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logo The Federal Tax Service


The Federal Tax Service

We can find out whether there is a debt or an overpayment on oaficial website.

Also, there is detailed official information on how to act in case of non-payment, disagreement .... with references to legal acts.

logo Gosuslugi



Owner: The Russian government,state site.

tel.: +7 (800) 222-22-22


Checking the tax debt online and getting a certificate on the status of settlements on taxes, fees, penalties, fines, interest.

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logo Portal of the open data of the Government of Moscow

Russian - English

state site.

tel.: +7 (495) 621-83-22

Portal of the open data of the Government of Moscow

Here we find 246 data sets from 26 executive bodies.
The data is structured, there is a search. Databases are provided in the following formats: CSV, tables and maps.

Portal of public data of the official site of the State Duma



state site.

API official site of the State Duma

The open data portal of the official website of the State Duma offers convenient tools for website owners and blogs.
With the help of it, you can apply data on the activities of the State Duma in your projects.
Make your projects interactive and constantly updated.
Detailed documentation and examples of use will help you without much effort to embed data on the activities of the State Duma on your website or blog.

Russian - English

official site.

tel.: +7 (495) 771-91-00
address: Неглинная, 12, Москва

Technical resources of the Bank of Russia

The Central Bank of Russia provides an opportunity to access and use data on its resources using XML.

Dynamics of

  1. quotations for a given day
  2. US dollar quotations
  3. information on balances on correspondent accounts of credit institutions
  4. Quotations of precious metals
  5. rates of the interbank market
  6. rates of raising funds for deposit operations of the Bank of Russia in the money market
  7. news of the
  8. server of conformity of the names of credit institutions with the BIC codes "currency swap"
  9. Investment s coin


Russian - English

Owner: Transparency International,reliable site.

tel.: +7 (495) 771-91-00

The income base of deputies, officials, judges, representatives of regional authorities and other state bodies.

Once in the media there is information on the income of the authorities, usually a sample - the president and several deputies. But deputies and representatives of the authorities at all levels file a declaration of income.
How can you see it or gain access to this kind of information.
This site will help in this.
The information presented on the site is collected from open sources and is of a reference nature.

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