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logo All colleges of the Russian Federation




All colleges of the Russian Federation

Site dedicated to colleges, technical schools and vocational schools of the Russian Federation.

The portal has a search system for educational institutions by name, by city and region, by specialty (training direction). You can find educational institutions on the map of your city, see photos of the educational institution and its surroundings.

logo Vuzopedia




Site dedicated to higher education.

A huge amount of useful information for applicants:

  1. detailed information for each university in Russia,
  2. a list of specialties in them
  3. tuition fees passing points and ..,
  4. open days,
  5. news
  6. university rankings by city,
  7. regions and much more.

In Russian
logo Vuzoteka





The goal

is to provide the applicant with everything needed to make an informed decision when choosing a university.

Ranking of Russian universities

In order for applicants to develop a complete picture of the real state of affairs in the field of higher education, the first in Russia ranking of all universities is offered.

This rating is based on a large number of various parameters (which are provided by both institutions and third-party organizations) and thus is completely unbiased.

The only way for universities to change their ranking is to improve the quality of education provided.

logo Cambridge University Press


Cambridge University Press

The full collection of Cambridge University Press magazines includes more than 350 journals on various fields of knowledge.
Magazines are combined into thematic collections: Science, Technology, Medicine and Humanities & Social Science, etc.

Cambridge University Press journals are authoritative scientific publications, about two-thirds of them are included in Journal Citation Reports.

logo Higher School of Economics

Higher School of Economics

The National Research University is a research university, which carries out its mission through scientific, educational, project, expert-analytical and socio-cultural activities based on international scientific and organizational standards.

Being a Russian university, NRU works for the benefit of Russia and its citizens.

NRU is a team of scientists, staff, graduate students and students, who are distinguished by their internal commitment to maintaining high academic standards of their activities.

Values ​​

  1. Pursuit of the truth
  2. cooperation and interest in each other,
  3. honesty and openness,
  4. academic freedom and political neutrality,
  5. professionalism, demanding of yourself and responsibility,
  6. active social position.

In Russian
logo Moscow State University

Moscow State University

Official site of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov (MSU)

MSU Distance Learning School

MSU Distance Learning School.
Distance learning courses, materials from MSU electronic libraries are available to all users of the site.

To all those who wish, courses for schoolchildren, Special courses for students and graduate students.

Now on the site are already working sites for distance learning: Center for Distance Learning The information environment of distance learning on the basis of the Faculty of Additional Education of Moscow State University and others.

Applicants can participate in online Olympiads, check their knowledge on the portal and do remote preparation for entrance exams. In addition, registered users of the resource receive Access to a standard set of Google services, among which e-mail, Documents, Calendar and others. You can remotely not only prepare for exams, but also be trained for some feces Theta. As the creators of the resource note, first of all the new site will be useful for people who do not have the opportunity to come to Moscow for preparation, admission to the university and studying there.

Moscow State University - Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Video channel.

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