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Poetry and prose.

All works published on this server were transferred to the public domain.
The term of copyright protection for them has ended and now they can be freely copied on Internet.

Rhymer -
Online Dictionary rhyme.

Online dictionary of rhyme.

Wattpad -
The world's largest community for readers and writers.

The world's largest community for readers and writers.

Poetic online journal with free publication.

Interactive poetic magazine with a free publication - registered authors can independently post on their magazine pages their poems, write and receive feedback on poetry.

In addition to the electronic edition of poetic works, the literary network provides registered authors with other rights that allow them to participate in the life of the site and the formation of its editorial policy.

These rights include: announcing poems, writing content reviews, organizing poetic competitions, inviting new authors (content creation), participating in the promotion of your page and the entire site on the Internet.

The level of rights of each author is regulated by the scoring system, which combines automatic accounting of the user's activity, rating of his poems and manual moderation, allowing the team of editors to pursue a certain policy. Participation in poetry contests, the announcing of poems, the invitation of new authors, the placement of external links to poetry and the author's page, the placement and removal of poetry, the receipt and writing of reviews on verses, are all included in the scoring system that determines the rating of the authors of the site and a rating of poems.

All rights to the verses placed on the site belong to the authors, reproduction of poems, affecting the rights of authors, is possible only with their permission.

When quoting verses in the legally permitted framework, a reference to the source is required.

Rhyme online
Selection of rhyme online.

Rhyme online.
Introduce the word and you are given dozens of options.
Easy simple website.
Find rhymes for a word online.

Sometimes it is necessary to write a verse, but inspiration does not always allow rhymes to be chosen for words.
There is a solution for this problem.
Just use the form to search for rhymes on the site.

Enter the word, click on the button and get a bunch of rhymes to it, the most suitable of which is at the top of the list.

Rifmovatel online.

The rhyme is online.

Log in and you will see, everything is simple and clear. Entered the words into the search and got a rhyme, though it does not happen to get stressed. Still, if you have entered a few words, the rhyme will be selected for the latter.

  1. Rhymes are only for the Russian language;
  2. Search only works for one word;
  3. The letters u and d differ;
  4. The character register does not differ.
Fan fiction about Harry Potter.

Literary portal specializing in fan fiction.

The site selects only the best works and provides readers with a convenient interface for reading and discussing them. The site was created during the craze of Russian youth by Harry Potter, when the Internet was full of fan sites, forums, role-playing games, online schools of magic and similar projects.

Fan-fiction pre-moderation - each work prior to publication is tested by the editor, who can point the author to an excessive amount of errors in the text, problems with the design of punctuation marks and the lack of meaning in the text. Therefore, any work on our website is distinguished by literacy and coherent narration.

Convenient search - search for fan fiction/originals by any parameters of the header in any combination; search by author name; search by name; ratings on views, comments, readers, recommendations; popular today, yesterday or last week. We can look for a dozen different ways and be sure to find what you need.

Encyclopedias of fandoms - it happened that you read fan fiction by someone’s recommendation, but by an unfamiliar fandom, and did not know where to look for information on this fandom ... For each fandom all canons are listed, all characters are listed with short and detailed descriptions and even with portraits, and more useful links.

Audio versions - many people like to listen, not read. There are audio versions of fanfic that can be heard directly on the site or downloaded as MP3 files.

Subscriptions, tags, bookmarks, collections - you can not only read one fan fiction, but also keep track of everything you read or what you are planning to read. And with the help of the fan fiction to file service, you can even keep track of works published on other sites.

Blogs - you can share with someone what great fan fiction you have read, what movie you watched, what grade in literature you got.

Contests - fan fiction contests are regularly held on various topics, participate, read, vote, call friends, win.

Literary portal.

The site for the publication of works by experienced and novice authors, and also provides an opportunity for the reader to express his opinion about the work in the comments or in a critical article.

The project is open to writers from different regions and countries who speak Russian. The goal is to unite people who create new generation literature and those who want to read and discuss it, as well as those interested in music, cinema and other arts.

LitKult regularly hold literary meetings with literary contests and reading poems, prose in different cities. Reports on meetings are published on the site.

There is a forum. The connoisseurs of the cinema and everyone who cares about it can get acquainted with the already published reviews about films (classics of cinema and modern paintings) in the section Reviews of films.

Literature-Map -
Enter the author's name and you will point to other similar style.

Enter the name of the author and you will be shown other similar style.

Reference book by Rosenthal
Reference book on the Russian language - spelling and punctuation.

Reference book on the Russian language - spelling and punctuation.

Reference book by E.E. Rosenthal contains information on all sections of the spelling and punctuation of the Russian language - to everyone who wants to write correctly.

A lot of inf

A lot of biographies of writers, brief contents and full texts of literary works and hundreds of critical articles.

A lot of biographies of writers, brief contents and full texts of literary works and hundreds of critical articles.
Poetry and prose.

Nonprofit, socially oriented project.
The goal is to give all authors the opportunity to publish their works on Internet and find readers.
All copyrights to works are assigned to authors on the basis of a user agreement.

Creator And Dmitry Kravchuk (Ann,

2000 pieces of the school program in a summary.

2000 pieces of the school program in a summary. On average, the short contents of the book are read in 10-15 minutes.

Culture of writing
We speak and write correctly.

Russian language. We speak and write correctly: the culture of writing.

Modern Russian language: norms, rules, writing culture, document style.

Training materials to prepare for exams in Russian language and literature, EGE, tests, essay, presentation. Consultations, answers to questions.
Reference Information.
Thematic games and contests.

Lectures on literature on the channel Culture
68 lectures on Russian literature.
Platform of mutually beneficial cooperation of authors, readers, publishers and advertisers.

Platform of mutually beneficial cooperation of authors, readers, publishers and advertisers.
Authoring an account, publishing, reprinting and posting articles for free.

Journalists posting articles creates a portfolio and earns a reputation.
Specialists from various fields (scientists, politicians, lawyers, economists, etc.) can share their discoveries, developments and ideas with a huge audience, all that is required is to place the articles in the appropriate section, and the recognition of a wide range of readers will not take long to wait.

Site owners publish articles to attract new visitors to their site.

Authors can create an account with information about themselves and provide feedback, receive orders, reviews, statistics of views and visits to their articles ...

The main condition for the publication of the article is uniqueness and the article should not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.
National Portal for Writers.

The community is an information resource for writers.
A place where people who are keen on literature find information about writing and book publishing. The site contains information necessary for the author to write and publish a book well, and then to promote it.

Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House), Russian Academy of Sciences -
The study of the history of Russian literature.

Scientific institution in the system of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It was founded in 1905 in St. Petersburg as a museum-memorial and source research center of Pushkin studies. Departments and research groups of the Institute are engaged in studying

I Write Like -
Learn what famous writer writes like you.

Find out what a famous writer is writing like you.
The site has a form field, we can type some text and find out what style of famous writer we write.

Authors Products Reviews
Selection of rhyme online.

Nonprofit, socially oriented project.
Assistant poet - selection of rhyme online.
Best of the presented.

Poems for people
Selection of rhyme online.

To find a rhyme for a word is an art, and for a real poet the process of finding a rhyme for a word takes a fairly long time.

For a long time attempts were made to automate the process of searching for a poetic rhyme.
And if there are a lot of foreign services now, but as for the Russian language - there are problems due to its complexity.

There are many rhyme selection programs in RuNet.
Most of them work on the basis of dictionaries. On the one hand - this is a plus, since it covers the vast majority of words.
On the other hand - most of the words found can hardly be used in the context of the poem.

The site made a rhyme generator based on a bit of another algorithm.
The search for rhyme is based on real poems, only those words that are really used by poets in poems are examined.

Therefore, a small number of words are produced.

Civil-poetic portal.

On the site you can publish poetry and prose, place audio and video files.

There is a section with reviews, chat and forum.
Each poem has a count of views and comments.
Registration on the site is required.

Playkastov portal.

Music + text + picture, it is together the three components can most accurately and vividly express your emotions.

Even if you can not draw, write poetry, write music.

Story Wars -
Joint writing of stories.

Joint writing of stories.

How does it work?

You can create your own history or continue what someone started. After 2 additions have been made, the countdown starts. This is the remaining time that other people can add to this chapter.

When the countdown is over, the voting stage for additions is included.

In short, the idea is that many can write a book, but not all have the spirit to suffice. The purpose of the site is to stimulate.
It's easier to write a little, just a part, to enter something ready, than to start from scratch.
Plus the points system, voting create an atmosphere of competition that stimulates more time to spend on the site.
Here so it is imperceptible to you to open your literary gift.

Site of modern literature.

The site of modern literature.
For free publication by authors of their works.
Here you can read free online books of contemporary authors and evaluate their creativity.
Authors are registered and in the personal office you can post works, manage them and, if you have the talent, get fame.

More than 2,300 authors have been registered and over 19 thousand poems have been published.

Selection of rhymes.

Selection of rhymes

  • Enter a word that needs a rhyme, no longer than 150 characters.
    It is important not to use the letter E instead of E - otherwise the rhyme for the word will be chosen incorrectly.
  • Click "start".
  • We are waiting for the result.
The robot will select the most successful rhymes from the base, which is composed of poems of classical classics and modern poets.

Pay attention to the stress, the robot does not always understand it correctly.


Selects continuations for 2 verse lines.
Only Russian text!

Verse Size

Calculation of the poetic size of 12 lines.
Only Russian text!
The most popular resource of preparation for the exam in literature.

The most popular resource of preparation for the exam in literature.

Texts, express preparation for the exam in literature.

  1. All the necessary theory of literature (the theory is presented in the most obvious way: tables and diagrams, so that the study of literature will be much more interesting, and previously poorly remembered terms and concepts will be remembered by you faster).
  2. Dictionary of literary terms (it includes all the most common terms of literary theory). All necessary literary terms in .doc format
  3. Writers 'biographies (writers' biographies to prepare for the Uniform State Exam in literature are simply required to know, as in the tasks for part C, where an analysis of a literary work is necessary, one often needs to use the facts of a writer's biography to reveal the subject)
  4. EGE tests on literature online (we also provide you with a unique opportunity to complete a large number of online tests directly on the site, all this is free. For registered users, detailed statistics are kept, so we ask you to complete a quick registration. In case of disputes and questions, you can quickly resolve any question.).
  5. Works C5 perfectly. In order not to embarrass you with our essays on literature, they are undoubtedly good, but we have selected for you C5 essays written directly according to the criteria. The submitted essays are rated maximum points!
  6. Analysis of the works of C5 with the examiner's commentary, a detailed analysis of the works taken from the exam in literature. Describes the actions of the examiner, the order in which the work is checked and what is paid attention to, how points are awarded according to the criteria.
  7. Library (which includes all the necessary works with brief comments directly about the work, the characters, the topics covered and other useful information)
  8. Quotes from books (why are they? Yes, everything is simple, there is often not enough time to reread any work, therefore, after reading a selection of quotations for the work, you can close some of your spaces for a particular work. But we still recommend that you read all the works completely.)
  9. The tasks for Parts C and B, which are broken down by author.
  10. Books to prepare for the exam on literature (on
Russian National Corpus -
Information-reference system based on the collection of Russian texts in electronic form.

Information-reference system based on the collection of Russian texts in electronic form.
The total volume - more than 600 million words.

Has a search for books and articles.
Checking the compatibility of words - will find and offer phrases from various literary sources, so that you can safely use.

The case is intended for those who are interested in Russian: linguists, teachers, students, foreigners studying the Russian language.

750 words -
We write 750 words every day.

We write 750 words every day.
The site prompts to write 750 words every day.
It will be useful for a writer or a novice writer.
It is required everywhere.

New literature
Literary and art journal.

The goal is to help young authors find their readers, and readers - to heart and heart and mind.
The authors are given the opportunity to get a personal page in our literary magazine and publish their works on the Internet: poetry, prose, journalism, criticism, scientific articles on humanitarian topics, as well as reproductions of pictorial and graphic works.
The volume and number of works are unlimited.
Authors of periodical literary criticism, publicists and editors are invited to cooperate.
Authors can receive royalties for their publications.

Academy of American Poets -
Encyclopedia of American Poetry.

Encyclopedia of American Poetry.

Brief biographies and samples of creativity of all significant American poets - from Walt Whitman to Amiri Barak.
A section with numerous essays about everything that in one way or another concerns poetry.

Service word matching mask.
Here you can publish your poem and get a backlash.

Here you can publish your poem and get a backlash from the same novice (or non-novice) poets.
All the poems are edited.

At the moment there are 700 authors who wrote more than 65 000 poems of works.
Contests are held periodically.

Lesson in A4 format
The Virtual Library of Literature to help schoolchildren and teachers.

The Virtual Library of Literature to help schoolchildren and teachers.

A universal textbook or reference book that fully complies with all existing programs and regulatory documents has not yet been created, so the principle of material selection is th

Alexei Komarov online library
Works of Russian classics and modern works.

Works of Russian classics and modern works.

Works are carefully selected from reliable sources, primarily academic commentary publications. As far as possible careful alignment.

Priority is given to the most sought-after texts, possibly to the detriment of apparent logic and consistency.

It is planned to publish the complete works of Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Pushkin.

Read the poems of the classics poets.

Read the poems of the classics poets.

A huge base, collections of poems by famous Russian and foreign poets of the classics.

The site also presents fairy tales for children of different ages, everyday, modern ...

Hemingway App -
Simple editor for the writer.

A simple editor with editing functions sufficient for a writer, not more.
Just go to the site and use. We already have an example of a formatted text that will make it clear the editor's capabilities.

Educational project about the most important works of Russian literature.

Educational project about the most important works of Russian literature.

Here are the 108 most important Russian books that have left a mark on history, expanded the possibilities of literature, influenced the development of language, thought and society, reported something new about the world and man - and entered the Russian literary canon.

These books were selected through surveys of authoritative writers, literary critics, publishers, critics, teachers, who could name any number of the most important, in their opinion, literary works (without discussing the criteria of importance). Each book from the lists of our experts received one point for each mention. The main list of "Shelves" includes 108 works that received a total of 9 or more points. The first place in the voting was taken by the “Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Lermontov. The final list, compiled by a vote, can be seen in the "Books" section by clicking on the sort button "by rating".

How are the shelves arranged?

As a sequence of questions and answers. The service tried to answer questions about books that could arise from our readers, and even to those that did not occur to them.

Lists section

The history of literature is a history of discoveries: each epoch opens new themes, invents genres, changes language. For each discovery stretches the line of works that use it and develop. In the "Lists" section you will find such discoveries: here are collections of books, united by a common theme, genre, form, or style. The lists are arranged in chronological order, they can be used as tips for additional reading, and you can follow them as Russian literature has developed.
Leanpub -
A powerful platform for serious authors.

A powerful platform for serious authors. This platform is the combination of two things: a publishing workflow and a storefront. For bloggers, leanpub also has a feature to automatically create a book from your blog posts. Integrates with Dropbox.

Evaluation of the readability of the text.

Evaluation of the readability of the text.

The tool for checking the readability of texts allows you to determine the readability of materials. It will work for the site, brochures, manuals and books. Allows you to make the necessary corrections in a timely manner if necessary.

The service can be useful to developers, writers, those who make websites. The service is necessary for everyone who wants the texts on the pages to be understood, to journalists and all interested.

To assess the readability of texts, 5 readability formulas adapted for the Russian language are used.

  • Flesch-Kincaid Formula
  • Coleman-Liau Index
  • Automatic Readability Index
  • SMOG
  • Dale-Chale Formula
For those who want to automatically check the texts available API.
Parazitarium -
A base of words, phrases and synonyms that we all speak, making our speech more and more illiterate.

On the pages of many words, phrases and synonyms have already been collected, which we all speak, making our speech more and more illiterate.

Do you often say the word "Bullshit"? Or the phrase "Forget it"?
What do these words mean?
These are parasitic words.

Parasites in our language.
The site collects such "parasites".
Synonyms for the phrases we are all used to.
You can add any phrase from our language to which we are used, and use it every day in meanings that are not typical of them.

Bridge over the Infinity
Electronic Journal 'Bridge Over Infinity'.

Electronic magazine 'Bridge over Infinity': classical and modern literature, painting, graphics, poetry, competitions, library, gallery.
Cool decoding of known abbreviations and abbreviations.

Cool decoding of known abbreviations and abbreviations.

In our life, abbreviations of various frequently used concepts, names or phrases are commonly used.

However, it often happens that the interlocutor or the listener, and sometimes the speaker himself does not know how to decipher and what this or that abbreviation means.

In addition, there are such "generally accepted" abbreviations which are well known to everyone and few people already think about how this stands for.

Maxim Moshkova Library
Journal of non-professional literature.

Journal of non-professional literature.

Not sure if you came across? In Soviet times, there were books of self-publishing, that is, printed by hand.
An incredible amount of copies was used to print the maximum number of copies at a time.
The binding was made. Pretty clumsy, but strong. No cover.
Of all the technologies used only typewriter. In Soviet times, it was very technological.

Going to the site, we see that there is samizdat. Neither design nor style.

Here the author can post his work. The base is impressive - more than 100,000 authors, about one and a half million works.There are ratings, news, discussions.

Registration is required. But you can just read without registering, even write a review to the author.

Literary magazine.

A literary magazine and a playground for young poets, prose writers, playwrights and critics of the region.
The opportunity to publish and discuss texts, the opportunity to express themselves in the contemporary creative space.

The magazine Bukva is the connecting thread of beginning writers to readers.

How to become an author

  1. Helmet your creation on or through a website,
  2. the editorial board will review and give an answer about publication ... or refusal.
Selection of rhyme online.

A joke from Yandex.
Yandex selects from the search queries the appropriate lines for alternating percussion and unstressed syllables determines the line's verse size and adjusts rhymes.

In addition, Yandex himself can read verse.


maple leaves coloring
stubborn women weasels
poem Yesenin
a cloak warm autumn
a harmonious cheerful dance
Inkitt -
Free Fiction Books, Novels & Stories.

Free art books, novels and stories.

Service with free access to the works of still unknown authors.

Pastebin -
Space to insert text.

A service that allows you to share text fragments with others.

The site contains quotes, or rather pearls.

The site contains quotes, or rather pearls.

Pretty decent base - thousands of pearls, divided into categories.
There is a category of poems, so not quite pearls. :)

Here cited famous, famous and obscure statements of famous people. But you can also share a wise saying. Perhaps you will agree and consider your saying wise.

Perhaps the best collection of audiobooks in Runet.

Perhaps the best collection of audiobooks in Runet.
Judging by the demand and ranking of Yandex.

Registration is required.
However, sometimes you can just listen to something. Then we would like to preserve the history of the listened and continue to listen to what was heard yesterday. Not everyone will listen at once.

The base is really impressive. It seems that this is an e-book site, but when you realize that you can listen to all the books, it is impressive. Not all books are voiced.

Here you can search for books not only by authors or genres, but also by performers.
There are people who are heard. Anyway, so with me. And I would like to hear something else.This is a useful feature for me.

Good player. Here, in addition to the usual functions, there is a reading speed. You can speed up or slow down.

Culture RF
Audiobooks for schoolchildren on the works of Russian classics.

Humanitarian educational project dedicated to the culture of Russia.
Audiobooks for schoolchildren on the works of Russian classics.

Mumu" by Ivan Turgenev and "Dubrovsky" by Alexander Pushkin, "Dead Souls" by Nikolai Gogol and "Woe from Wit" by Alexander Griboyedov, "The Quiet Don" by Mikhail Sholokhov and "Vasily Terkin" by Alexander Tvardovsky.
For students in grades 5-11 the portal "Culture.RF" and the company "Melody" prepared a selection of works of Russian classics in audio format.

Listen to audio books and get acquainted with Russian classical literature.

In addition, the site will tell about interesting and significant events and people in the history of literature, architecture, music, film, theater, as well as folk traditions and monuments of our nature in the format of educational articles, notes, interviews, tests, news, and in any modern Internet format.

Letters of Note -
Personal letters written by famous people.

Personal letters written by famous people.

Philology Yearbook -
Articles and posts of teachers on the problems of Russian and foreign literature ...

The collection contains articles and reports by teachers and staff of the Faculty of Philology of Omsk State University on the problems of Russian and foreign literature, folklore, as well as modern Russian language and linguistics.
Library for children and parents. Fairy tales, poems, stories, fables, anecdotes, proverbs, quotes.


Poetic social network.

Poetic social network.
Here, modern poets can publish poems, and poetry lovers - read both their works and the poems of the classics. Authors and readers here can communicate with each other.
Poetic contests are held, other events are arranged - the site lives a stormy life!

Read a poetic magazine, look through poetry ratings, enter poetic dueling - or just watch them.
Poebuk will offer something interesting to anyone, who are keen on poetry.
For you - poetry poets of the Silver or the Golden Age and ample opportunities to show the world their own works.


Book guide in the world of literature.

Book guide in the world of literature.

Non-commercial service of user recommendations and the exchange of publicly accessible literary and other texts that do not pursue profit.

In order to write a review, registration is required. You can just read it like that.


  1. to offer personal recommendations in various fields of literature, technical and scientific texts;
  2. exchange evaluations of texts and find congenial readers;
  3. public information storage;
  4. Playground for publishing your own works. =

Registration gives

  1. personal rating of texts and works;
  2. Notify you of updates from the group of your choice;
  3. allow you to postpone on the "shelf" what you would like to read later;
  4. a place to publish your reviews and reviews;
  5. keep a diary and reading history,
  6. will recommend that you might be interested to read more.
Poems of Russian poets
Read the poems of the poets of the classics and modernists.
One of the largest sites in Russian devoted to poetry.

One of the largest sites in Russian dedicated to poetry. Here the authors can lay out their verses, receive ratings and reviews.

Opportunities for text, post photos, illustrations, personal communication, promotion of their own creativity.
Literary portal with a free publication.


Longreads -
The best story on Internet. As the name suggests, it is ideal for long readings when you are tired of the 40th list of animal images from Buzzfeed.

The best story on Internet.

As the name implies, it is ideal for long reading, when you are tired of looking at pictures in the Instagram.

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