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logo Faith




Orthodox information portal.

The site is specifically designed for those who want to understand the features of the Orthodox faith and churching.

Guests can be both new-born Christians and church-goers long ago, as well as those who still have doubts about choosing their own way of life.

Orthodox icons and prayers.



The site has everything that every believer needs to know.

In the section “This is Interesting,” you can find information on how to properly baptize and put candles in the church, on such church concepts as canon, penance and much more.

The “icons” section tells about unique, miraculous and rare icons of the Orthodox world. They will tell you about the meaning of icons, how they help and where to place them correctly in your home.

In the sections "prayers", "akathists" and "prayer" you will find prayer words for any life situation. Learn how to read prayers for healing, preserving the family, for protection from the evil eye, and many others. You will be able to learn how to properly pray and to what saint to appeal to you for help.

You will find a lot of interesting information about the holy places in the "Orthodox churches" section.

logo Foma



phone.:8 800 200-08-99 (Russian Customers toll-free), + 7 495 781-97-62


Orthodox magazine for doubters - founded in 1996 and has gone from black and white almanac to monthly cultural and educational publications.

The goal is to tell about the Orthodox faith and the Church in the life of modern man and society.

The magazine strives to address personally each reader and be interesting to all people, regardless of their religious, political and other views.


Orthodox portal.

Basics of Orthodoxy, archive, prayer book, questions to the priest, news ...

logo Orthodoxy and World


Orthodoxy and World

Influential social and social Internet media of the federal scale, daily and systematically covering social themes, moral and spiritual life, culture, family values, problems of human life and society, education and medicine. News and analytical reviews, comments and interviews, audio, video, infographics and numerous subsites widely cover various events of religious, cultural and social life in Russia and abroad.

logo ABC of Faith



ABC of Faith

Orthodox encyclopedia.

The site was founded in 2005. The monthly audience is 3.5 million readers.

The site contains 14 thousand works, 5 thousand dictionary entries and 2 thousand audio-video materials.

Over 1000 volunteers are working on the site.

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