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Presearch -
Open decentralized search engine.

An open decentralized search engine.
Search is built on blockchain technology by one of the leaders of this technology, Etherium.

This technology firstly ensures guaranteed user anonymity.
In addition, the system rewards participants with token discoverers for their use, contribution and promotion of the platform.

The goal, to end Google's dominance in the world. The fact is that Google is not perfect, but it is the gateway to the Internet for almost the entire world. We believe that the Internet is exactly as Google paints it for us.

Presearch wants to present a more real picture of the Internet, a more transparent algorithm.

One-Time Secret -
Self-destructing notes.

Self-destructing notes.

How it works

  1. Writing a message
  2. set the lifespan, for example, 1 hour, week ...
  3. set the password.
The message will be read only by those who have the link and password, after the specified time the mes

Gmail - Confidential mode -
Google provides the option to delete the email sent.

Google provides the ability to self-delete a sent email.

How it works

  1. Come to Gmail,
  2. Click "Write."
  3. Switch on "confidential mode",
  4. Set the lifetime of the letter,
  5. Save.

Startpage -
Google search engine output is used.

Google search engine output is used.
Feature - unlike Google, this intermediary does not fix yfoi IP-address and allows you to remain anonymous.

Qwant -
A private searcher from France.

A private searcher from France.

It has three options:

  1. Classic View (basic),
  2. List (as close as possible to the familiar interface of the existing search engines),
  3. Mosaic View.
Information entered by the user in the search box is divided into five categories:
  1. internet sites (Web),
  2. news (News),
  3. social networks (Social),
  4. maximum reference information (Qnowledge Graph),
  5. marketing where to buy this product (Shopping).
  6. In addition, Qwant offers on demand display of images and videos (Media tab), and a special mode (People) dedicated to find people or organisations in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Myspace.

BugMeNot -
Protection subscription.

The American branch of our Internet holding group.
Do you constantly get sites that want you to subscribe to them?
And you do not want to spend time on this and especially to shine your email.
If this is about you, then BugMeNot is for you. Instead of creating new logins, BugMeNot shared logins with thousands of sites that can be used.

How does it work?

  1. Go to,
  2. we enter the URL of the site that picks up subscriptions,
  3. we get login and password.

Chameleon - Anonymizer
Free anonymizer.

Free anonymizer.
The site is a proxy server with a web interface. It replaces your IP address, giving you the option of anonymous surfing.

Google -
Guide to Child Safety on Internet.

Google has created a simple and intuitive guide that describes simple ways to protect children in Internet space, how to set up various Google services (search, YouTube, Google Photos ...), Android ... .

  • Google security tools
  • How to report inappropriate content
  • Partner recommendations
  • Video tips from parents
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Asked Questions

Penzu -
Closed diary.

A closed diary.

There is no sociality, no publicity. This is a completely closed diary, for yourself.
As before the girls kept diaries, wrote something and kept under the pillow. A kind of psychologist.

The service is free, but there is a paid account, there will already be encryption of your records.
That's just who they need.

DuckDuckGo -
Wikia search engine.

Unlike Google and Yandex, DuckDuckGo does not store information about your requests either in your computer or on your server.

In addition, DuckDuckGo works on a secure HTTPS protocol, So that curious sniffers do not recognize your traffic. On the outcome of the issue, DuckDuckGo will send you to the version of the site with an encrypted page (if there is one).

After Snowden's scandal with total Internet control, this search engine jumped in popularity and is actively developing.

Safe Internet League -
Safe Internet League.

The main objective of the League is the complete eradication of dangerous content on Internet by self-regulation of the professional community, participants of Internet market, in order to avoid censorship.

A free solution to protect children from dangerous information allows you to block websites that contain suicide propaganda on your computer and mobile devices And the use of drugs or distributing child pornography (including those sites that have been included in the register of banned information). In addition, the "League" filters will restrict access to pages containing pornography, scenes or propaganda of violence and cruelty, as well as automatically clean out obscene language from the resources visited.

The cloud is data encryption, provides 50 Gb free space.

The founder of the well-known Megaupload file sharing company, a year after its closing, launches the cloud-based MEGA service.

The cloud has data encryption, gives 50 Gb of space for free.
It costs up to 4 Tb.

This is more than most of these services offer.

There is no limit to the size of one file. You can upload files or folders.
You can open and share a link to a file or folder.
The transfer over Internet files is encrypted.

JonDo -
Internet Anonymizer.

Internet Anonymizer.
Software to ensure the anonymity of the Internet connection.

The use of this class of software protects the user's actions on the Internet from third-party surveillance (Internet provider, wireless network hackers, advertising services and websites). The technology used by developers JonDonym/AN.ON is based on the principle of multiple (multilevel) coding, distribution and processing. The technology is certified by a number of German organizations on information security issues, including the German Privacy Foundation e.V.

The main ATTENTION developers focused on achieving usability and ease of use. Using JonDos JonDo with Internet Explorer is somewhat difficult. When using an anonymizer, the connection speed naturally drops by 25-30 percent.

As a bonus: if you have limited access to a certain list of sites, for example to e-mail or social networks, you can use special anonymizer services to access them. However, in some cases, system administrators are sufficiently foreseeable and access to known anonymizers is also limited. In this case, the search for an unlocked anonymizer can take quite some time.

Software works with almost all operating systems: Windows 98 - Windows 7, Mac OS X (all versions), Linux. You use Mozilla Firefox, installation and disguise will be especially simple when using the JonDoFox add-on.



Proxy Unblocker -


Organization of the Collective Security Treaty.


Family search -

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