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  • - Ms. Chistota The site helps a woman to become a real hostess.
  • - This to that Find out the best way to glue it to that.
  • - Setup of all home hard and soft Help in setting up home technical equipment.
  • - Articles about the device and repair of home wiring, sockets and switches, wires and cables.
  • - iFixit How to fix?
  • - Portal of household appliances.
  • - MashMaster Repair washing machines with their own hands.
  • - ServiceYard Comfort your home in your hands.
  • - Okeygeek Computer help online.

Life hacking

  • - Mind Hacks Neuroscience and psychology life hacks and tricks gets posted here almost every day. The website started in 2004, there are hundreds of articles to read.
  • - 99U Designed to give us more strategies to implement our ideas into concrete actions.
  • - Mental Floss The place where curious people gathered.
  • - By the way, yes! Life hacking.
  • - GeekHacker Site about computers, smartphones and electronics.
  • - Leading life hacking site.
  • - Layfhaker Daily blog on how to use computers and a variety of sites with the maximum benefit for themselves.

Video life hacking

  • - Malina DIY
  • - Leading life hacking site.

Do it yourself

  • - Wired How To Many instructions on how to do it.
  • - DIY Network This is a question and answer service for computer enthusiasts and experienced users.
  • - Do-It-Yourself Decorating Free, fast and powerful meta-search engine torrents in dozens of search engines.
    More than 55 million torrents from 63 sites are indexed.
  • - wikiHow British designer clothes store for women, men and children.
  • - Malina DIY
  • - Hackaday The new 'do it yourself' project every day.
  • - Make Encyclopedia of cinema.
  • - DoItYourself A website for geeks created for geeks.

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    Future, forecasts

    • - Predictions on the Future of Humankind What will be true by 2030? 2040? 2050?


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