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logo Puzzle English



Puzzle English

English language tests.

Tests for knowledge of English.

Learn your level in English for each skill: reading, writing, listening, grammar.
12 minutes.

Vocabulary Vowel Test

Find out the approximate size of your passive vocabulary in English.
8 minutes.

logo Cambridge English



reliable site.

Cambridge English

Checking English is not an exam.
A simple free online test that will determine the most suitable Cambridge English exam for you.

Choose an adult test or test for students.
The test consists of 25 questions with answer options.
There is no time limit.

Russian - English

reliable site.

EF Education First

The official EF SET certificate is free for 50 minutes.
There is a quick check, in 15 minutes, without a certificate.

Nowadays, many learn English themselves, a little textbook, a little practice ...
Also it would be desirable to know the level, and if it high enough, it would be desirable to have what-string a certificate.

At the end of the test, you will also receive recommendations for improving the level of knowledge of English.


reliable site.


Pwned Passwords is a test of passwords for reliability.

Troy Hunt from Microsoft has created a database of 306 million passwords that are guaranteed to be hacked. The database is based on existing and valid lists, like here and from those already abducted by hackers. So your password can be very complex, but it's known to hackers.

On its site, you can test your passwords.
We enter our password and find out the degree of its reliability or unreliability.



One of the few websites that allow you to test your headphones, earphones and more. I have tested my earphones with this site and the results were great. But don’t forget to turn your volume at a low level.

logo Goldphone



The main idea of ​​the site is to show the analysis of phones to the cog.
Besides this, crash tests, experiments ... are shorter than survival tests, in order to reveal the limits of the phone's capabilities.

It's not quite clear what for? Maybe for those who want to disassemble the phone to replace something themselves. Or say, I bought the flagship Sony Z3. In fact, the glass was very fragile and knowing this, I would never have bought it.
So if you are planning to buy something, look at how reliable this tube is and if you can change your mind or vice versa, be sure.

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