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The first in Russia interactive communication platform for civil servants, specialists in various fields of public administration and experts from various spheres of society. The project is implemented by the Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR) with the support of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and represents a national expert network, which participants were given a number of opportunities for the most effective solution of topical issues of the country's social and economic development, as well as improving the system of state and municipal management.

The goal - to provide professionals involved in managing important for the state and its citizens processes, convenient and functional Interactive online tool that will allow you to fully discuss any issue in real time. To do this, the project participants are offered such basic opportunities:

  1. join in closed working groups and interest communities;
  2. participate in thematic forums and comment on topics, conduct a lively dialogue with colleagues and specialists from other areas;
  3. organize teamwork to develop and discuss draft documents;
  4. quickly find interesting topics, communities, work groups, publications, blogs, other participants in the expert network;
  5. initiate discussion of various issues by posting publications, creating communities and working groups;
  6. download, as well as download graphic and text documents in electronic format;
  7. exchange personal messages, files with other project participants;
  8. Maintain a publication tape (blog) and a questionnaire for personal positioning in an expert environment.

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tel.: +7 (800) 700-51-51

State Network

The project "State Network" was created in order to systematize and monitor the publicity of the state in Internet.

The catalog of official websites of state bodies and websites developed by their order is collected, and the database of state authorities and state structures is collected as having a web- Sites and without them, and regulatory documents that establish a requirement for official sites.

At the first stage, all known state websites related to the federal authority and part of the Websites related to regional authorities.
Further it is planned to include all known regional and municipal state web resources. And also the sites of commercial organizations subordinate to government bodies - such as unitary and state enterprises and an OJSC with a significant share of state ownership.

State Network

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