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  1. - Blogster - Blogosphere.


  1. - QIP - Blogs online social network of RBC.
  2. - Fuelmyblog - Blogs community.
  3. - Open Diary - Blog platform since 1998.
  4. - Vox - Blogging.
  5. - The Art of Manliness - Learn the things of man.

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  1. - Medium - A public platform for writing stories, articles, ideas.
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Digital Inspiration

Actually it's a blog called Digital Inspiration. Software training programs and practical guides.

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reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Рамблер,

Uses: LiveJournal.



In 1998, an eighteen-year-old student, Brad Fitzpatrick, wrote a small program for himself. The program allowed you to keep and update your personal diary. On its basis, Brad created a web application for his friends. Very quickly livejournal won huge popularity first in America, and then all over the world. Russia takes the second place by the number of users. And on quality, perhaps, and the first.

Live Journal

Live Journal, LiveJournal (LJ) is a service for posting online diaries (or rather blogs), or a separate blog ("diary", "Log") in this service. It offers a usual set of functions for blogs: the possibility of publishing records, their commenting on readers and so on; There are also convenient additional functions, many of which are available free of charge to anyone.

In the Runet LiveJournal has gained phenomenal popularity, and in qualitative terms the composition of the Russian LJ is also unusually diverse. Many of the people known in Russia, as well as from parties, social movements and organizations, have their LJ.

User Information

When registering, the user LJ chooses a unique name for his blog. In this name, you can use numbers, Latin letters and the underscore. In the future, this name can be changed only for a fee or in special cases (for example, when changing the set of characters allowed in names).

Client programs LJ for any OS

Although LiveJournal can be used with a regular browser, usually users download a small program that allows you to work with LiveJournal directly.

Help, or frequently asked questions

logo Blogger

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Google,


The second blogosphere after the first and main LiveJournal. Blogosphere is free, well-tuned, etc. Owners - Google with all the following consequences: quality code, development ... If you have an account on Google? That's where the blog is created is simple and very understandable.

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