisure.

    If you are an online tutor or a coach, you can leave a free advertisement about your services here and find a student to whom you will pass on your knowledge and experience.

    Platform for creating and conducting online webinars, video courses, tests and polls.

    Platform for creating and conducting online webinars, video courses, tests and polls.


    Quizful -
    The project is on-line testing specialists in the field of information technology.

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