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Tweets of famous people and companies

logo Townhall

official site

address: USA, Камарило


Site of politicians, about politics ... podcasts, blogs, videos ...

logo Twitter Account Verification

reliable site

Owner: Twitter,

address: USA

Twitter Account Verification

The program for verification of accounts started in 2010 and soon after the start it was closed due to a large number of applications. Twitter simply does not have enough resources to continue checking all accounts. In this regard, verification now occurs only in a manual mode, mostly public and Twitter partners and advertising companies receive verification.

The verified (authentic) account looks like this:

Twitter Account Verification
logo Goslyudi

state site

address: Russia


A project to promote and standardize blogging and participation in social online projects by government officials: government members, governors, mayors, officials, deputies, state company executives, experts and analysts in the field of government and e-government.

Project Ideology

Despite the law on public service, blogs of officials and politicians are gradually turning from a fashion trend into media platforms. This allows, on the one hand, to communicate promptly with interested citizens, and on the other hand, to some extent control the actions of the state and its representatives.


For the time being in Russia, many blogs of officials do not have the opportunity to feedback, nor export messages to RSS, nor to mark the topics for each entry. This significantly limits potential readers of similar blogs and this project is intended to partially smooth out this problem.

The project has technologies for extracting, including automatic, RSS feeds from web pages even if there is no export to RSS.

When making ratings, we used data obtained with the help of Yandex. Search for blogs.

In Russian
logo SIS Housing and Communal Services

SIS Housing and Communal Services

State information system of housing and communal services
The site allows you to pay for utility services, learn about debts, subsidies, benefits.
You can somehow find out what makes up the cost of utility services: standards, registers.
Legislation on housing: the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and ...

Not everyone can figure this out for this there is a training video and forum.

logo Housing reform

Housing reform

Fund to promote reform of housing and communal services.

While users can try to find out how much they have to pay and who they are responsible for utilities.

But basically a site for utilities. They must register, provide information so that everything is transparent.

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