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Super-library of resources: postcards, humor, articles, ideas for weddings, stories, comics, games, midi, MP3, illustrations, statistics, skits, phrases, ideas, hr tips. Psychologists, answers to questions, news, etc.

The number of real resources has exceeded 8.000 pieces!



St. Peter's Basilica
Basilica of St. John Lateran

The famous cathedrals of St. Peter and St. John in Vatican can be virtually visited. The virtual excursion creates the impression of free movement in the space of the cathedral itself and in the square in front of it at night.
It became possible thanks to a color photograph of a 3-dimensional panoramic image with high resolution.

This project was carried out by students Pennsylvania University in USA (University of Pennsylvania), who worked on it for 2 years.

logo Vision Christian Prayer


Owner: UCB

phone.:1 800 772-936 (US and Canadian Customers toll-free)

Vision Christian Prayer

Brings the good news of the Gospel in Australia.
Daily Christian music, evidence from real life, biblical reviews, news and much more.
The site has prayer support, which serves hundreds of thousands every day.

iTunes Android

logo 3ABN Radio Latino


3ABN Radio Latino

A Christian television and radio broadcasting network that produces programs aimed at developing the spiritual and physical culture of a person, family and society. This is the only Christian television that has only 1 TV channel that we have singled out. The overwhelming majority of Christian TV channels just broadcast someone's programs, films ...
But few produce their programs. 3 angels produce beautiful Christian programs that are broadcast on other TV channels (and not only Christian).

The channel offers gratuitously use his material.

  • Sermons and Spiritual and Educational Programs.
  • Social programs: counseling psychologists, raising children, premarital counseling, how to defeat addictions.
  • Children's Christian programs.
  • Youth programs.
  • Health programs. How to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Historical programs.
  • Literature. Poetry. Composition.
  • Music.
  • Programs for vegetable growing. How to get a great harvest.
  • Correspondence Bible Course "New Life"
  • The Bible and other Christian literature is free
  • A large free file archive

logo JTRadio



Broadcasting about the great love of God and His atoning sacrifice for each of us.

Through Christian music, testimonies of young people and edifying radio programs, the radio tries to reach every heart.

You can choose the quality of the stream depending on the level of your Internet.
The site has a lot of music of young performers.

Radio team from Moldova, Ukraine, Germany.

logo Russian Podcasts



Russian Podcasts

'The Bible for the Year' with Peter Tsukalo

Bible for today

High Quality (128 kbps, File size 8-16 Mb)
Normal quality (64 kbps, file size 4-8 Mb)


In Russian
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