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Surveys of Tanks, Ammunition.

Overview of military equipment from different periods of time.

Here you will find information about old and modern cars of both Russian and foreign production.

Tanks, submarines, fighters - all this is described in the most accessible language, which will make the study of military equipment not only useful, but also enjoyable.

Camopedia -
Encyclopedia of Camouflage.

Encyclopedia of Camouflage.
You can see what military camouflage looks like around the world.

The site is a living document, providing a comprehensive, accurate, and academically-supported database referencing all of the major military and paramilitary camouflage patterns that have been in use around the world since the beginning of the 20th century.

Guns -
Encyclopedia of small arms.

Encyclopedia of small arms.
On the site you can find out the history and compare the characteristics of the James Bond gun Walter PP and the Copper PM (and greatly surprised).
You can find out who really developed Mauser, whose raw ideas brought to mind Kalashnikov, and why overseas sissies in uniforms prefer M16.

Contract mil -
Contracted service.

The site of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the contract service.

There is a lot of text on the military service, service stages, duties of military personnel. There is a map of the military districts, an appeal to enroll in the 76th Guards Airborne Division and even promos with Vasily Stepanov from the "Uninhabited Island".


  1. knowledge of the Russian language,
  2. age from 18 to 40 years (up to 30 for foreigners),
  3. physical and mental compliance with army norms.
The site has a lot of holes, not all are indicated, for example, wages, so you need to contact yourself and find out, use persistence.

There can be everything: movies, songs, poems, games, everything, which only referred to the tanks.

The scientific and production corporation Uralvagonzavod launched the educational Internet project Tankopedia. The goal is to collect a maximum of information on the history of tank building.
There can be everything: movies, songs, poems, games, everything where only tanks are mentioned.

The idea is not naked, as sometimes happens, but more than 2000 articles have been prepared.
But there are also empty sections. But there will be more correct structuring.

The plans to digitize documents of the museum of tanks - more than 50 000 documents, photographs, drawings.
And also the archives will be digitized.
That is, the site already has a lot of information and will actively develop.

Go army -
Contracted service.

Recruiting site of the best army in the world is similar to a computer game.

This site immediately shows the attitude of the employer to their future soldiers. Not only can you apply on the couch sitting on the couch and you will be answered. Or find out which companies will take me then to work with a perk.

Citizens US and having a green card are taken into the army.

Foreign Legion -
Contracted service.

The French Foreign Legion is more than 7,000 mercenaries from around the world who are fighting for the interests of France, for the most part in Africa.
Regardless From your background, religion, citizenship, level of education and, family and professional status. There is a risk of death in the jungle. On the other - a new life, until the name change. Service in France or at the Kourou cosmodrome in the tropics. Military brotherhood and a constant war under the slogan "The Legion is our Fatherland". The right to French citizenship. An initial salary of 1043 euros plus a full allowance in both senses. They take only men to the Legion, with "some kind of identity card," they do not ask about the past, it is desirable to be strong.

The site clearly and in modest detail describes the requirements and rules for admission.

X Legio
Military-historical portal of antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Military-historical portal of antiquity and the Middle Ages.

This is essentially a reference site where you can find information, for example:

  • siege technique,
  • library of sources,
  • dictionaries,
  • cultural studies,
  • ...

Military album
Military album.

The military album is an archive of photographs of World War II. The aim of the project is to preserve as many photos of the maximum quality as possible about the war and make this collection accessible and convenient.

Video hostilities.

Digital Video&Imagery Distribution System.
Broadcast military video 24 hours a day. DVIDS divisions are based in a dozen countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

  1. Military correspondents follow divisions,
  2. broadcast the stories via mobile satellite transmitters,
  3. the stories are collected in a stream in Atlanta (state Georgia),
  4. are provided by the media.
DVIDS produces more traditional materials: photos, texts; Takes interviews and comments from military experts and the heroes of their stories.

The site provides content not only to organizations. On his site are laid out the materials that any user can watch, if he wants, even HiDev videos are available to him, you need to register to receive them.

DVIDS - army PR division USA. The army finances, and therefore each video must be approved by the military authorities.



Russian State Archive of the Navy.


Housing acquisition through military housing subsidy program


Men's stores.

Army store. If you have questions about army clothes, shoes, equipment and ammunition, you can write your question about this army footwear, clothing, uniform or equipment with ammunition through the page of a particular product.

In the store goods:

  • Propper International - The main supplier of uniforms of the US Army and law enforcement agencies.
  • Hatch - A very famous manufacturer, the creator of protective and shooting gloves for the army and police.
  • BlackHawk - American manufacturer of gloves, backpacks and other army ammunition.
  • Cove Shoe Company - Manufacturer of legendary boots CORCORAN and MATTERHORN. Since 1941, he is the official supplier of the US Army.
  • Alpha Industries - For more than 50 years, has been making clothes for the army armed forces USA. For example, the legendary M-65, MA-1, CWU-45.
  • Traser is a Swiss watch manufacturer for special forces and extreme sports.
  • Eye Safety Systems is an American manufacturer of protective eyewear.

Military clothing from the manufacturer in Voentorg Arsenal.


United States Air Force -

The U.S. Army -

The National Guard -

U.S. Coast Guard -


Ministry of Emergency Situations -
The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.

Russian Ministry of Defense -

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