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St. Mary's College of Minnesota -
University of Houston -
Humboldt State University -
Columbia University -
Ateneo de Manila University -
Reed College -
University of Art and Design Helsinki -
Northeastern Louisiana University -
University of Bergen -
Grace College -
National Taichung Institute of Commerce -
University of Insbruck -
Ehime University -
Ferris State University -
Northern Territory University -
University of Illinois, Chicago -
University of Aston -
Graduate Institute of International Studies -
Mississippi College -
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore -
Temple University -
Heriot-Watt University -
Santa Rosa Junior College -
University of Idaho -
Georgia Institute of Technology -
Hobart and William Smith Colleges -
McGill University -
National University -
Sapporo Medical University -
University of Oslo -
Yeshiva University, Albert Einstein College of Medicine -
Medical College of Wisconsin -
University of Iowa -
Vesalius College -
Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Kochi University -
University of Tromsø -
Arizona State University -
Technikum Vorarlberg -
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo -
College of Charleston -
Masaryk University -
California State University -
Albert Szentgyorgyi Medical University -
National University of Singapore -
California Institute of Technology -
Reitaku University -
Christopher Newport University -
Calvin College -
University of Kentucky -
University of Limerick -
Willamette University -
Cambridge University Press -
The full collection of Cambridge University Press magazines includes more than 350 journals on various fields of knowledge.

The full collection of Cambridge University Press magazines includes more than 350 journals on various fields of knowledge.
Magazines are combined into thematic collections: Science, Technology, Medicine and Humanities & Social Science, etc.

Cambridge University Press journals are authoritative scientific publications, about two-thirds of them are included in Journal Citation Reports.

Top Universities -
Online training courses in addition to continuing education programmes.

First of all, for information purposes, this is a useful online resource, but one of the main reasons it's a uesful resource is that most universities now offer online learning courses in addition to the on-campus lifelong learning programs.

Williams College -
Université de Liège -
Auburn University -
University of Montreal -
New York University -
University of Auckland -
Victoria University of Wellington -
Camosun College -
State University of New York, Buffalo -
University of Ulster -
Winthrop University -
Iowa State University -
Oakland University -
Griffith University -
Uludag -
Canadore College -
Idaho State University -
University of Canberra -
State University of New York at Geneseo -
Oberlin College -
University of South Carolina -
University of Wisconsin, Madison -
University of the Basque Country -
University of Manitoba -
Dixie State University -
ELTE University -
University of Miskolc, Hungary -
Swansea University -
University of Massachusetts, Amherst -
University of Canterbury -
Scarborough College -
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth -
Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology -
Swarthmore College -
University of Massachusetts -
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm -
Smith Chapel Bible University -
Southwestern College -
Matej Bel University -
Sacramento City College -
University of Maryland, Baltimore County -
De La Salle University -
Linkoping University -
Maria Curie-Sklodowska University -
Western Kentucky University -
Augsburg College -
University of Kansas -
University of Maryland (system-wide page) -
Washington & Lee University -
Georgia State University -
Koç Üniversitesi -
University of Michigan, Dearborn -
University of Wolverhampton -
Meiji University -
Swinburne University of Technology -
Towson State University -
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey -
De Montfort University -
University of Michigan (system-wide) -
Göteborg University -
İstanbul Technical University -
University of Sydney -
University of Minho -
Cornell University -
University of Wales College of Cardiff -
Cornell College -
University of Memphis -
Lodz Technical University -
Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis -
California State University, Hayward -
Syracuse University -
University of Missouri, Kansas City -
Imperial College of Science and Technology -
Emory University -
Catholic University of Nijmegen -
Sonoma State University -
University of Massachusetts, Lowell -
Georgetown University -
Soka University -
University of Minnesota -
Catholic University of Leuven -
MIT OpenCourseWare -
Free lectures online.

Mail with encryption.
This is the official website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
On the site you can find lectures. There may be lectures 10 years ago, but still relevant.

True for such an education no one will give a diploma, because the site will help, to someone who wants to really learn something, to learn.

Kumamoto National College of Technology -
Old Dominion University -
Umeå University -
University of Virginia -
Carleton University -
Carleton College -
University of New Brunswick -
Princeton University -
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill -
Polytechnic University of New York -
University of North Carolina, Asheville -
Carroll College -
University of North Carolina, Charlotte -
Ohio University -
University of North Carolina, Greensboro -
University information system RUSSIA (UIS RUSSIA)
Free access to the databases of the MIS RUSSIA, registration is required.

Free access to the databases of the MIS RUSSIA, registration is required.
You can register individually, or collectively by IP.

Individual full access is provided to teachers, staff, graduate students and students of universities, universities, colleges, research institutes, research centers, specialists of state organizations of the Russian Federation.

Access without registration with restrictions.

University of Konstanz
Case Western Reserve University -
Gdansk Medical Academy -
Kurume Institute of Technology -
University of New England -
Peking University -
University of North Florida -
University of Nevada, Reno -
Catalog of private companies and state institutions in the field of education of the city of Moscow.
Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business -
Memorial University of Newfoundland -
Santa Clara University -
California State University, San Marcos -
Gustavus Adolphus College -
Southern Cross University -
Cal Poly Pomona -
Kwangwoon University -
University of Southampton -
University of New Hampshire, Durham -
The Catholic University of America -
Kyoto University -
Okanagan University College -
Southern Connecticut State University -
Universität Bamberg -
Gettysburg College -
Kyushu Sangyo University -
Gdansk Technical University -
Texas A&M University -
University of Bayreuth -
École Normale Supérieure -
Kyushu Institute of Technology -
University of Bielefeld -
École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées -
Attila Jozsef University -
Kalamazoo College -
Middle East Technical University -
Dortmund University -
Cranfield University -
Universität Göttingen -
Oklahoma State University -
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology -
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt -
Fisk University -
George Washington University -
Wroclaw Technical University -
San Diego State University -
Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg -
Florida Institute of Technology -
University of Hamburg -
James Cook University -
University of Miami -
Rice University -
University of Hannover -
Saga University -
Hacettepe University -
Miami University, Ohio -
Universität, Hohenheim -
École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne -
Thomas Jefferson University -
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena -
University of Cologne (Kön) -
University of Trondheim -
University of Leipzig -
Middlebury College -
University of Ljubljana -
Florida International University -
Nagoya University -
Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz -
Cedarville College -
University of Mannheim -
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University -
Jagiellonian Univeristy -
University of Mississippi -
Ole Miss
Trinity College -
University of Maribor -
Binghamton University -
Hamline University -
Trinity University -
Ludwig Maximilians Universität, München -
Hampshire College -
Saint Petersburg University.

Saint Petersburg University.

Westfälische Wilhelms Universität, Münster -
Rochester Institute of Technology -
Universität-GH Paderborn -
Hannover College -
Universität Passau -
Creighton University -
Hanyang University -
Johns Hopkins University -
Universität Rostock -
University of Birmingham -
Universität des Saarlandes -
Dongguk University -
University of Salzburg -
University of Hartford -
University of Stuttgart -
Harvard University -
University of Tübingen -
Colorado School of Mines -
University of Ulm -
Flinders University -
Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Würzburg -
Cerritos College -
University of Northern Iowa -
École Supérieure D'Ingénieur en Électronique et Électrotechnique -
University of Hawaii College of Engineering -
Johannes Kepler University of Linz -
McMaster University -
Royal Military College of Canada -
Universität der Bundeswehr München -
University of Southwestern Louisiana -
University of Dublin - Trinity College -
University of Campinas -
College of Eastern Utah -
James Madison University -
University of Louisville -
The College of New Jersey -
University of Cantabria -
University of Borås -
Nanzan University -
Texas Christian University -
Chandler-Gilbert Community College -
Tsinghua University -
University of Alaska (system-wide) -
Chalmers University of Technology -
Colgate University -
University of Rochester -
University of Tsukuba -
University of Genève -
Universiti Sains Malaysia -
University of Joensuu -
The Rockefeller University -
University of New Haven -
Université de de Lausanne -
State University of New York, Albany -
Wesleyan University -
Texas Tech University -
University of Melbourne -
College of William and Mary -
Gunma University -
Technische Universität Berlin -
University of Milano -
St. John's University, College of St. Benedict -
Loyola College -
Technische Universität Chemnitz-Zwickau -
Union College -
Technische Universität Dresden -
Worcester Polytechnic Institute -
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay -
Louisiana State University -
Technische Universität Ilmenau -
University of Pisa -
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi -
Lund Institute of Technology -
University of Parma -
Drake University -
Institut Jozef Stefan -
Luleå University of Technology -
Delft University of Technology -
University of South Australia -
Lund University -
Pennsylvania State University -
Eindhoven University of Technology -
University of St. Gallen -
Silesian Technical University -
Loyola University, Chicago -
Sewanee, The University of the South -
Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim -
All colleges of the Russian Federation
Portal about colleges.

Site dedicated to colleges, technical schools and vocational schools of the Russian Federation.

The portal has a search system for educational institutions by name, by city and region, by specialty (training direction). You can find educational institutions on the map of your city, see photos of the educational institution and its surroundings.

Northern Arizona University -
Tufts University -
Universite Lumiere Lyon -
University of Helsinki -
Graz University of Technology -
University of Rennes 1 -
University of Missouri, Columbia -
Technische Universität Hamburg -
University of Vaasa -
Washington State University -
Hendrix College -
Massachusetts Institute of Technology -
San Francisco State University -
Universidad del Valle -
Lappeenranta University of Technology -
Simon Fraser University -
Technical University Košice -
Liberec University of Technology -
Charles Sturt University -
University of Essex -
Tulane University -
Leiden University -
California State University, Chico -
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign -
Nippon Bunri University -
University of Pittsburgh -
California State University, Fresno -
Drexel University -
Estrella Mountain Community College -
Illinois State University -
Jacksonville State University -
University of Economics, Vienna -
California State University, Long Beach -
East Stroudsburg State University -
Jackson State University -
University of Newcastle upon Tyne -
Purdue University -
Technische Universität München -
University of Vienna -
Wageningen Agricultural University -
Bloomsburg University -
California State University, Northridge -
Lakehead University -
Miyazaki University -
University of Nebraska, Lincoln -
Washington University in St. Loius -
Cleveland State University -
Lambton College -
North Carolina State University -
Ohio Northern University -
West Virginia University -
California State University, Sacramento -
University of Notre Dame -
University of New Mexico -
Technical University of Budapest, Hungary -
Chiba University -
California State University, Stanislaus -
Halmstad University -
Lancaster University -
University of Nebraska, Omaha -
Western Washington University -
Virginia Tech -
University of Texas at Arlington -
University of Sheffield -
Victoria University of Technology -
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich -
Institut des Mathematiques Appliquees de Grenoble -
Vrije University -
The Open University (UK) -
Prairie View A&M University -
Seattle Pacific University -
University of New South Wales -
Brussels University -
Mankato State University -
Warsaw Technical University -
University of North Texas -
Site dedicated to higher education.

Site dedicated to higher education.

A huge amount of useful information for applicants:

  1. detailed information for each university in Russia,
  2. a list of specialties in them
  3. tuition fees passing points and ..,
  4. open days,
  5. news
  6. university rankings by city,
  7. regions and much more.
Rating of all universities in Russia.

The goal

is to provide the applicant with everything needed to make an informed decision when choosing a university.

Ranking of Russian universities

In order for applicants to develop a complete picture of the real state of affairs in the field of higher education, the first in Russia ranking of all universities is offered.

This rating is based on a large number of various parameters (which are provided by both institutions and third-party organizations) and thus is completely unbiased.

The only way for universities to change their ranking is to improve the quality of education provided.

George Mason University -
Globewide Network Academy -
University of the People -
The world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online, American university.

The world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online, American university.

University of Oregon -
The Chinese University of Hong Kong -
University of Woollongong -
University of Portland -
Charles University, Prague -
Hirosaki University -
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
City University of New York -
East Tennessee State University -
Hiroshima City University -
University of the Philippines, Diliman -
Science University of Tokyo -
University of Prince Edward Island -
University of Bath -
University of Jyväskylä -
Queen's University, Belfast -
Tampere Institute of Technology -
University of Pennsylvania -
University of Waikato -
Kansas State University -
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario -
Wakayama University -
Baylor University -
Curtin University of Technology -
University of Pavol Jozef Safarik -
Boise State University -
Dakota State University -
Louisiana Tech University -
Vienna University of Technology -
University of the Philippines, Los Banos -
Sam Houston State University -
Delaware Technical Community College -
Seton Hall University -
Stanford University -
Högskolan i Karlskrona-Ronneby -
Boston College -
Technical University of Denmark -
Kagoshima University -
La Trobe University -
University of Southern California -
University of Falun/Borlänge -
University of Hull -
Washington College -
Bond University -
Central Washington University -
Helsinki School of Economics -
University of Washington -
Baylor College of Medicine -
Duke University -
Harvey Mudd College -
Queensland University of Technology -
Loughborough University of Technology -
ChungNam National University -
University of Newcastle, Australia -
University of Queensland -
University of Quebec, Montreal -
Chung Hua Polytechnic Institute -
Plymouth State College -
Yale University -
University of the West Indies -
Oregon State University -
Yamanashi University -
Institut National de Physique Nucleaire et de Physique des Particules -
University of Maine -
The American University -
Monash University -
University of Nijmegen -
Simon's Rock College -
University of Dundee -
University of Rhode Island -
Amherst College -
Universität Heidelberg -
Youngstown State University -
Duquesne University -
Roskilde University -
Adam Mickiewicz University -
University of Durham -
Eastern Washington University -
Montana State University-Bozeman -
United States Air Force Academy -
Dalhousie University -
Kumamoto University -
Indiana University, Bloomington -
Montclair State University -
University of Saskatchewan -
Hofstra University -
City University, London -
Osaka Kyoiku University -
Illinois Institute of Technology -
Bogazici University -
Hokkaido University -
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria -
Osaka University -
Dartmouth College -
Texas Woman's University -
University of South Florida -
Andrews University School of Business -
Bowdoin College -
Southwest Texas State University -
University of San Francisco -
niversidad de las Américas -
University of York -
York University -
Beloit College -
Cambridge University -
University of Southern Indiana -
Claremont College -
Clarkson University -
Da-Yeh Institute of Technology -
Manchester University -
University of Southern Mississippi -
Honolulu Community College -
Ohio State University -
St. Joseph College -
University of Southern Maine -
Bradley University -
University of Leeds -
St. Joseph's University -
Stetson University -
United States Military Academy -
Mansfield University -
University of São Paulo -
Stevens Institute of Technology -
University of Southern Queensland -
University of California, Berkeley -
Keene State College -
Otago University -
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology -
Lehigh University -
St. Francis Xavier University -
Kent University -
University of Industrial Arts and Design, Helsinki -
Utah State University -
Clemson University -
University of Tampere -
Aalborg University -
University of Utah -
Dublin City University -
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon -
University of Oklahoma -
University of Aizu -
University of Tasmania -
Bates College -
Nicholls State University -
University of Oulu -
University of Texas at Dallas -
Bridgewater College -
Universidad EAFIT -
University of Stirling -
University of the Ryukyus -
University of Texas at Austin -
University of Aberdeen -
Szeged University -
University of Texas at Houston -
University of Bristol -
Deakin University -
Richard Stockton University -
University of Tokyo -
University of Tennessee, Knoxville -
University of Toledo -
Earlham College -
University of Alabama, Huntsville -
University of Toronto -
Australian National University -
St. Olaf College -
University of Alberta -
University of Technology, Sydney -
Åbo Akademi University -
Karolinska Institute -
Ohio Wesleyan University -
University of Arkansas, Little Rock -
University of Texas at San Antonio -
Brock University -
Nagoya Institute of Technology -
Oxford University -
University of Arkansas, Monticello -
University of Turku -
Occidental College -
Universidad de Los Andes -
University of Tulsa -
Rhodes University -
Bethel College -
Brooklyn College -
Carnegie Mellon University -
New Jersey Institute of Technology -
Yale University -
Open courses at the University of Yelsk.

Open courses at the University of Yelsk. Lectures on astronomy, psychology, physics, English, philosophy, political science and religious studies.

University of Antwerp -
University of Twente -
Brown University -
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville -
Uppsala University -
Politecnico de Milano -
University of British Columbia -
University of the Virgin Islands -
Brunel University -
New Mexico State University -
Ube College -
University of Victoria -
Acadia University -
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology -
University of Vermont -
Northern Michigan University -
École Polytechnique -
Warsaw University -
Bowling Green State University -
Macquarie University -
Northwest Nazarene University -
University of Western Australia -
Kingston University -
University of Waterloo -
Marist College -
Pomona College -
University of Strathclyde -
University of Windsor -
Florida State University -
Howard University -
Rutgers University, Camden -
Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile -
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee -
Sites of educational institutions in Moscow
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation was established by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of September 20, 2010 No. 1140, by joining the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation (Academy of National Economy, 1977) of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RAGS) Year of creation - 1991), as well as 12 other federal state educational institutions.

The united academies have earned a reputation as leaders in the preparation of the country's top managers for both business and government structures. Since its inception in 1977, the glory of the “forge of ministers” has been firmly established for the ANH. With the beginning of economic transformation in Russia in the 90s. Twentieth century. there was a change in the strategic model of the Academy: from the training of nomenclature cadres, we switched to business education, becoming an educational institution offering all types of educational services for management. RAGS, founded in 1991, took the position of a leading educational institution, training managers for the system of state and municipal service.

The newly formed Academy under the President of the Russian Federation - RANEPA is the largest university in Russia and Europe with a socio-economic and humanitarian profile, rightfully occupying the top lines in all national rankings. By decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 07.07.2011 No. 902, the Academy has the right to independently establish educational standards and requirements for its higher education professional education programs.


  1. training globally competitive and adaptive management personnel for the state, public and private sectors in order to solve the problem of innovative development of society;
  2. fundamental and applied research and development in the socio-economic and humanitarian spheres;
  3. Scientific and expert-analytical support of state authorities of the Russian Federation.
University of Cincinnati -
University of Western Ontario -
Franklin and Marshall College -
University of Central Arkansas -
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh -
Ball State University -
University of Calgary -
University of Wyoming -
Boston University -
University College, Cork -
Weizmann Institute of Science -
Denison University -
Mississippi State University -
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs -
Wellesley College -
University of Missouri, Rolla -
University College, Dublin -
Freie Universität Berlin -
Kyoto Institute of Technology -
Marshall University -
Michigan State University -
Slovak Technical University -
University of California, Davis -
University of Zürich -
Bucknell University -
DePaul University -
University of Karlsruhe -
Moscow State University -
The official website of the Moscow State University (MSU)

Official site of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov (MSU)

MSU Distance Learning School

MSU Distance Learning School.
Distance learning courses, materials from MSU electronic libraries are available to all users of the site.

To all those who wish, courses for schoolchildren, Special courses for students and graduate students.

Now on the site are already working sites for distance learning: Center for Distance Learning The information environment of distance learning on the basis of the Faculty of Additional Education of Moscow State University and others.

Applicants can participate in online Olympiads, check their knowledge on the portal and do remote preparation for entrance exams. In addition, registered users of the resource receive Access to a standard set of Google services, among which e-mail, Documents, Calendar and others. You can remotely not only prepare for exams, but also be trained for some feces Theta. As the creators of the resource note, first of all the new site will be useful for people who do not have the opportunity to come to Moscow for preparation, admission to the university and studying there.

Moscow State University - Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Video channel.

University of Central Florida -
University of Western Sydney, Macarthur -
Fudan University -
Northeastern University -
Appalachian State University -
East Central University, Ada OK -
Montana State University-Northern Havre -
University of West Georgia -
State University of New York, Brockport -
California State University, Fullerton -
Mount Saint Vincent University -
University of Portsmouth -
University of Chicago -
University of Westminster -
Abilene Christian University -
Edith Cowan University -
Indiana University of Pennsylvania -
Mount Allison University -
Northwestern University -
Valdosta State University -
University of Edinburgh -
Michigan Technological University -
Technische Universität München -
Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Universität -
Stanislaw Staszic University of Mining And Metallurgy -
University of California, Irvine -
Coe College -
Nicolaus Copernicus University -
University of California, Los Angeles -
University of Connecticut -
Wake Forest University -
Furman University -
St. Louis University, Baguio -
Universidad de Costa Rica -
The Wharton School -
University of Arizona -
Higher School of Economics -
National Research University.

The National Research University is a research university, which carries out its mission through scientific, educational, project, expert-analytical and socio-cultural activities based on international scientific and organizational standards.

Being a Russian university, NRU works for the benefit of Russia and its citizens.

NRU is a team of scientists, staff, graduate students and students, who are distinguished by their internal commitment to maintaining high academic standards of their activities.

Values ​​

  1. Pursuit of the truth
  2. cooperation and interest in each other,
  3. honesty and openness,
  4. academic freedom and political neutrality,
  5. professionalism, demanding of yourself and responsibility,
  6. active social position.
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences -
Stockholm University -
University of California, Riverside -
University of Adelaide -
Technische Universität Clausthal -
University of California at Santa Barbara -
Vanderbilt University -
Colby College -
Pohang University of Science and Technology -
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf -
University of California, Santa Cruz -
University of California, San Diego -
Murdoch University -
Kyoto Notre Dame University -
University California - San Francisco -
Bermuda College -
University of Nottingham -
Reference applicant for the choice of universities and colleges.

The main idea of ​​the site is the creation of a tool for informed choice of the future for high school students and entrants.

Unlike conventional catalogs of universities and colleges, the site allows you to choose the future for a variety of parameters. For this, the structure of the site base is arranged in a special way: all objects are interconnected. This allows the user to access the necessary information from any point: profession, university, special educational institution, specialty, training program or a specific version of the program.

The site continuously interacts with each potential applicant through a system of tests, questions and answers, accompanying him in search, comparison and selection. This approach allows applicants to model their future, clarify their goals, and make the image of the future clearer and clearer.

Interfaces of the site are designed so that in the place where applicants may have questions:

  1. What profession suits me?
  2. Is this profession suitable for me?
  3. What programs of this university do I have more chances to enroll in?
  4. What are my chances of enrolling in this program or training option?
  5. What other options are there for this program?
University of Alabama -
Albertson College of Idaho -
University of Delaware -
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg -
Nova Southeastern University -
Vassar College -
Florida Atlantic University -
State University of New York at Potsdam -
University of Colorado, Boulder -
Kobe University -
The Sage Colleges -
University of East Anglia -
Gallaudet University -
University of Electro-Communications -
Saitama University -
Tohoku University -
University of Kuopio -
University of Sunderland -
University of Florida -
Beijing Agricultural University -
Hebrew University of Jerusalem -
University of Tokushima -
Colorado State University -
State University of New York, Oneonta -
University of Georgia -
Ege University -
State University of New York Institute of Technology -
University of Nevada, Las Vegas -
State University of New York, Stony Brook -

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