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Instructions, cognitive

reliable site

address: Russia, Москва

Enlightenment Portal.

Basic science, practical skills, physics, history, philosophy and theology.
Wellness techniques and small group psychology, burning issues and unexpected questions.
A wide variety of fields of knowledge for the widest audience.
From adults to children, advanced to beginners, this resource is for everyone.

Lots of video material. Will be understandable to the untrained user and not boring to the expert.


Computer blog for active PC users.
Tips, recommendations, step by step instructions.
Optimization and tuning of the computer.

Designed for novice users to help solve problems that often arise in the work of PCs and laptops.

All articles are step-by-step instructions with screenshots (for better understanding).
Focuses on the Russian-speaking audience.

The site also allows you to ask a question if you have not found something on the blog or if a question has arisen.

logo Do you know that?

Do you know that?

Interesting facts for you.

Here every day the most interesting facts, questions of quizzes, riddles and human delusions are added!

This site is for people who like to ask questions and want to receive answers to them.
Man, the history of civilizations, scientific riddles and miracles, which the world around us presents us, is all incredibly interesting, and to learn a little more about these things is extremely tempting.

logo Everything about Android

Everything about Android

Instructions, games, applications, news.

logo Skyscraperpage


The site is about skyscrapers well-illustrated, there are more than 38,000 skyscrapers.

logo Snopes

English English - English

address: USA


Ever heard a story and wondered if it’s really true?
Look the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.


Colorful, interesting and informative site. It can be called a children's encyclopedia. But then this is a living encyclopedia.

This site will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults. He explains the complicated in simple language. For example:

  • What is a calorie?
  • What is tolerance?
  • Why do we have birthmarks?
  • Why does the hedgehog wear apples?
Do you know the answers to these questions, can you explain to children?

Easy navigation:

  • Recent questions,
  • Popular questions,
  • Random choice.
Moreover, you can register and participate.

logo All shorts

All shorts

Not everyone wants to immerse themselves in a classic novel and enjoy it. Someone just wants to know why Mumu drowned the dog :)
On this site you will find a lot of such information, cribs, essays, biographies.
Maybe you need to write an essay, but you do not understand it. The site helps you.

logo Yablyk



logo Infopedia


One of the best sites to deepen theoretical and practical knowledge.

The site contains only the best materials: lectures, notes, textbooks and manuals.

logo Cheatography

English English - English



A collection of over 3,200 cheat sheets and quick links in 25 languages for everything from Google to mathematics.

For example, here you can find cheat sheets of hotkeys for computer programs, for programming languages, calculating demographics, for language learners and much more.

logo SetPhone


Portal on mobile phones: news, reviews of smartphones and applications, useful articles.

logo McGrp


Instructions for use, specifications, forums, equipment and electronics.

You can add instructions, including videos.


logo ProSmartTV


Useful information about smart TV, IPTV, digital and satellite TV.

The technology of "smart television" is actively developing. With it, you can install applications on your TV as a smartphone and expand the capabilities of your TV.

Setting up Smart TV on Samsung, LG and other TVs raises many questions, the answers to which you can find here. You will also find useful information about IPTV, digital and satellite TV.

logo CyberPedia


Informational free resource for Internet users, having a mobile version for the phone. He will help you to write checklists, essays, reports, reports, coursework and diplomas.

The site contains information that is sorted into different disciplines: economics, biology, mathematics, geology, medicine, pedagogy, psychology and ...

Manuals +
Russian English - Russian

Free online manuals and user manuals.

You can usually find official technical instructions in PDF format.
I did just that, found instructions for the household appliances I bought and downloaded. They are more convenient than printed ones.

On this site, the instructions are not in PDF, but in the site format.
This makes it more convenient and understandable.
You won't be able to download it, but why? I created an Instructions folder in the browser and saved links there to the instructions I personally required. I like it.

logo Car guides

Car guides

Technical manuals for repair and service, descriptions, as well as the operation of vehicles.

Various models and brands of cars, different years of release and modifications, with petrol or diesel engines, with automatic or manual gearbox.

The address and telephone directory of auto enterprises is as close as possible to specific car brands.

logo MyLektsii


Collection of materials for study.

How it works

  1. enter a word or phrase,
  2. click search,
  3. get pages
  4. that you need,
  5. go to them.

logo ShkolaZhizni


Daily educational magazine.

The format of the publication - answers to questions, tips from different areas of life, submitted in a popular, easy to read form.

The task of the project is to interest the reader, the credo of the editors is that there

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