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Webcam in the church.

A video broadcast of the Sunday ministry in the church.
Church "Living faith" Gomel. (on the map)
Broadcasting starts when people are still seated in places and further, which more gives the effect of presence.

You can see past services in the record, watch sermons, see the pastor's video blog.

Faith alphabet
Orthodox encyclopedia.

Orthodox encyclopedia.

The site was founded in 2005. The monthly audience is 3.5 million readers.

The site contains 14 thousand works, 5 thousand dictionary entries and 2 thousand audio-video materials.

Over 1000 volunteers are working on the site.

World church online.

World online church.
It is planned to make it in 3D. 'St Pixels' will be financed by the Methodist Church of Great Britain, - reports the Christian Megaportal

In the summer of 2004 online The church passed a four-month trial period, as a result of which thousands of people from all over the world registered as animated characters, sitting with other brothers and sisters in a Gothic-style church. Virtual members of the church can communicate among themselves, sing songs, preach and pray.

According to the information of the creators, the online church demonstrated in During the trial period, the highest score reached 41,000 registered visitors, and the average was 7,300 visitors per day.

The creators of the project also said that more Than half the church attendees indicated an age of less than 30 years, 60% of the male.
'This kind of worship begins to dispel the notion that the church is only for gray unmarried women,' said Simon Jenkins, one of the founders of the church. 'Even if we do not take into account the number of visitors, the church created a space on Internet where people can join the worship and be brought into a new form of Christian society.' The church became a visible representation of the world body of Christ. 'We are extraordinarily encouraged by the support of the Methodist Church,' Jenkins. 'We look forward to creative cooperation with them for many years to come.'

Christian search engines.

Universal information on Orthodoxy for a wide range of users, a guide and an assistant for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the world of Orthodox culture.

All Rublev's sections and rubrics are interconnected by cross-referenced hyperlinks, allowing instantly to receive additional information, clarifications and comments.
The submission of information is organized on the principle of expansion from general to specific, and also by the principle of communication of any element with any other element (the connection of everything with everything").

Christian billboard Yekaterinburg
Evangelical churches Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region map.

Evangelical churches of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region on the map, schedule of services, seminars, conferences, event reviews, catalog of organizations.

Russian baptist
Addresses of churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of Russia in a simple text list.
Orthodox information portal.

Orthodox information portal.

The site is specifically designed for those who want to understand the features of the Orthodox faith and churching.

Guests can be both new-born Christians and church-goers long ago, as well as those who still have doubts about choosing their own way of life.

My prayer
A complete collection of active prayers for the spiritual life.
Orthodox icons and prayers.
The site has everything that every believer needs to know.

The site has everything that every believer needs to know.

In the section “This is Interesting,” you can find information on how to properly baptize and put candles in the church, on such church concepts as canon, penance and much more.

The “icons” section tells about unique, miraculous and rare icons of the Orthodox world. They will tell you about the meaning of icons, how they help and where to place them correctly in your home.

In the sections "prayers", "akathists" and "prayer" you will find prayer words for any life situation. Learn how to read prayers for healing, preserving the family, for protection from the evil eye, and many others. You will be able to learn how to properly pray and to what saint to appeal to you for help.

You will find a lot of interesting information about the holy places in the "Orthodox churches" section.

Red-Letter Christian -
Red-Letter Christian - Red-Letter Christians.

Red-Letter Christian - Red-Letter Christians. The name is taken from the 'Red letter edition' - a publication where the words of Jesus are highlighted in red.
There is such an out-denominational movement that is focused on the teachings of Jesus.
The idea itself is reasonable. You can not take any text of the Bible as the words of God, much less as the commandment of God.
There are words in the Bible that the devil says, through which we know his tricks.
In Job's book there are great speeches of Job's friends, and in the end God said that they are wrong.

You probably encountered wrestlers against Christmas. I do not think that we have to choose Christmas or Easter. Or cancel on March 8. These are different things, like my birthday - it's not a biblical holiday, do not celebrate what? The essence of their goal - today the church pays much attention to abortion, homosexuality, but Jesus taught more to build a family, to fight poverty. Their goal is the displacement of the vector.

Hillsong Church Moscow -
Church website.

The daughter church of the famous Australian Hillsong.


The church that I see is a church of influence. A church that is so large in size that a city and a country can not ignore it.
A church that grows so fast that buildings can not accommodate a constant increase in its size. I see a church whose heart is full of praise and worship that touches the heavens and changes the earth. Glorification, which influences the praise of people around the world, extols Christ with strong and powerful songs of faith and hope. I see a church whose altar is constantly filled with repenting sinners who respond to Christ's call for salvation.

Yes, the church that I see so strongly relies and depends on the Holy Spirit that nothing can stop it and resist it. A church whose people are lit and burning, praying and filled with the Holy Spirit believers.
The church that I see has such a clear and clear message that people's lives change forever and their potential is achieved through the power of the Word of God. This message also reaches the people of all the earth through television.
I see a church that is so compassionate to people that it gets them out of impossible circumstances and situations and places them in a circle of friendly family where there is love, hope, where you can find Accepting and receiving answers to all life's questions. I see people who are so overwhelmed with thoughts about the Kingdom of God that they, seeing the price, and realizing the sacrifice, are ready to pay everything to see how the awakening will take over this whole country.
The church I see is a church This is so much devoted to the cultivation, training and education of a generation of leaders who will reap the harvest of the last time that the whole activity of the church is absorbed for this purpose.
I see a church whose head is Jesus, whose helper is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Holy Spirit, On the Great Commission.


Map of the Protestant churches in Russia
Church on the map.

Map of Protestant churches in Russia.
There is a possibility adding churches.
The purpose of providing contact information for evangelical churches and Christian organizations in all regions of Russia.

On the map are Christian churches of Protestant (evangelical) denominations, professing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Among them are communities: evangelical Christians, Evangelical Christian Baptists, evangelical Christians in the spirit of the Apostles, Lutherans, Methodists, Messianic Jews, Presbyterians, Reformed Christians, Seventh-day Adventists, Christians of the Evangelical Pentecostals, Christians of the full Gospel. Centralized associations of churches, missions, services, rehabilitation centers, social-charitable and educational organizations, educational institutions, publishing houses, mass media (newspapers, magazines, radio and TV), shops, creative groups (music, dance, theater projects and festivals), Religious and human rights organizations are distributed in the thematic catalog according to the relevant headings. Also, for the convenience of the search, a single alphabetical index of all churches and organizations is presented.

There are more than 6,500 local churches and Christian organizations on the map. Information about churches, missions, ministries and organizations is taken from open sources, Internet resources and in the main part agreed and confirmed by local churches and organizations. Including information on churches belonging to centralized religious organizations (associations) operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, is represented on their official websites (see section "Associations of Churches").

Most churches Registered as religious organizations, part of which functions in the status of religious groups. The names of the churches indicate their common names. Below the name is the name of the association of churches to which this community belongs (it should be noted that some of the local churches are not part of centralized associations, and some are independent associations that in turn are centralized, and some churches may be members of several Associations or associations). The registered religious organizations also have full official names in accordance with the documents on state registration, this information is not provided in the directory (churches and Christian organizations operate under the Federal Law "On Freedom of Conscience and on Religious Associations" and in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation Federation). The project is implemented and financed by the publishing house "The Tree of Life" and the design studio "ArtMinistry".

Orthodoxy and World
Portal about Orthodoxy.

Influential social and social Internet media of the federal scale, daily and systematically covering social themes, moral and spiritual life, culture, family values, problems of human life and society, education and medicine. News and analytical reviews, comments and interviews, audio, video, infographics and numerous subsites widely cover various events of religious, cultural and social life in Russia and abroad.

Orthodox magazine.

Orthodox magazine for doubters - founded in 1996 and has gone from black and white almanac to monthly cultural and educational publications.

The goal is to tell about the Orthodox faith and the Church in the life of modern man and society.

The magazine strives to address personally each reader and be interesting to all people, regardless of their religious, political and other views.

Address Church on Yandex.Maps -
Address of the church, mission, ... on an interactive map.

First of all, if you do not have a Yandex registration, start it.

So, all in order:

  1. We go to Yandex.Maps in My Maps or directly under the link
  2. Choose a card, house.
  3. Click Create a new map.
    • We write Map name: (For example, I wrote "Service of the Church")
    • and Card description: (I wrote the service schedule).
  4. We take a link to the map in the Link to this map and use it.
    • The top field is for inserting into the message,
    • the lower one for insertion with the code.
  5. That's what I got
    You can put this
    • on the site,
    • add to the signature of your email and it will be in each letter,
    • add to your newsletter.
Orthochristian -
Orthodox portal.

Orthodox portal.

Basics of Orthodoxy, archive, prayer book, questions to the priest, news ...

Religion and Law
The church and the law.

Religion and Law - Law Office "Slavic Law Center"; - provision of legal assistance and litigation related to the protection of the rights of citizens and legal entities.


  • Legal assistance in matters related to the violation of the rights of citizens, including freedom of conscience and religion.
  • Representation in civil courts.
  • Protection in criminal cases.
  • Registration of non-profit, public and religious organizations.
  • Drafting and legal examination of civil law contracts.
  • Consultations on copyright and related rights. Registration of trademarks.
  • Legal support of real estate transactions.
  • Legal assistance to foreign citizens staying on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Consultations on tax legislation.
  • Protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.
The staff of the center are highly qualified lawyers and lawyers who have extensive experience in various fields of law, including state-church relations.

The Slavic Legal Center has a partner organizations in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The activities of the Law Office and the Non-Profit Partnership The Slavic Legal Center is recognized by many, including international, awards.

Lifechurch -
The Church's online platform.

The Church's online platform.
It is located on the territory of 6 US states.
The site itself is very high level, it is very well maintained.

The site provides quality resources for the pastor or minister:

  • downloadable sermon plans,
  • children's curriculum packages,
  • graphic materials,
  • church tracking tool, useful for online ministries.
.And much more. Suffice it to say that this church maintains a Bible site YouVersion

Church Online

10 major streaming churches and the software they use

Temples of Russia

On the site, a group of enthusiasts makes an attempt to collect and systematize documentary information about the temples that existed on the territory of the present Russian Federation by 1917 and built in the post-Soviet period. The project is dedicated to Orthodox and Old Believer churches, destroyed and preserved until our days, forgotten and functioning.

Русская Православная Церковь -
Department for External Church Relations.


Website of the European Baptist Federation -
The site of the Belarusian Baptist Union
The site of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists
Website of Baptist Churches Association of St. Petersburg and the region
The site of the All-Ukrainian Union of Baptist Churches
Baptist World Alliance -


Vatican -


Russian Orthodox Church -


Emmanuel TV -
The largest Christian television network in Africa, Nigeria.

The largest Christian television network in Africa, Nigeria. Founded by T.B. Joshua, the pastor of the synagogue, the church of all nations (SCOAN), in Lagos, Nigeria.

Online Church of 'Good News'
Rick Renner Church created a website through which can serve as a believer or seeker of God.

The Church of Rick Renner created a site through which to serve as a believer or seeking God.

If you do not have a local church or for some reason lacks pastoral care, need prayer support or have questions. You are expected here.

Church on Murman
A successful church in the Murmansk region has quality sermon records in audio or video format.

A successful church in the Murmansk region has quality sermon records in audio or video format.


Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith
Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Pentecostals)


Church Rosa
The Association of Christian Churches 'Union of Christians'

Search the online catalog of Christian churches and associations.

A searchable online catalog of Christian churches and associations.
Here is a detailed catalog (more than 4,000 churches), but the amount of information on churches depends on how much they have contributed.

The catalog is conveniently structured, according to confessions or geographically. There is a search. So find that we need not be difficult. If only the required church was in this directory.

If your church is not here, you can always Add a church

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