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logo Chinese products — Yandex Market



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.

phone.:8 800 234-24-60 (Russian Customers toll-free)

Chinese products — Yandex Market

Goods from China through Yandex.Market.
That gives convenience: payment by a card or Yandex.Money, a rating of sellers, responses of the goods with the filter nakrutok.

Clearly, no one can give a 100% guarantee, but it's always good to have the maximum guarantee and support.

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logo JoyBuy

Russian - English



The main competitor of Aliexpress in the electronics segment.

A large choise of Chinese electronics, a good translation of the site.


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In Russian
logo GearBest




The second Chinese online store after Aliexpress - cheap electronics, free shipping.

You can register by email or using accounts on Facebook or Google.

The item can be tracked if the amount exceeds $40. If the order is cheaper, you will not be able to track it or pay $2.


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logo Aliexpress


Leading Chinese online store.
There is a Russian interface, it seems that no longer machine translation, and quality, which is nice.

You can find good things on the site at a low price.
From the shortcomings:

  • can not be tried, unlike our Wildberries,
  • long delivery.
As for the quality, today everything is all the same in China, and the Chinese quality has greatly risen. So the quality is not worse than in our stores. But cheaper, and even much cheaper, which is nice.

Say I bought a smartphone, it was cheaper almost twice than we have. Nicely. In addition, we are still trying to impose something: a cover, a protective film ...
I also came with a smartphone with a neatly pasted protective film, nothing above paid.

The site requires registration, which is understandable: Somewhere you need to watch your purchases, specify the delivery address and do not do it every time. In addition, they have a social site, where you can brag about your purchases and see what others are buying. Text is small, a lot of photos. It's easy and nice to watch.


Cash on the Mail of Russia, as well as in one of the salons of Svyaznoy or Euroset
Specify the mobile number where the payment code with a validity period of 2 days will arrive.

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In Russian




A search engine that helps you quickly find products in Chinese online stores.
Search goes on all the decent Chinese online shopping (over 30).
The main criterion is the lowest price. But here you have to be careful. Let's say you set the phone model in search, and in the issue will be not only phones, but can a cover for such a model or some detail. Well, phones can be restored.
Coupons on discounts, the search engine of the goods from the Chinese Internet shops.

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logo BangGood


A site like Aliexpress, a huge choise of goods, you can find much cheaper than on Aliexpress - competition.
However Aliexpress has a biiger choice of goods.

The site looks lighter and easier to work with.

Ways of payment

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